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iRobot Roomba e5. 2 .

Предлагаю посмотреть на робот-пылесос iRobot roomba e5 после двух лет эксплуатации. #irobot #roomba #e5

Hello everyone

, We have been using the irobot roomba e5 robot vacuum cleaner for two years now and we have been offering to see what happened to it in these two years this poor fellow cleaned 1889 times with a total length of nine hundred and eleven hours 18 minutes for such a volume of work, of course his life is a little beat up but in general he is holding up well given that he is

Constantly idle with three children and is constantly trying to bite the dog by the way such accurate information about the work done can be found in the application it is not as detailed as xiaomi here there is no map of your apartment but you can configure scheduled cleaning see the history of the operation small settings and tips also the most important thing is that

You can start remote remotely send it to the base if, of course, in the visibility zone it happens that it is lost and the application will write to you the robot is not found

This is the working side of our assistant bursting central brush

Worn wheels but it’s not in the way no robot can successfully cope with its task of designing a vacuum cleaner module, if something breaks down, you can change a specific module, but here we once broke off the clamp of the central brush and i didn’t find it separately anywhere, it’s only sold as an assembly with brushes, it costs 4 thousand rubles, so i it was glued back

With glue, and this base of the house of the vacuum cleaner here has two terminals on which the robot calls in and automatically gets up for charging, but this tube happens if you take care of these terminals when the terminal is dirty, it tries not to catch the contacts does not get up for charging and also in the kit there is such a limiter that can become an invisible

Barrier up to three meters long or such an invisible circle with a diameter of 1 and 2 meters where the robot does not get close; it works on two aa batteries that have never changed in three years; i suggest looking at the robot in action, the task is to remove the entire ass after a children’s party in one of the rooms removed ideal but the whole cleaning took about

Forty-eight minutes and there was not a trace of popcorn left, but the only eye is callused by the grain at the bottom of the screen, but there are no questions for the robot because i put a limiter so that the robot does not demolish the camera mouth the grain just got into the limiter zone let’s look at the cleaning from the first faces, the main thing is not to look at

A hangover from this angle, you can see a lot of interesting things, see a children’s table painted from below, or, for example, a broken bed if you want high-quality cleaning, i recommend that you take the robot separately to each room, sending robots free swimming throughout the apartment will not achieve an ideal result very it’s cool that the robot can drive into such

Small nooks and crannies of the apartment cleaning dirt in hard-to-reach places

We move in the kitchen and put the robots in

His least favorite place between four chairs as you can see he gets out very quickly and does not plan to climb back in, so if you want to to beat a high-quality result, it’s better to remove all unnecessary obstacles so the bathroom and, again, hard-to-reach places, but hard-to-reach places if for the vacuum cleaner itself, for example, this here and the kiev chair gets

Stuck, it makes a sound and sends a notification to the phone, they were removed now it would be necessary to clean it, do it best over a trash can because the garbage flies not only from the container, but also from the vacuum cleaner itself don’t forget about the filter, it’s also better to knock a little on the cleaning of the containers and the filter happens about

Once a day in two days, but i recommend doing it once a week a complete cleaning of the vacuum cleaner and what do you think how we will clean the vacuum cleaner of course with a vacuum cleaner

As carefully as possible we move our broken clamp that i closed

Here and clean everything in a row, by the way, this is the third set of brushes 1 factory set from served us for about a year after which i decided to save money ordered for aliexpress and for 300 rubles brushes when they arrived and exactly like the factory ones, but for some reason they didn’t clean it at all, so i had to fork out 1600 rubles to buy the original small

Brush, too, it had already been replaced here i went right after the original, it costs 300 rubles thanks to the convenient designation, you will never mix up the brushes in some places everyone will just stand in their place after cleaning up it’s time to rest press the home button and watch you know for two years i still don’t understand whether it’s a smart robot

Or stupid, it seems that its movements do not obey any logic, but on the other hand after he is always and everywhere clean anyway i will recommend him as a great helper around the house despite the fact that he is so chaotic looking for his base let’s help him because this is part of my fault i put the base right under the table with four legs own trying not to love midges

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