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I Tried to Repair My Natural Hair with OLAPLEX | Olaplex No 3 & Olaplex No 8

Hey loves! I tried Olaplex (Olaplex no 3 and Olaplex no 8) on my natural hair to see if it was really worth the hype. I saw that it worked well on straight hair but does it really work on natural hair or type 4 natural hair? Also, is it worth the price?

Wow my hair looks so healthy hey loves what’s up one what’s good what’s poppin welcome to my channel and welcome back if you are a returning subscriber so today as you can see by the title of the video i will be trying olaflex products for the first time and i only purchased two of their products the most popular one that people have been raving about olaplex

Number three and i also bought number eight so these are the two products that i’ll be reviewing today i’m so excited because i’ve only been hearing good things about these products and i’ve been struggling with my hair for a while ever since i bleached it it has been no nail from there my hair has been stuck at the same point it’s like it has plateaued there has

Been no growth my hair has been experiencing extreme breakage i’ve had split ends and even mid shaft splits so that means my hair splits in the middle and not only at the end so yeah it’s been terrible i’m hoping this will be a savior for me obviously i don’t expect it to work just the first time so this will just be my first impression on my first use and i’ll

Be sharing my thoughts with you guys and who knows it might have significant results just this first time trying it so the first one i’m going to go in with is number three so they say use it before shampooing it is not a conditioner it’s a bond builder so it should fix my split ends and help me with breakage also the mid shaft splitting that i’ve been having so

Hopefully it does what it says it does so the instruction says to use once per week for damaged hair two to three times per week apply on total dried hair well they say i should use before shampooing so how would i have told right here and i should leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes so what i’m gonna do i’m going to get my spray bottle with some water and

Dampen my hair because i’m not just going to go in the shower to dampen my hair and compact so yeah this is what my hair is looking like and i did kind of straighten it before i just find that my hair is easier to manage when it’s in a stretched state and i do use a lot of heat these products are perfect if you have applied chemicals to your hair or if you use

Heat to style your hair so that’s one of the reasons why i went ahead and bought it so yeah let me oh i have the fan on so it’s spraying the mists in my face i wasn’t expecting that all right let me spray from the back and i’m going to get it damp not wet because they say total dried here so i don’t want it too wet but then i don’t want it super dry so yeah i

Did bleach my hair as i said earlier but since then i have been dyeing it black every two months i believe so that’s why it’s black right now and my hands may get black if the dye is rinsing out a bit so don’t be shocked by that all right i think this is damp you know all right so my hair is damp enough time to go in with olaflex number three all right and

In regards to the price of these products i believe they were about 25 on amazon each and it’s like 100 milliliters of products all right so the dye is already falling on my shirt rip to this white shirt let me show you guys the texture of this product right so this is the texture my camera is doing a terrible job at focusing right so it’s like a very creamy

Watery lotion i actually love the texture it’s really nice not thick at all so i’m going to run it through my hair this is applied from scalp to ends so that’s exactly what i’m going to do it has a lot of slip and i love that because it goes through my hair easily so i’m going to add some more and they did say that i should thoroughly saturate my hair with

This product so it has a very light scent not very strong not overpowering but it’s a really pleasant sense really pleasant smell let me add some more and so far i’m loving this little treatment this one is the ones that supposed to strengthen my hair and cause it to break less so yeah let’s see if it does that i feel like i’m going through so much of this

Small bottle already because they say i should fully saturate my hair with it and my hair is just soaking this up all right and especially at my ends i’m going to apply some on my not ends my edges so i’m going to apply some on my edges all right so i should leave this on for 10 minutes and they say i can leave it on for longer if desired so i think i’ll have

This on for about 15 to 20 minutes so far my hair it just has a lot of slip and i’m feeling the layer of product on it so it’s very slippery i can’t really feel my hair itself to tell you how my hair is feeling at the moment but the product is really good it goes on easily only that i had to use a lot because of my hair type it soaks up a lot of the products so

Just to make my hair absorb it even more i’m going to put a shower cap on okay perfect i’m going to let this sit in my hair for 15 to 20 minutes as i said earlier then i’ll rinse it out and come back and tell you guys how my hair is feeling after it’s rinsed i just rinsed out the hair perfector and this is what my hair is looking like my hair feels a lot like

When i do protein treatments so it does feel what’s the word to describe it like stronger it feels stiffer and it’s is a little dry but it definitely did strengthen my hair so what i’m about to do now they say use it before shampooing and conditioning i didn’t buy their shampoo and conditioner so i’m going to be trying out these shampoo bars so it’s a shampoo

And a conditioning bar from curltastic so this is their moisturizing shampoo bar and their moisturizing conditioner bar so i’m going to go ahead with the oh my lord i’m dripping all over the face all right wait alright so i’m going to go in with the shampoo bar let me just add some more moisture this is what the shampoo bar looks like that i’ll be using i

Used to be so afraid of shampoo bars but guys they work just as good as shampoo you’ll see oh and it smells so amazing oh my god my hair is already sweating off and what i love with these shampoo bars especially because i applied the olaplex to my scalp i can easily get it at my scalp and just rub it to remove any products because i do feel a bit of an itching

Sensation i don’t know if it’s because my hair was dirty or if it was the olaplex that caused it to have this itchy feel but whatever it is i want to get rid of it as you guys can see this part of my ear it straight because it got heat damaged so yeah i really need this all up like to fix a lot of the issues with my hair even this one right here yeah and

The fact that i’m still going to use heats even though my hair is damaged but yep so i’m going to rinse off the shampoo and come back and try the conditioner bar but i’m actually loving this shampoo bar look how my hair is and it doesn’t feel dry so yeah that’s amazing i just rinsed out the shampoo and my hair really does feel good the only thing is that i

Think it needs a lot of moisture after that treatment so before i go in with their deep conditioner i’m going to go in with the conditioner bar since i don’t have the olaplex conditioner let me just rub this into my hair so i just rinsed out the conditioner and i made sure that my hair is dripping wet for the application of number eight so it’s called the bond

Intense moisture mask and this is very important because it’s going to help to add some elasticity to my hair after the treatment from number three so let me show you guys what the texture is like all right so that’s the texture oh it’s so nice it’s very similar to the first one just a bit thicker very similar to number three has a pleasant smell and what i

Love about these products is that it isn’t a strong smell and it isn’t a terrible smell it’s very pleasant but like very subtle so i love that about it wow this feels so good on my hair wow i always dislike like super thick deep conditioners because i just feel like it is way harder for my hair to absorb but when it’s a texture like this my hair just drinks it

Off wow and it smells amazing oh my god guys look at my hair you can see the curls coming back what okay i love this i’m even more excited about this than i was about number three but wow this feels so luxurious i feel like i’m at uh what’s it called as a salon and getting a special treatment for my hair oh my gosh look at my curls wow now i feel bad that i’m

Going to be straightening my hair after doing this treatment because my curls are popping all right i don’t think i need another pump but i’m just so obsessed with this product that i’m going to go in again please don’t mind my messy and wet shirts it has been through a lot since the start of this video so let me just pump a little more i wish this was more than

100 milliliters so i’m gonna apply especially to my ends wow my hair looks so healthy it’s been a while since i’ve seen my curls like this i’m not gonna lie this is healthy here i think this is what’s healthy here is supposed to look like can y’all tell i’m obsessed i don’t even want to rinse this all let’s see how long i should be leaving it in so apply to

Clean damp hair mid length to end so i applied from roots to ends because i’m just obsessed with this product and leave on for 10 minutes okay work through its fingers they said use sparingly but i couldn’t help myself start with two pumps for shoulder length here so yeah i should have used two pumps i don’t remember how much i use so i’m supposed to leave this

On for 10 minutes but i love it so much i’m going to leave it on for about 20 minutes guys look olaplex just based on this experience alone i would definitely repurchase this they could even raise the price of 50 dollars honestly i’m gonna be buying it i’m not sure if this is due to number three and number eight or if it is just number eight that has my hair like

This but i am obsessed i’m obsessed all right let me stop the talking cover my hair and leave this in for 20 minutes and look at them curls this is damaged here and it’s still curling you see the ends right here like this was damaged as you can see the curls are bigger but i’m still getting a bit of curl yeah if this is just the first use and i’m already seeing

Results like this and loving it i can own my makeup i can only imagine like after a month of using olaplex how my hair will feel healthy all right guys so i’ll see you when i’m done deep conditioning bye okay guys so i rinsed out the deep conditioner or the conditioning mask and i also just took a shower because why not and this is what my ear is looking like

I started off total dried it but guys my hair it feels so moisturized and there’s no more products in it it feels really moisturized and i’m going to go ahead and straighten it so i won’t include that in this video hold on i’m not stretching it so it doesn’t look a hot mess but just to give you all an overall review i absolutely love those two products i think it

Is good to use both of them together because after using number three my hair was a bit stiff like it felt like if you have ever gotten a protein treatment before and it’s like your hair gets stronger so it’s a bit stiff a little bit kind of crunchy i’m trying to find the best ways to explain it my hair even felt thicker but after using the intense moisture mask

Like my hair just came back to life it was so moisturized and as i said i’ve never had my hair that moisturized before like for a while so it was really amazing i love those products and i just can’t wait to see all my hair will respond in the long run will i ever bite again definitely and i will continue using it and give you guys an update after about a month or

So so let me know how long you guys want me to use this product and let you know if i’ve experienced any growth if my damage is gone but after this one use i’m already loving it so i’m just really excited thank you guys so much for watching this video if you like this video and would like to see others like it be sure to hit the like button subscribe to my channel

And turn on post notifications so that you won’t miss another upload see you guys bye you

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I Tried to Repair My Natural Hair with OLAPLEX | Olaplex No 3 & Olaplex No 8 By Chenelle