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I Tried Revlon Original vs Knock Off One Step Styler | Milabu

Revlon vs Knock Off One Step Styler.

The knockoff versus the real wow this right here is a revlon so i went online and i purchased the knockoff product then here we go the knockoff versus their real i mean this is so lightweight it feels so cheap they completely try to knock it off i mean they have the black they have the pink even though the pink is different it doesn’t go all the way down the sides

They have the high middle low and off key settings i mean alright let’s go on my left side will do revlon on the right side will do the knockoff and we’ll just literally put them head-to-head and see what happens when they do what i mentioned already is the knockoff is a lot weaker it doesn’t blow as much air and it’s not as consistent throughout they did try to

Copy it as much as they could compared to the revlon but again the revlon is a lot more consistent and a lot more heat and air is coming out tools alright so we’re gonna start off first with the hi see how that works because on the revlon the hi is really hot for me and i usually style it on the lowest heat setting with the revlon so let’s start off with the hi all

Right the high is a little too high for me i’m gonna go in the middle setting for them honestly it’s not doing that good of a job it looks very frizzy it’s not smoothing the hair down as much as i would like it to i think i can see it in the camera when i’m moving the hair the hair is kind of sliding around it’s not gripping on the boar bristles which i personally

Love about the rutland tool my hair gets nice and gripped in the bristles and i just it’s creating a lot of fred’s instead of nice and smooth and shiny all right let’s go with the revlon side and i am gonna stick with the lowest on this just because i already know this tool and that’s how i like it on my hair all right with the rev length side you can see and i

Can feel right away the amount of bristles that this revlon too has a lot more substantial and it just grips the hair really nicely and i feel like it really helps styling the hair to a really beautiful shiny finish and i think that’s what i really like about those tools because it just works just it’s so good all right let’s move on to the rest of the hair now

We’re gonna do the cool sunny for both sides i just wanted to quickly look at it before we do the cool setting the revlon side is a lot smoother i feel like it’s shinier just looks good the other side there’s a lot of frizz happening right here and it’s not as smooth all the way down even by the even at the end it’s not as smooth real quickly do the cool shot for

Both sides yeah looking over all the revel inside it’s smooth all the way throughout its silk you’re looking it’s shinier it just it looks better and i think the one thing that really comes into playing helps with a silkiness are the boar bristles because there is so much more on the revlon brush the boar bristles really help to silk in the hair and really

Add that shine and on this side of course it works it works the way i thought it was gonna work it doesn’t work as strong it’s not as powerful it does have the heat settings but because the lack of bristles they’re not as good quality it’s just that is great i mean as you can see there’s a lot more frizz on the right side and it’s not as smooth and silky all the

Way throughout the duke comes at around $27.99 the quality is really inconsistent i don’t like the bristles i don’t like the speeds and just overall it’s a really inconsistent quality the rev line that the quality is very consistent and i like that they have a manufacturer’s guarantee if something happens to your revlon tool you can either get it replaced fixed

Or get your money back depending where you bought it is this tool worth of the knockoff it’s up to you personally for me no it’s not i’d rather go out and find the revlon i think they’re phenomenal i still haven’t had a break on me and i’ve had it for a while and it’s just an amazing tool there’s a reason why it’s a number one selling product on amazon and ulta

Is just it’s a really great tool so many people love this product this no i can’t stand behind it because of how they’re trying to sell the product and the overall results are not even that great with the knock out tool the revlon just completely beats it out of the water and that’s my review for the day the revlon is still phenomenal product i think it’s great

So many people have tried it so many people love it in my life and it’s a great tool i can’t say enough good things about it thank you so much for watching this video guys spending time with me and i will see you in the next one very soon bye one thing i do wanna mention dye has really got me frustrated is if you do see a post or an ad a sponsored post selling a

Product like this using my face using this tool in the video that is a fake post with stolen content that video has been stolen so many times and that is where i reviewed the revlon tool and it has the revlon logo on it i did not review any of these product i don’t endorse any of these knockoffs and it’s just unfortunate that they think it’s okay to steal content

And promote their fake knockoff products if you have purchased from them i’m sorry you were duped it is not a great product go out and get yourself the real deal get yourself the revlon thank you to all of you that have sent me screenshots videos of those posts i really appreciate it thank you for reporting then you guys are the best but i just wanted to mention

That again be a smart consumer don’t go on those ads because they are fake they are trying to make a quick buck with stolen content with the raval a knockoff just again be a smart consumer but for now you guys i think you so much for watching this video spending time with me and i’ll see you in the one very soon bye

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