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Installing a new smart doorbell

Installing a Smart Doorbell

So today we’re going to be looking at how we went from having this very old and simple doorbell to this new smart lorex doorbell okay so the lorex comes with the different components here that you find once you open the box so we have the different wires to connect the ring belt to the electrical wiring in the house we have the chime kit we have different extension

Cables we have the usb here we obviously have the ring bell itself the three different plates to connect to different angles a couple of mounting accessories there and two stickers for the doors all right so the first thing we’re going to do here is we’re going to start by removing the old doorbell and the old doorbell was placed like this horizontally but the new

One i wanted to be placed vertically so we’ll need to patch the little holes from the screws afterwards and gently i think we want to pull out the cable to reveal the two cables we have the black and the red cable thank you all right the old doorbell is no more now let’s just straighten these wires and start preparing for the new doorbell here this obviously

Just make sure that you don’t lose the cable in the back of the wall it’s nice that there’s enough slack here so the kit here came with three different plates that you can adjust depending on what type of angle you want you want the doorbell to be more oriented towards this side or that side you want it to be upper you want it to be lower or you just want it

To be straight here with this bracket we just need to make sure that it is going to be aligned properly this one has an arrow that says going up like that so this is how it’s going to look now we’re just going to take the cable run it through the plate i’ll just use the old screw just to mark the first hole foreign the new doorbell here has two screws that you

Simply need to unscrew and put the wires around each of the screws it doesn’t really matter which of them which of these is going to be red or black they could be interchangeable doesn’t really matter here and we could see i don’t know if you could see there but we see that there is a blue light around the doorbell so we know that the the doorbell is receiving the

Electricity and now the last thing to do is simply to push back the wire and connect the doorbell on these little slots here they go on these little brackets the last thing i want to do just before setting it up is just to go with the silicone and covered small little holes that we had here from the previous screws thank you foreign set up we have the light

And now we can proceed to set up indoors so the second step we need to locate is the chime box where the sound is coming out when the doorbell rings once you locate the china box you can just remove the cover and here you can see if you have a mechanical or an electrical chime system in my case i do have the different springs and so according to the instruction

Manual this indicates that i have a mechanical chime system and also at the same time we can locate the different wires that we have here and the most important one that we need to find is the front which i have here as well as the trans wire so these two will be used to connect the doorbells from the front to here actually initially i thought of putting the white

Chime kit inside of the cover and putting the cover on top of the gem system but actually here there’s a perfect spot just that it that fits the trend kit very nicely so i’m going to simply leave it there and i hide the wires behind the cover foreign that’s pretty much it the entire process took me less than an hour to do i actually had two doorbells to do one in

The front and one in the back i had the installation itself was very easy both the outdoors installation as well as the inside installation for the chime box and then the other thing you need to do is that once you install the doorbell you simply need to download the app on your phone and then configure it with your doorbell to work however you need to to work so

It has different notifications it also records you can set up different audio messages to automatically reply when someone rings the bell overall there’s a lot of bells and whistles on this lorex doorbell and i’m pretty sure it’s the same approach whether it’s lorex or another brand that you wish to install all right hopefully this video was useful to you and i will see you next time

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Installing a new smart doorbell By Comfy Homestead