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I Tried OLAPLEX Twice and This Happened | Heat Damaged 3c/4a Natural Hair

Olaplex is probably the most hyped product on the market that claims to fix damaged hair by repairing broken bonds…and there is a pretty penny associated with it. According to Olaplex, these bonds give the hair its structure, strength, and stability. When disulfide bonds are broken, it results in damage. Watch to see if No. 0 and No. 3 worked on my hair. Comment below if you’ve tried Olaplex and the results you had!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you are new here welcome my name is kayla and in today’s video we are still trying to fix my hair unfortunately so if you didn’t watch my previous video go ahead and watch that i will leave it in the cards above um in that video i used crow smith to try to fix my hair um and after that video i decided to use the indian

Aztec clay which is this right here and i mix this with apple cider vinegar and put it on my hair i have used this product many many many years ago um and what it does to your hair basically is it helps define your curls it makes them look shiny and just juicy and just nice so i decided to use this healing clay and you can also put this on your face but i

Decided to use this on my hair shortly after that video and it did help my hair a little bit but i still had the straight roots all over so in today’s video i will be trying olaplex and a lot of you guys in the comments on my last video told me to try this and i was already going to try it anyway um so that’s what we will be using in this video and this is

What it looks like so this is number zero and it is the primer for this which is number three so use these together use this one first then this one so funny thing is i actually used olaplex already and as you can see well maybe not focus focus focus thank you um this is all that’s left in this bottle and then this is all that’s left in this bottle and i

Bought more um but when i used this the first time my results were very very very poor um my hair didn’t look any different it looked the exact same prior to using it so i am deciding to give this another go because what i believe happened last time i did it on dirty hair like my hair had gel in it from my wash and go um things like that so i have product in

My hair so i believe that that’s the reason why it did not work hopefully that’s the reason why it didn’t work um because this stuff is expensive as some of you may know so hopefully it works this time my hair is clean it has absolutely no product on it um and this is a braid out for those who always ask me when my hair looks like this how i did it i just do

Two braids and this is how it comes out it’s a very cute hairstyle anyway back to the topic of this video so that’s what i will be using today and i am excited to try this again i hope that this works send a prayer up thank you hope that this works um so yeah let’s just get straight into the video okay so the first thing that i’m going to do is section my hair

Into fourths per usual and i’m going to start with the number zero it tells you to put it on dry hair in small sections saturated from root to tip your hair should be damp and not drenched when you use this leave it on for 10 minutes don’t rinse it out put the number three on saturate it and wait 10 minutes rinse shampoo and condition as usual so that’s what

I’m going to do i’m going to try not to put as much on as i did last time obviously i’m going to start with already open bottles and go from there don’t wanna take a break every second you waste you count it up and count it up again counting it up and counting it up all right now that i have that on my entire head i will put a cap on and then i am going

To wait 10 minutes leave this on for 10 minutes and then i’ll come back and put number three on you wanna party with me i wanna get my mom everything you wanna ride with me i want you all just to be proud of me i know you’re working hard i don’t wanna take a break every second you waste you count faze me leave it all up to me i’m writing up all my dreams

Pulling up to the scene telling you what i mean what i mean if i can’t giving you you okay i am finished with that um hopefully this time it works i’m just going to leave this on um instead of minimum of 10 minutes honestly i will probably leave this on my hair for like 30 minutes to an hour i won’t lie to y’all i probably got to leave it all for

That long so i’m just gonna leave it in put the cap back on my head and then i will rinse it out off camera and then come back for the final results all right so i just got out of the shower from shampooing and conditioning my hair and let’s see okay i don’t i don’t really see a difference for real for real um yeah i don’t really see a difference like at

All like not even in the way that my hair feels it feels the same um yeah obviously my roots are still straight maybe this is one of those things where like after continued use then you’ll start to see a little something but i don’t know because at the same time i watched a few people’s reviews on olaplex and they were just making it seem like it was such

A holy grail but for me i don’t know like i said this is my second time this is my second time um using this product and both times have given me nothing new like nothing changed well i don’t know about this especially for it to cost what it does i i don’t know maybe my hair is just too far gone oh my gosh i hope that’s not the case but anyway i hope you

Guys enjoyed this video also if you’ve tried olaplex then leave it in the comments and tell me like what it did for your hair um but as for now i’m just gonna probably keep using curlsmith because that actually did something to my hair and i also used my indian aztec clay i know a lot of you guys also told me to use the apogee i might try that but honestly

I’m over buying hair products to fix my hair because at this point it’s looking like it is what it is but i may just try the apogee and see what that does but anyway thank you guys so much for watching this video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

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I Tried OLAPLEX Twice and This Happened | Heat Damaged 3c/4a Natural Hair By Kalux