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Introducing A New kitten To My Pack!

Welcome back to channel everyone and happy New Years!

Okay baby high five high five yes good boy jessica you are the cutest boy ever look you this boy your dream in strength now i’m the only one cannot be a superhero whoa hello everybody and welcome back to my channel it’s a ghost of the dog trainer and i’m here to deliver you a new video by the way happy new years it’s the first it’s 2020 we’re here we made

It i’m so excited for 2020 mm hg was a crazy year cannot say was the worst year of my life but definitely one that has taught me some very hard lessons that i’m thankful for because those lessons will help me grow it should be a stronger person a smarter person that is lived through that but here we are it’s 2020 again super excited so many goals and so many

Big plans for this year so i cannot wait to get started which we’ll get it started right away i’m delivering you guys with this first video for 2020 and i’m going to introduce you to my kittens that were born two weeks ago that if you were following me on instagram you already know if you’re not following me on instagram me about two weeks behind which is why

You have to be on my instagram called the ultimate german shepherd you have to go to the ultimate german shepherd and follow and watch my stories on instagram because i post daily constant updates there so you guys will be up-to-date with everything that’s going on here at the ultimate german shepherds i’m pulling into my driveway and i will get to recording how

I introduce my cats and my dogs as you know my cats and my dogs have a great relationship together i trust my cat 100% with my dogs and i know that i will never come home to bloody dogs big that my cats attacked so my cats are very gentle with my dogs as you guys have seen in all my videos and it comes with the training and the way you raise them and that’s what

I’m here to show you guys today is how i go about teaching them to be okay with each other so i will be even one of the kittens that will born the white maine female i need names for suggestions for her because after name is so many animals in my life i have a hard time coming up with a good unique name for a new animal that i decide to keep so please comment

Any suggestion that you may have also beautiful new edition look at this beautiful boy look at those eyes this is my new toy i’ll see boy he also she needs a name because as of right now he is mr. no-name isn’t he the cutest so you guys are gonna be seeing him in a lot of my upcoming videos um he is like my cutter but he is so cute guess we’ll get my midnight

Kiss last night at midnight what else also guys i am coming to california in just 9 days i cannot believe that my first trip of the year is in just nine days where i’ll be flying to la is my first time coming to la even though i have been to california a few times before never too early so la here i come people have been signed up for dog training when i’m there

If you are interested in signing up for training you have to contact me and my email will be in the description and then you guys can get signed up for when i’m there too so you can bring your dogs and get the training that you need let’s go let’s get started i’m about to pull into my driveway ok guys before we get any further into this video i wanna let you guys

Know this video is sponsored by wall pet wall pet have sent me a couple of different products and i am only going to be showing you guys one of the products because as i have told you before i will only promote something that i really believe in and so this is a product right here it is a intelligent pet camera and what is really cool about this camera i’m gonna

Be showing you guys in just a minute it’s ok there’s so many different features that i love about this the first thing is you can watch a dog 24/7 from your phone wherever you are you can have this set in any room you want i’m gonna have this set on the deck for better lighting to show you guys how it works and you can literally log on your phone go to the wall

Pet app and it can log-in and watch your pet your cat your dog any time of the day and night even feel the lights are off it has a good night camera and you can also talk to your dog so if you need to call your dog into the room maybe they have this set in the room and your dog has the run of the house you can actually talk to them from your phone and your pet it

Will come and you’ll be able to see them in front of the camera right here the other nice thing about this product is that you can talk you can actually listen to your dog as well so it serves as a good security camera as well so if you have this at the house and you want to just listen to see if everything is okay you know there’s no strange noises or if your pet

Is now you know making sense any kind of strange noise or bark in too much because if they’re barking too much you can actually tell them to be quiet you know you can distract them with your voice if you listen in and if you hear that they are barking in the house when you’re away from home maybe at work now the best and the coolest part about this product is that

When your pet is behaving its best and it’s been the way they’re supposed to be at home you can throw your phone toss them a treat so when you open this just show you guys open this you put treats in here what i’m going to demonstrate to you in just a minute but you put the treat in there and you close this and throw your phone you can press a button in this device

Will trow a treat will call your dog and your dog will be rewarded for being a good boy or good girl that they are being i absolutely love this and that’s what i’m showing you guys i am going to have the link so you guys can go and purchase one for your dog or your cat and this is how my cat knows that the treats come from this and he is here waiting for it all

My dogs and and the cats have gotten used to this i loved it so much they sent me this to reveal i loved it i actually had to go and two more so i can have them in different rooms i actually have been using it where i keep the puppies and if i’m training like starling or like any young dog i have been using this to keep an eye on them when i’m away from the house

And to reward them for good behavior by tossing them the treat from wherever i am it’s really cool so let me show you guys how it works we’re gonna plug it in then we connect it to the internet then you click here on this app and you open up you choose the camera and that you are you got to see your dog’s eye just move it back into the house so you guys can see

How it works you see the dog is laying there now you guys can see i’m watching from the my phone screen so you guys can see what i’m doing here i’m going to click on the little speaker thing and you can see my my head the dogs heads looking because they hear me talking to them then i just clicked right there on the right which now i can listen to what they are

Doing so when you click that you can hear everything that’s going on in your house if whatever your dogs or if they’re barking or whatever noise is going on there and you’re not home you’ll be able to listen in and then you can talk to them what thing about this is that he can actually take pictures of your dogs as you can see there and record them like right

Now they’re being recorded all from your phone so if your dog is doing something cute or you just want to have a new picture of them you screen up strata picture and or record them and you’ll be saved right to your phone last but not least actually this is my favorite part as you can see i just pressed the button in the middle while you see the tree and you saw the

Tree going so that’s just telling that the tree is about to be thrown to them and you see that the machine makes a little noise and that comes stalling waiting for it because she knows they eat rose streets unfortunately i didn’t realize that i had just run out of treats into the inside the container there and so she’s waiting for it and waiting and that’s gonna

Be the cutest thing because look no food i read not a treat so it tells me i need to put more treats but store lines there waiting you know she learned to expected that it’s going to show her treats whenever he makes the noise and he is her face of disappointment oh my god don’t worry okay guys so before we get to filming with the now introducing the kitten i want

To show you guys these babies from my last litter we got one boy see big boy over here yep all these puppies are already preserved i’m just showing you guys a see what they look like at four weeks these are pablo’s babies the boy is staying local here i’m going to someone in charlotte one of my subscribers from charlotte and then we have one of the girls going to

A subscriber in louisiana we have one other girl here going to another subscriber in illinois and then we have the last but not least little girl over here going to a former neighbor of mine from massachusetts who has known me for eight years she’s being around my dogs for a long time she lost all of her three dogs this last year and so she decided to finally get

A german shepherd and her first german shepherd of course has to be one of my puppies so this beautiful little girl is going to be living in hyannis massachusetts where i used to live we are about to give them the second warming today we’re going to do it right now and then we’re gonna get you introducing the kitten to the dogs i’m gonna start with you we’re gonna

Just open the mouth and okay guys now let me get it the dogs ready and we’re gonna introduce the kitten two dogs i’ll be right back okay guys let me just share with here the chosen new addition there’s gonna be stained her either just now opening she’s actually the last one to have her eyes open she is only chilly so i think about it so far they have never seen

Her before they have never heard her before this is the first time she ironed because she’s away from mom so yes you can yes i guys can tell the first step is that my dogs know i’m in charge they are not overwhelming me to come to the to the kitten they’re allowing me to introduce her to them so what i have in my hand very common get closer and of course they

Don’t know what i’m bringing to them they think they could think it’s a puppy and they have been moms before so they are wondering what is this like so none of them sniff the kitten and this is a pretty good age introduce a kid to them because plaques again i want them to be gone because obviously this is a very tiny anymore and they need really gentle there we

Go you dad plotz everybody has to be down i don’t want anyone they love babies so you know they they they don’t mean any harm but because of her small size it’ll be so easy for her to get stepped on and we don’t want that what we want here is for the dogs to get familiar with her smell look at her at this age her hair is already all she’s hissing and this is a

Good example why i want her to get used to them at a young age she is two weeks old and she’s hissing at them because she has never smelled a dog before so you know this is new and that’s why i want them to get ellen her to get familiar with the smell so that when she does touch what i start to walk around the house that she’s gonna be familiar with the dogs and

The dogs will be familiar with her they won’t be excited about her and she won’t be afraid of them so he creates balance and what-have-you our new yard has a really strong obsession with cats she licks the kids all day long she caught us with them and for some reason the cats really born with her more than all the other dogs i don’t know what it is about her she

Has a fully madhuri it’s instinct and look she’s already cleaning the baby and she does that with our dog cats and they love it i mean they are always cuddling with her so guys of course i didn’t expect anything different from my dogs that’s how they have raised i socialize them and i teach them i’m in charge and i am in i just i’d a gentle i decide who i bring in

Who introduce who i bring into the house you know and the dogs disrespect that but the whole point of this is to show you guys how to introduce them so first step get your dog under control teach your dog that you are the leader teacher dog that in charge you make the decisions for them they’ll be happy to listen to you and be like this once the reinforce that you

Are responsible for the to make it on the right to helping them making the right choices then once they got the dog under control you ain’t charged take the right steps so here obviously i don’t want them to be stepping on the kitten i don’t want them to be too excited about the kitten being here and that’s why i have them down you know they know they’re supposed

To just lay down and be gentle when introduced the kenan joe carolina with another very gentle girl never i give her bath licking her so much but what this is gonna do is when a kitten is now very relaxed with the dogs already you know and that this age is easy for her to to get accustomed to the new smell carolina’s gentle and so when she does such a walk around

Which is gonna be in about a week or so she’s already gonna be moving around she won’t be freaked out you know seeing the dogs coming up to her and the dogs won’t be too excited about her because this is the first introduction so every day i’m gonna do a little bit of this bringing her out because right now the mom and the kittens have their own room so like i said

This is the very first time that this kitten has been around the dogs that’s why they you can tell they’re very curious about how this is normal i see things like that they want to play they have to be very gentle carolina gentle good girl yeah new sister what do you think okay we’re gonna put her back with her mom and then tomorrow we’re gonna introduce her a

Little bit more and i’ll keep you guys posted you know in a couple weeks you’re gonna see this kitten walking around all over the house with all the dogs okay guys this is it for today i’m already back on the road i gotta go run more errands i hope you enjoyed this video if you did please definitely don’t forget to subscribe to this channel follow me on instagram

Share the video with your friends and i look forward to seeing you guys in my very next video which i am trying to upload more often so maybe tomorrow we don’t know but if you subscribe you’ll be the first one to know as soon as the video comes up i’ll see you all next time love you all

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Introducing A New kitten To My Pack! By The Dog Daddy