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iRobot Roomba 676. Это та модель робота пылесоса, которая обладает необходимым набором функций для поддержания чистоты в вашем доме. Робот хорошо справляется с задачей по поддержанию чистоты, тем самым экономит ваше время. И лишь требует внимания для его обслуживания.

He does not know fatigue does not ask unnecessary questions does not ask for food or drink does not give up payment for his work he does not care if you are a man or a woman everything he needs to know when to start performing the task in order to successfully cope with it quite recently i still thought that this is a distant future and when i first saw it was dragging in

Something frivolous, unreasonably expensive, but technology does not stand still, and what used to be a toy today is becoming the norm and indispensable, we will talk about a robot vacuum cleaner , i have never made such a controversial purchase for myself, i understood perfectly well that this is a robot vacuum cleaner and its main task and to sew me such joy as cleaning

The room, and so i will persuade myself to infuse a strange step when choosing, two questions tormented me, firstly, which model to choose so that the robot does not bother with maintenance unless we immediately throw it away and the second, how much it will cost, it turned out that the market is replete with dozens of samples of various models, etc. manufacturers from

Brands known to us such as philips algy samsung and so on to less well-known ones such as siame a and bread and life as well as completely unknown ones, plunging my head into this question, i saw the following picture all manufacturers offer their line both cheap and unreasonably expensive models left just to understand where the quality of automation is, the price is true,

And then i remembered that the pioneers in this matter are the company a and the robot is an american company that develops my robotics for both domestic and military needs, and who better than this company to understand this issue, so with the choice of the brand, i immediately decided the final cunning when i said right away, because before that i googled, looked at the

Review and compared the prices of the skills of the robots themselves, and in order not to stretch the pleasure, i immediately announce this roomba 676 why because, starting from the 600 series, the further development of robotic vacuum cleaners progressed unless what in building the logic of the robot’s operation, and the mechanical part has changed insignificantly,

Therefore, when choosing a rob robot starting from the 600 series, you need to understand that these robots clean the surfaces in the same way, both the cheapest and the most expensive cleaning is done with three brushes, one side throwing garbage under the robot and two central ones retracting into the container with such a mechanical cleaning system, there is no need

For power to pull the turbine, so all robotic vacuum cleaners work much quieter than household ones, by the way, a similar cleaning system is found and other manufacturers do not come true at all, but only a retractor hole, like a conventional vacuum cleaner, you need to understand that this is not effectively, i’ll say right away that the rhombus dust and debris that

Got under the brushes cleans well the most expensive models can build a map of the room and, if necessary, return to the place for further cleaning, and also for convenience, all settings reports are made through a special application thanks to this , the vacuum cleaner robot can be programmed, for example, for daily cleaning at a predetermined time, or you can send it to

Clean right now while at the same time at work, but even so, for example, if someone has gathered to visit you , all robots return automatically to the charge station at the end of the tasks performed if it is necessary to send a report notification of the completion of work, but honestly, honestly, out of the mass of these interesting functions, only programming the start

Of work and notification that the container is full is useful. how, nevertheless, the main function is to clean when i’m not at home and not to attract attention without the need for cheaper models, cleaning is carried out according to some algorithm that is not always understandable, but despite this, although the algorithm is simpler in experience, they do their job

And so why i chose the 607 sixth model on the first is a proven series; secondly, it is a capacious lithium-ion battery; thirdly, there are no problems with consumables; they can be purchased both in the store and from aliexpress cheaper; now let’s turn to the controls, there are only three buttons here – the wedge is down and the dock with the wedge button is stopped and

Started by the robot the button from under is necessary for any local cleaning, for example, showered something, put it in the center of the dirt and press everything and let’s go the dock button is the return to the station it’s obvious that if you don’t want to drag it there, now we press the wedge directly for cleaning and the robot went to clean it goes around the

Corners offend obstacles when, in his opinion, pockets of dirt are found, spin in place these further, especially for the test, i cut scattered small pieces of paper as it could do the kids here’s how the vacuum cleaner did this task, turn it on we press the slot in general, the result is not bad considering that i threw large pieces of paper, they were hair, for example,

Now we put it on the table, the view will fall off or not a test about one robot confidently sees the edge has become from so it can be thrown where on the cabinet and not it’s already been a month since the purchase , and during this time, in addition to big pluses, i found some shortcomings, firstly, sometimes one of my cows with a long pile gets stuck and the robot is

Miraculously raised there, it perceives it as an obstacle, it happens that climbing onto the carpet on the one hand, he overcomes the entire carpet of sweetness on the other and cannot climb back, but yes, perhaps a special case, since such problems do not arise with a carpet with a short pile; the second, having moved from one room to another, if there is an interior door,

The cleaning process can close the door behind him and back to the charging station, he will not return 3 in the kit there is no device to remove wound hair on the surface of the brush, in principle, it does not matter, you can use an ordinary brush, or for 100 rubles before buying this set on aliexpress and then cleaning will take no more than two minutes 4 and this is

Perhaps a warning the robot is afraid of water in case of getting a guarantee for such breakdowns does not apply 5 if there are pets, cats, dogs, it is necessary to protect the eating and toilet places for this, the so-called virtual walls are sold separately, they definitely fence the area where the robot does not need to go and thus the robot will not knock over a bowl

Of food or water of your pet, but again they are indecently expensive in a company store, so avito will help you in everything else . old vacuum cleaner only he was his direct duties i hope that this video clip was useful if you have any questions write to anyone who liked it put like everyone good luck so far

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Робот пылесос / iRobot Roomba 676. Оправдал надежды! Честный отзыв! By DIY Time