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iRobot Roomba S9+ Roomba s9 Edge Cleaning Test der Kantenreinigung Careful Drive Mode

Test der Kantenreinigung des iRobot Roomba s9 / s9+. Welchen Einfluss hat der Careful Drive Modus? Firmware 3.20.7

Yes hello and heart get in this video it’s about the irobot s9 or s9 plus and its edge cleaning performance and also in particular what the irobot for cleaning so announced on the homepage we have already seen it at niko ditzingen that what was on the homepage is not necessarily to be reconciled with reality is we have it here thanks to the unique perfect edge technology, dust

And particles can also be picked up in hard-to-reach corners of your house yes also say that i always stand like this first and then we’ll see as i said later, let’s do it again perfect edge technology the improved shape for clean corners and edges and the special angled corner brush sweep protection even from the deepest corners it ‘s a bit in the direction of superlatives

With the deepest corners but here now leaves no corner is daring again in my opinion the pe rfect edge technology and the improved shape for clean corners and edges find jewelry even in the most remote places when you special attached corner brush gets deep into the corners advanced sensors scan the area in front of the vacuum robot so that it closely along the walls and

Into the corners irobot does not indirectly mention the structure of the robot’s sensor that is installed there are two light bars with which you can really see höhn outline shapes very well i have already closed a video chat where you can then see the sensor in action and with the help of this sensor, the new careful drive mode was then introduced that is basically no,

Then it is an identifier for a robot, i.e. furniture and so on are recognized and also obstacles of a certain height but also walls are recognized with it and the meaning of the the thing is that the robot has as few objects as possible b also touches walls and for this reason i now first activate the careful drive mode and , as i said, that was introduced later and

Is not activated at the start either, which means that the robot does not normally use the mode, i just do it from the reason because i’m a lazy sock and don’t want to soil my rest twice with sand there and you can already see spots where the robot didn’t go. that’s a strong assumption that that’s going to happen and that the mode will turn on the cleaning performance

Bit restricted and then you can then look afterwards without the kerfoot tire mode where it still drives everywhere and what the end result looks like what was here are still in action there is the daily nology there that is still the same with the irobot s9 as with the i7 also implemented with a piezo sensor in the main brush holder, this is a sensor that generates s

Tension when dirt or particles hit it and we now see here that it acts relatively sensitively during the passage and we also drive here with the full suction level, which means that the sand that is sucked in is then pressed relatively strongly against this sensor and that’s why the sensor reacts a little more sensitively here with the dirt image because an irobot j7,

For example, unfortunately no longer has the sensor in my opinion , the whole thing is only realized via optical detection in the dirt container , since infrared is basically accommodated by teachers i also made another video or where i explain the whole thing i link to my description because i would almost bet that it would not have triggered here at the points but also

With the suction power of the robot and i are together because it is a whole corner honey, with the s9, i personally think it’s a bit overly sensitive the initial signs don’t react badly at all because you can do that, especially on carpet , but then it brings an advantage, so it just drives back and forth twice more, i personally don’t think that’s a bad thing. then we

Have to say about the cleaning setting that here in double mode irobot offers this option as a global option, which means that irobot can specify whether the robot should only clean all rooms once, twice, or should clean in automatic mode, which means that the robot decides for itself depending on the size of the room whether that one or goes through twice or even up to

Three times the three compartment cleaning can not be selected by manuel and that is why i am testing it directly there. i would also like the manufacturers to look at each other a bit because what i am missing with irobot is the cleaning option proroom that means if i now somehow want to clean certain rooms differently than others unfortunately, i don’t have this option

With irobot, which means it can’t programmatically select suction power or change the driving behavior. that would also be very interesting, especially with the careful drive mode, because the obstacle detection works very well and i’ll also make a video about it separate but it’s just not possible here with yours with roborock, for example, that’s possible because i can

Then select more option programs, but what i’m missing with roborock is this global setting, which means that i can generally say how the robot should clean everything because with roborock i always have to select a separate room cleaning manually and then click whether it should be cleaned twice triple. that ‘s also annoying because i personally think the option is even

A bit better with irobot but as i said i would just wish for it that since the manufacturers really m copying a bit from each other a bit more and then offering the end user as many options as possible so that he can adapt his product depending on the cleaning requirements and you can’t really break much there, so actually nothing at all, so i don’t know if there is the

Manufacturers think the users are too stupid no idea you can already see with the careful drive mode the corners are not cleaned quite as well, especially here on the bottom left the area at the crooked door that seems to give the robot ladies a few headaches but this is also the first run with the mode, actually i haven’t tried it with the mode here in the hallway before,

So you would start the second run with it, i’ll just let it play a bit of music first and then i’ll get back to you right away again yes, as we can see that the edge cleaning picture does not look as good as expected with the careful drive mode 100 percent, the whole thing still looks better than with the mito d10, you have to say that very clearly, but for the companies

Robot who that here now if that the end result would also be a disappointed result routes the area on the chief door that has been hit a little better and now let’s take a look at how the whole thing looks like without the careful drive mode the robot would also clean by default and we can already see during surface cleaning that the cards are approached a bit directly

And the robot also moves much closer to the edge area and then we can already see in the first corners and edges here that i greatly improved the result even now here in the chief deposits the door since he has robots due to his ba uhöhe or then the slightly small side brush compared to and robots at the point of the hinged door in the small disadvantage of the we

Will see again in the end result there would be a slightly longer side brush with such a problem ismail so the problem is at the point the door is a bit in front of it, it’s also a bit crooked and basically you have a cleaning area that is deeper than the robot can drive in and, as i said, robots with a slightly larger side brush then have the advantage at that point,

That’s something where i would look if i were to hang it up properly and there are also storage boxes hanging in the closet that also prevent the door from being closed if all of that weren’t then it would be much better afterwards and if you don’t have a lot of places of this kind in your living room for whatever reason, then sow because i don’t have a problem there,

It’s a small problem for me now, but as i said, someone then did it again later in the final result and what i did now in the last run is that i partitioned the room differently again, that means here on this small constriction in the hallway where the cameras also have or change over the other field of view i have now separated the room again i have usually done this

In my household because with the hallway full of peace and quiet there is a division i noticed that some of the was also cleaned a little worse in the runs where i tested it and i was able to solve the problem in quotation marks by dividing the room again , basically into two smaller sub-areas and that is also something you can do must look at other robots or should

How the workers behave when the rei clearance areas can be partitioned differently. this is the case with the jury models, e.g. partly blatant as far as the driving speed is concerned, there will soon be a video about the dream ez tempo and also here with the irobot s9, for example, so what i noticed here in the test is that some edges are calibrated a tick better ,

We’ll see that in a moment in the final comparison then from the mobile phone recordings what i mean there but we can already see here in the top shot with the normal cleaning in quotation marks that is really a very good card result and we can see that here now that is then in a quick run-through the dirt as well it was applied at the beginning that means wanting to

Be everywhere, i’m talking sand and we’ll see right away that it’s improved a lot it ‘s really almost perfect is just hanging on this so crooked entrance of the door they now have the careful drive mode the bottom line and investing archive front door does not see g anz so good and even in these 90° corners sometimes the robot doesn’t drive in quite as deep because it

Wants to prevent bumping in any case, we’ve seen that before with the logitech mode, which should have actually been a bit earlier had to be triggered, but then the robot would have had to hit him and then it was delayed, it was executed as i said, the result here is not that bad in itself, but for a defamed robot, i personally think that would be if the end result were

To bad here we see now without this mode at the tae crooked entrance of the door the whole thing looks much better from this small puddle of leather to see that also has something to do with the teaeve entrance door but otherwise the corners here look really very good and there really is n’t anything to complain about here, it’s just a little bit perfect i said that my

Hallway is very crooked here , that’s true too, and even then this problem, such as with mito, the 10 in one or the other, then not so dramatic here, this corner, for example, which i mean right now in terms of partitioning, this corner will be then through the partitioning also your next pass directly cleaned wonderfully now the initial area of ​​the hallway because

It probably drove in there we can see the already before actually in almost perfect result and here now this place was then also perfectly swept out it can be that without the new partitioning it would also have been cleaned at some point because the robots always have to adapt a bit when the rooms are repartitioned, it always happens that the driving behavior is not one

Hundred percent perfect and that but then played back over time lt’s so, above all, compared to the nico’s teeth, it’s really a difference like day and night and you really can’t complain about that, so i buy myself out of the well into the robot, what’s still missing here, the loops admission test that works perfectly with the robot i stopped recently or wanted to do it

Completely and then it occurred to me, oh you could still test the careful drive mode beforehand, but it was already too late and yes, that’s actually why i have my hallway more often dirty than i like so my conclusion is to poop cleaning you can see just how much the sensors still play a role here, especially with a deform which is then navigation technology even more

Demanding than a round robot which allows navigating on the spot and that can start is concerned and in my opinion there is nothing to complain about with the robot as a whole, the careful drive in my opinion, the mode could be a bit more aggressive as far as the final cleaning of the edge is concerned, and i would also like to never come back to the subject of options,

That irobot might also offer this as an option that you can clean the cards then clean the interior at the end can then be filled in in normal mode in quotation marks and then only cleans the area with obstacle detection. then it might be another sensible option that would also enhance the robot for me personally, but otherwise if you run the robot without the body drive

Mode then it is really in my opinion in my opinion almost perfect and flawless unless you have such problem areas as it is on my door because the robot is slightly smaller then it will actually be at a disadvantage compared to round robots wanda if but i also again this completely th test with the irobot i7 and definitely there on the roborock s7 and also with the vimizim

Pro there i had only made a small excerpt for chain cleaning that will definitely come yes shouldn’t buy for 1490 € sometimes also a little less if you just look at cleaning the edges alone then i would say yes, this is really a great implementation of the deform and this result is currently not achieved by round robots that we have already seen in these 90 degree angles

Then there is a remainder with red robots, which concerns the whole question, i can’t answer that at the moment because the carpet test and also the hard floor test are still missing then also with the robots here irobot i7 roborock s7 and also the dremel set centro again a few tests also make this complete no carry out cleaning tabs for you again with the robots, whether

There is something left only at the 90-degree angles or possibly at other points , we’ll take a look at that again and, as i said, just don’t buy the whole ask the whole would i’ll just push it back until the rest of the test results are there, so with that in mind, thank you for watching and see you next time, ciao

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iRobot Roomba S9+ Roomba s9 Edge Cleaning Test der Kantenreinigung Careful Drive Mode By FRICKHELM