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I tried the MIZON SNAIL REPAIR EYE CREAM for ONE WEEK! (this is such a scam )

mizon all in one snail repair cream and mizon snail repair eye cream and comparing it vs cosrx snail mucin 92 all in one cream Review the cosrx snail music power essence, before and after results.

They are scamming us guys i just opened it and look how little product they are overpriced in a smaller bottle they usually have the same ingredient list that i’m getting very tiny imperceptible bumps hi guys today we’re going to be putting two to test the snail repair eye cream by amazon for one entire week and honestly see how well it moisturizes and reduces fine

Lines and wrinkles under my eyes before i try this out i want to show you what my skin is looking like specifically under the eyes because this is a great time for me to try an eye cream because i don’t know if you can tell but it is definitely very dry and irritated like you can see redness right here it is also very hard that’s what she said it’s just because it’s

So dehydrated so i really want to see if this is going to help but anyways on the bottle the claims amazon actually makes is contains eighty percent snow mutant to provide brightening effect and wrinkle care to the sensitive skin around the eyes now my question is all right because also the korean version in the big tub for the face contains 80 so what differs

From this and why should i buy this instead of the beer top but i will be making the comparison of the actual consistency and ingredients later on at the end of this video first of all amazon we already have a problem because look they are scamming us guys i just opened it and look how little product it is not even filled to the brim this is definitely a problem

Now applying it under the eyes maybe this is a little bit too much but honestly it feels very soothing it definitely is thicker compared to the normal cream in the bigger tub for the face so maybe it is supposed to be more hydrating but you guys usually i am against eye cream because i feel like they’re totally a scam because like they are overpriced in a smaller

Bottle they usually have the same ingredient list so what’s the point but honestly for the first impressions all i can say is all right lasagna we’ll see so it’s day two but before we go waiting for this experiment y’all know that i want to read the angry list with you guys so to see if there’s any ingredients that might be bad for a skin or if everything is in

Check now with the mazon cream the face one i was very happy with the angry list so i’m expecting to be happy with this one as well but either way let’s read it together so the first ingredient after water is going to be snail secretion filtrate so this is definitely very good that means that it’s very high and they ain’t scam enough but basically snail secretion

Full tray is amazing because it actually is an exfoliant so it kind of removes the dead skin cells on the top surface of your skin therefore revealing new baby skin cells so making your skin a lot more glowier plumper it also is anti-aging because it stimulates the natural production of your collagen in the skin also it contains the alaric acid in it so it also is

A little bit plumping to the skin so that is amazing on top of that there is also going to be niacinamide you guys nice cinnamon is an amazing ingredient a little bit overplayed now because it’s basically in every skincare product at this point not only reduces the inflammation in the skin because it’s anti-inflammatory therefore it’s great if you have any redness

Caused by acne or dryness that is going to suit that on top of that it’s going to glow up the skin reduce a little bit of dark spots and pigmentation and basically reduce the appearance of your pores as well as reducing sebum production then there’s also going to be metal foam seed oil now basically this is an oil that is very similar to our actual sebum in the

Skin therefore just like jojoba oil is also sebum regulating therefore it’s gonna balance out if you have excessive oil so that is also very good and also metal foam oil actually contains vitamin e in it which is an antioxidant therefore it’s great for giving us protection from the environment and free radicals therefore it is anticipation because it protects our

Collagen from degradation you guys then there’s also squale in this i’m not sure if it was in the big face version but not only is it an antioxidant once again so it’s going to protect us from free radicals protects our collagen from aging but on top of that it also is anti-inflammatory therefore it’s going to soothe the skin if you have any irritation caused by

Once again acne or just dryness and it’s great also for eczema as well as it being amazing because it’s hydrating and moisturizing to the skin oh guys and there’s also going to be almond oil this is quite cute because almonds once again they’re rich of vitamin e so just i already told you guys i’m not going to repeat myself then you guys as i told you this also

Contains sodium yellowing so basically your urinic acid personally i love this ingredient so much y’all know that i basically injected in my face in the form of filler all over oh lord again a game and truly it is just amazing because it’s plumping hydrating anti-aging it reduces violence and wrinkles and truly to have it under the eyes it’s amazing because

It’s going to plump them up so if you have a little bit of like volume loss like tear trough volume loss you can see right here an example it’s going to plump them up and still give you a more youthful rested appearance so that is definitely very good miss donna actually you know what you might have snapped this ingredient i’m very happy you might be starving us

A little too much you’re a very good waiter you’re feeding us too well actually you know what you guys i feel like i’m gaining weight right now like that’s fast that’s what i think but marie you’re sitting here you’re not skinny okay at all q to the clown music please you guys honestly i have to say it is day four and i am loving this cream just because it

Is so moisturizing i mean i had really dehydrated under eyes my skin was hard because of how dry it was the hardness is gone my skin is now so moisturized and hydrated there is still a little tiny dehydration but it’s going off very quickly however one thing i’m noticing is that i’m getting very tiny imperceptible bumps i don’t feel like you’ll be able to see

Them on the camera they’re not necessarily milia but it might be the start of amelia and if you don’t know what it is it’s basically like little bumps especially under the eyes that you can’t really pop but honestly guys all the time that i’ve been saying the eye creams are way too many and you don’t need them i mean i am loving this guys so it’s day six i have

My final thoughts and results and ultimately i’m gonna tell you if it’s worth spending your money on this or not but trust me it’s not what you expect so keep watching we are a clown we are a freaking clown guys what do we have ladies a clown we are a stupid we are a clown i have now completed my full transformation now everybody will be able to tell that

I’m a clown i mean before i was just walking around as a clown in disguise and nobody could well i mean i feel like people could tell anyways but still now they’re sure that i am a clown by the way if you’re wondering okay but you’re not a fully formed clown because you’re missing a red nose how did you worry i got you i just thought the my nose just naturally

Looks like a clown nose very round sometimes it’s red because of the skincare products that i use that gave me a little bit of irritation so i thought you know what just be myself the only thing that i needed to be a faux fur clown with the wig everything else is already here oh it looks like we have some clowns who are desperate for air time but guys why are

We a clown today well i mean not just today but today we are very much clowns that is because of this it gave me the boost the powers that it needed for me to blossom into the fully formed clown that i am if you have seen all my every videos in the past i was just saying that you don’t need an eye cream because eye creams are just a scam they’re literally a

Smaller version of the repackaged bigger moisturizer one but i have to say i love this this experience was amazing i am now in love with this eye cream specifically but now that i’ve tried this i’m a lot more open just like my booty haul what to other eye creams you see once you do anal ones you know you get the gist of it you like you know what maybe that was

Quite a little bit nice and i’m open to trying it a lot more times ladies my my nastier ones i bet that you can relate right here yes i know trust me i’ve been there um ciao i’m crying so truly let me get into the reasons as to why this is truly amazing first of all i promise y’all something and when i do a promise i keep saying so let’s just very briefly compare

The ingredient list of the all-in-one moisturizer in the bigger tub and the snail eye creams literally you guys these are basically two completely different things they’re not the same ingredient list this has niacinamide this one doesn’t this has different plant extracts than this one does the only thing that they have in common is the snail mutant the rest is

Completely different mizon is one of the only brands it does not repurpose their moisturizers and put them into a smaller box and overcharges the prices on i feel like i stand so much that i’m just gonna you know my wig is gonna fly because i stay on so much so of course when it comes to eating greenless i love both if i were to pick one to be honest i feel like

I’m gonna go with the i one i know i’m sorry i’m just such a clown but truly i prefer this one just because it is a little bit thicker than this one and you all know that when it comes to my moisturizers and my men i love thickness that is what i seek for that moment we both knew that crazy is a her mother is a and her grandmother is the biggest i’ve ever seen

In my life but surely enough of the comparisons let’s move on to the actual star of the video which is this so the results that i have seen in the vlogs i was telling you that i was seeing the start of milia but let me tell you that was such not the case at all i feel like it was something else in my skincare routine that i was overdoing but truly it is just so

Moisturizing so hydrating and it’s just so pleasant to add because i never used an eye cream before because i was so against it so having an eye cream i have to admit is a very nice step to add in my routine me being extra having 24 7 000 steps i love to add another one so the formula is amazing the consistency is amazing as i said i would prefer this one to this

One the results that i have seen moisturization yes it is very good for moisturizing my skin was a little bit red and dehydrated sometimes it happens quite often to me us around my eyes and i have to say having an eye cream instead of my normal moisturizer for all of the face was definitely very nice i mean is it that plumping is it that we’re gonna remove the deep

Set if you have deep set eyes or eye bags no this is not a cream that is gonna do that they did put nice cinnamon in it which in theory is gonna lighten the skin a little bit from those dark spots but if you are looking for that then get more like vitamin c’s caffeine serums which are a little bit stronger than this one but i love snail based creams and this is

An amazing snow beast eye cream hasn’t reduced my violins and wrinkles i feel like that’s a little bit of a stretch here to be honest it does feel amazing it is very nice to put on but as far as anti-aging if you want to get true anti-aging you would not have to rely on this you want to get retinol you want to get peptides you want to use spf under your eyes of

Course yes this is just a very nice addition but don’t rely just solely on this for anti-aging so now that i said my positives and the results that were a little bit you know it’s now time for the negatives the negative kind of that i do want to touch on is do you really need this like this is this a must no of course not whereas i would say yes moisturizers are a

Must you need them in your routine of course so if you want a snow based eye cream or just snow based product by all means use it because it is amazing i love it is it necessary especially if you already have the moisturizer one in the bigger bottle do you need to buy this to just supply under your eyes absolutely not even though the ingredients is different the

Main ingredient is gonna be the snail one and that is what you’re looking for but anyways now moving on to how to incorporate this in your teen and what skin types could actually use this of course skin types when it comes to eye under eye area there really doesn’t is no change just because the under eye doesn’t produce that much oils of its own so even if you

Have woody skin you’re still going to need to moisturize your under eyes otherwise you are going to develop your under eye cross feet a lot faster oily skin types yes sensitive skin types yes check dry skin types yes of course it is amazing for all skin cats she is a prostitute just like me we’re sisters twins now of course how to implement this in your skincare

Routine i mean you can use this in the morning you can use it at night you can use it both in the morning and at night i’ve tried both and it is just amazing it gets absorbed so quickly and actually will give you a very more well-rested look so it is very good to use in the morning routine now when it comes to eye creams there is not necessarily a rule that you

Have to apply it before or after your moisturizers i personally decide by looking at the ingredient list so for example if something like this does contain hyaluronic acid or snail mutant which we know that it needs to be closer to the skin rather than after your moisturizer then i personally for this one would apply it before you apply your actual moisturizer

But it really depends on the consistency it depends on the ingredients but so to just wrap things up very quickly because i actually have a show tonight yes i’m on i have i’m a performer we all know that and i have very amazing tricks that if you want to know just watch my show later on if you were to ask me would you implement this in your skincare routine the

Answer to that is going to be yes because i love it isn’t it necessary no will i ever buy it once i finish this not necessarily was it a night experience yes of course do you need it not really i hope that it explained it a little bit better and made you feel a little bit more sure on if you should buy this my biggest temptations is wanting to whack you across

The head okay you cannot tell because the camera wasn’t running but i have actually spent several minutes pondering and thinking if i shall actually recommend you buy this or not i’m not gonna tell you if you should buy it or not i’m gonna leave it to you but i’m still gonna tell you where i bought this from and give you the links so actually of course you know

It’s coming i bought this online on amazon if this is going to be 1899 or royal british pounds for actually um 25 ml so truly this should last like five months or so so it’s definitely worth it and i actually found the cheapest product thing like the final in the paint comments if you want to go back because you know that i got you covered and on top of that

Of course if you want to save a little bit of more coin then what you can do is shop on yes style which is the korean website and there things are a lot cheaper also there’s always sales going on and right now it is going to be 11 27 royal british pounds so it’s a little bit cheaper so once again i got you covered and i got the link for this product once again

Down below in the pin comments and furthermore if you want to save even more coins off your entire purchase then what i can do is use code randoms at checkout anyways ma’am if you’re still watching this is the first video that you watch me or if this is the second or third and you have not yet subscribed what is wrong with you absolutely not i do not stand this

Kind of behavior from you so what you need to do is subscribe to the background so you don’t miss any of my uploads because not only are you going to get entertainment and clownery but you’re also going to get information with skincare because i truly live between acne and wrinkles i stand right there in between if you also want to get your skincare team down to

See girl i am the person for you so honestly gender and family i would love to have here wow learn more if you maybe want to connect on a deeper level then what you can do is actually follow me on my instagram and on my tick tock both at my random to see a lot more skincare you will not see over here also if you have any skincare issues that you wanna you know a

Little bit of help with do not hesitate at me because i would love to help you out and now to miranda’s who are still watching you know what time of the video is now except for the italian work of the video now today’s worth of video comes with no surprise to anyone to be honest why didn’t even wait till so long to teach you this word because it’s truly just so

Used in today’s language it is just so universal it doesn’t have no gender it doesn’t have no race no religion truly they’re clowns all over the world and that is the beauty of it all and socially the italian word of this video is going to be panacho which is clown in english trust me you will use this word a lot more than you think at least i do oh well excuse

Me what do you think you’re doing ah you’re not looking at this video because yes even though this video is ending you need to watch what i really do right here it’s just gonna be as informative as informational whatever this video was for you and why doing that remember to be random and always be random and i swear if you don’t click you know who my cousin is

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I tried the MIZON SNAIL REPAIR EYE CREAM for ONE WEEK! (this is such a scam 🤡) By Matt Randon