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Yall, I’m not going to lie. I’m a sucker for trendy and fast fashion stuff LOL as much as I wish I could be more sustainable when it comes to clothing, ya girl just likes trends. So I saw this trend on Tiktok and was like “…omg” LOL Now, honestly. Yes, I kind of already have a booty as I stated in this video (half genetics, half a LOT of working out). And yes, I’m still working on the SLIM part of being “slim thicc” LOLOL but it’s a work in progress! That being said, even if I could give up yummy snacks and be super slim in my tummy area, I still think these would have looked super weird for my booty area. Idk, not my fave. I got suckered into the trend because it’s viral, but not my cup of tea. I think I’ll stick to my normal Nike/Adidas/The North Face leggings for the time being…

Hey guys um a future dvd here i just realized that my microphone was not plugged in for like the first two thirds of this video uh so i really apologize the audio kind of sounds wonky but i didn’t want to refilm or re-record just because i wanted to keep like my real like reactions to the pants so yeah hey so i turned 30 this year and i think one thing i’m always

Going to be guilty of going into my 30s and likely my 40s is wearing clothes that honestly are i don’t know maybe like too young for me that being said uh as you can probably tell by the title i’m trying on those super viral leggings from tiktok that are supposed to make your butt look like super super good and big and if i were to be completely honest i feel

Like i’m too i don’t know dressing more for my age i guess i don’t really even know what that means but but sometimes i wear things and my mom’s like aren’t you too old to be wearing that and i’m like do i look like it um to be honest i kind of feel like whatever age you are you should get to wear whatever you want but i do think that this trend might be one

That i have to sit out but i had to at least try it all right so as a control i am wearing my all-time favorite non-black leggings in terms of the material and the way that it makes me look so these are um leggings from adidas now when it comes to the gluteus maximus area i honestly have you know like an above average booty it’s like 50 50 between genetics

And me working out a lot i have always been able to retain muscle mass which has contributed to the growth of this but lately i’ve been going to the gym more to get things redefined and i’m also wearing a crop top so that you guys can also see changes in the leggings and stuff and if you’re asking where i got this crop top i’ve had friends ask trust me i have no

Idea i got it for like seven dollars in japan when i went three years ago so if you were to take me with you to hiroshima i could point out exactly which store i got it wouldn’t be able to tell you but if i were going to be honest you could probably find something similar to this at fashion nova or misguided or boohoo all right so these are the leggings i did get

A point to get all leggings that were not black i like black leggings i think it really slims you down it makes you look really good but it doesn’t show well on camera so i opted for whatever is not black however i think one of the leggings are gray and it kind of looks black so all right so like i said these are my favorite non-black leggings that i already

Own they’re my adidas so the day i’m filming this session on monday and monday is my rest day so i did not go to the gym today i did not work out today but i don’t have like a fresh booty pump or anything this is just me being me just me hanging out you know oh so yeah let’s go ahead and try on the first pair i said this is the first pair that i have you guys

Can kind of see the ruching on the leggings in detail all right so i am slipping them on now and so far i can tell you guys like it feels so soft like these these are not hard to put on at all and okay so i feel okay so it feels like something up my butt so that feels weird which honestly kind of feels weird because i always wear a thong like those are the only

Kind of underwear that i wear because i’m really really paranoid about panty lines um so this does feel for someone who almost always has her underwear up her butt crack because of her choice of underwear type to say that like this feels weird because it feels like something is up my butt is a little disconcerting um but yeah these are the leggings now if i were

To be completely honest i don’t really notice that big of a change okay so i do notice like this like my actual like definition between my butt there there’s a like like you can see each individual cheek and i think that’s because like the back of the leggings are ruched but other than that to be honest i don’t see much of a difference in terms of size or shape

And this is a medium and normally i’m either like a hard medium or like a larger large large immediate media arch somewhere between like a medium and a large especially in my workout paints because i like them tight this doesn’t cinch as much as i would like it to because i like this to really really be stiff so that like it kind of holds everything together and

Like usually when like this part is really stiff or there’s not much give here um or or if it’s like really tight i feel like it kind of holds my food baby in more but because of the ruching i feel like yeah like it’s supposed to accentuate this but it also now accentuates this so overall they’re okay they’re very soft but they’re not they’re not like hard enough

So like it it still kind of jiggles and i personally just don’t like that right so the next pair i have are these um now i did order gray and they sent me black which i mean i guess is fine but it is just gonna kind of be harder to see on camera um but i wanted to try these out because they don’t have the ruching like these do but it still has the ruching on the

Butt area so it should still kind of like cinch in your crack okay so these have these have like kind of the waist i like how do i explain this the band itself like the elastic band that’s inside the pants are like half the size of what is like sewn here you do you guys couldn’t like do that kind of make sense so like yeah it cinches but it it like feels weird

Like the elastic band technically only goes like right here so like here like this space technically doesn’t have any elastic like it’s just it’s weird um i don’t care for these these feel very hot they’re not breathable at all i can still kind of see my food baby right here and also like the singing back here okay so like i don’t know if you guys can tell but

The way these are sewn like it goes all the way down here so it makes my butt look like it’s sagging i i don’t see any difference looking at it from the side uh yeah the plain ones are definitely my least favorite um it’s 92 polyester 8 spandex so material definitely not breathable it’s not comfortable i am sweating and i’m out of breath and i’m not even doing

Anything um besides taking off clothes and putting on more clothes and yeah these are these pants do not help like it looks like someone embroidered like a large like butt hole into the leggings i don’t know if that’s like like right doesn’t it kind of look like that at least i’m not impressed all right and then last but not least i decided i gotta go like real

Extra with it right so i got like these fishnet looking ones so this is also a medium i got all of them in a size medium um but these look like kids leggings i don’t know i know it’s supposed to stretch because they’re leggings but seriously i mean this is well we’ll see all right so i thought i thought the previous leggings were hot um yeah nothing compared to

These okay first of all um there’s no cinch to the waist whatsoever like y’all see my little donut hole like y’all see everything here okay there’s no there’s no holding things in there’s no like help whatsoever it’s like go you on your own okay um there is a wiggle room though so if i wanna you know add some more snacks into this kangaroo pouch that’s definitely

Doable but yeah this this is very unflattering especially the material that they chose for this part when it comes to actually making my butt look bigger from the side yes this does do that because of the illusion that they’re creating with the fishnet stuff alright so if you’re looking at like an angle like yeah yeah like it looks it looks nice if you’re standing

Exactly where you’re at now and i’m standing in this position the entire time like i don’t move my legs like this looks real good um but then you turn around and this part like this like it looks it looks like a butthole like it looks like a very long butthole and like the way that this part is sewn um it does give you the illusion that your butt is bigger and

Rounder but it’s also not really all that flattering alright so i guess if i had to pick a favorite it would be the first one that i tried on the navy blue one with like the ruching all over the pants i felt like the butt cinching part actually like like it didn’t look as unflattering as the other two but honestly like would i recommend them at all okay so i

Don’t i don’t know how to like say this without coming off as like a total a-hole but i feel like if you already have larger glutes and um you work out a lot like you know like you do a lot of leg days and you do a lot of hip workouts and you kind of already have like a nicer bigger booty then to be honest just just don’t bother um at least right now like with

The one that they have maybe like jim shark or even nike and adidas will eventually start carrying cinched leggings like that but like the ones that you see on amazon i i honestly wouldn’t but if you have more slender legs which if i were to be honest i do wish that i had um if you had more slender legs if you had a slender slimmer build especially like on the

Lower half of your body then i could actually see some use for leggings like these um and they would look flattering on you as opposed to someone like me who has a wider load uh but yeah i’m back i’m back in my regular leggings now i’m comfortable again um so if you guys want to see me do more like try on hauls and clothing hauls and all that stuff please feel

Free to let me know i am honestly kind of proud of the fact that i’m not like smaller slimmer petite asian not that i don’t love or honestly envy that body type especially you know growing up and hearing your aunts and uncles say that you’re too fat or too manly uh but you know the plus side like i said i do pride myself on it because my friends need help in like

A fight or they feel endangered like your girl’s there right like nobody nobody messes with these broad shoulders okay like i’ve been told on more than one occasion by my sorority sisters that they love the fact that i have a scary upper body but yeah i mean i feel like i could add some insight on fashion because i’m a little bit thicker and a little bit bigger

Uh so yeah if you guys like this video please don’t forget to like comment and subscribe follow me on instagram twitter and twitch ddtx van thank you guys so much for watching and as always i love you you

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I TRIED THE VIRAL BIG BOOTY LEGGINGS FROM TIKTOK… LOL 😅I might be a little too thick… By deedee