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Testing the SUPERSIZE version of It Cosmetics famous CC Cream! Let’s see if it’s really worth the hype

Hi beauties welcome back to my beauties big sister channel and two a very very glowy jewy base makeup first time i’ve ever tried this bad boy that it cosmetics cc cream so if you want to see what i think of it what other products i’ve got on my skin then just keep on actually got a base on already so i’m going to take it off i’ve never actually tried these so i

Thought do you know what rather than um doing my whole skincare regime right now let’s just try and take this off with the seven second luxury all-day mask from star skin vip um it says that it does everything massage exfoliator toner serum moisturizer mask makeup primer oh this is cute we put our fingers in there this is actually really cool it’s got like tiny

Little can you see it’s like a bumpy surface so it’s just slightly exfoliating my skin taking my makeup off cleansing moisturizing apparently i just want to make sure i’ve got a really clean surface to work on without doing my full skincare raging right now i’m pretty impressed with this these would actually be so good for travel wouldn’t they it’s everything

All in one not that i’m going anywhere right now my skin is all cleansed i’m ready to try out for the first time it cosmetics cc cream how haven’t i tried this before but i’m hoping i like it because i’ve got it in the most gigantic size ever so this is the super size that’s launching on qvc in august the price is insane so if you do love the cc cream and you

Know that you love it great opportunity to stock up on it it’s actually originally for the 32 mil it’s 32 pounds this absolute whopper is 43 pounds for 75 mil that’s an insane value right there um so i never knew this has spf 50 in it which is incredible for a cc cream it says your skin but better color correcting full coverage cream hmm did think it was more

Light to medium so we’ll see how we get on with that hydrating and anti-aging concealer ah so it conceals as well so we don’t need concealer apply one to two pumps to clean skin using your favorite cosmetics brush can be used as your foundation concealer moisturizer and daily spf based on your coverage needs for best results apply a smooth even layer to your

Face neck and decollete to collate really down here okay for complexion perfection one thing that i do notice instantly is the ingredient list starts here and it ends here it’s an incredible amount of um ingredients not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing um it cosmetics partners with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to develop skin loving solutions

And clinically tested formulas i didn’t actually realize this was a full coverage i’m not sure how i feel about that so what i’m going to do is i’m going to apply it with my fingers first we can see more of a light coverage then i’m going to build it up for a medium coverage hopefully so the shade that i’ve got is medium tan i guessed at random here when the

Pr asked me what color i was never tried it so i didn’t have a clothesline looks a little bit orangey in the tube but it’s actually massive like it’s huge this would have to stay at home this couldn’t fit in your makeup bag it’s massive reading about this online it says that it’s got a brightening color correcting pigment it conceals imperfections minimizes

The appearance of pores and has your face looking seamless um skin nourishing benefit okay so it sounds like it’s like a poor blurry perfecting kind of cream that’s like your skincare and your makeup in one is this like pump action which ah it’s coming okay okay that doesn’t look too orangey oh it does yeah it feels thicker than i thought it would feel i don’t

Know why i always thought this was more of a tinted moisturizer it’s one thing i would say which i don’t normally like from a base just because i have really sensitive skin so i’m not sure how i’m going to get on with that it smells beautiful but i was like good my skin isn’t going to love it i’m not feeling any signs of irritation at the minute which is a a

Good sign i mean for a full coverage it’s really applied beautifully with my fingers you know it’s really blended out like a cream um wow okay i’m pretty impressed before after wow wow okay well instantly i can see the hype even though it has concealed quite a lot like my skin still looks like skin it doesn’t look too heavy um i’m actually astounded by that

That’s pretty amazing i mean i personally would definitely go in with a concealer just because i feel like i need it so in terms of like brightness underneath the eye i would go with that but any kind of redness blemish area zone has been concealed by the cc cream i mean obviously i kind of thought i was gonna love it because everyone else raves about it but

I didn’t actually think just from my fingers it would conceal like that i’m just going to use a brush now see what that actually packs on like it’s definitely going on thicker wow my skin looks so for juicing himself looks so bloomy good i think the only thing that everyone’s struggling with right now is like how do you choose a color like a foundation color

Is a quite a big risk but what i would say with qvc is that you can literally try it and if you don’t like it you get your money back in 60 days you send it back and you get full refund there is nowhere else where you can do that like well i don’t know anywhere else that you can actually try beauty products and if you’re like oh no this shade isn’t right for

Me or i don’t like it you just send it back and get your money back like what how insane is that i really like it with a brush it definitely is full coverage you know i’m covering everything with this i probably wouldn’t wear this on a day to day which i did think that this would be that kind of product for me that it would just be like a day-to-day tinted

Moisturizer kind of vibe but it it is more than that for sure like this is more you going out foundation you see i didn’t go in with a primer either and the application of this is so so nice look at that i mean i honestly do feel like the nyx born to glow is kind of a dupe for this it’s really what it reminds me of but i really really like that my skin still

Looks like skin it’s got like intense glow like super super hydrating foundation i’m just going to add a little bit of concealer tart offs yeah that definitely has helped to brighten underneath the eyes so take my chanel bronzer to add a little bit of cream bronze to this look i mean i do obviously love this product but i wouldn’t say it’s my favorite you know

Obviously i talk about and rave about the fenty cream bronzer loads and i would say that’s my favorite i don’t know if i would pay for this bronzer it’s nice but i feel like i don’t know if it’s worth the money don’t shoot me and i’m gonna go in with this i mean it scares the living daylights at me because it’s very very pink but i’ve just been sent this nip

And fab blush and i thought it might look quite nice with this look oh my gosh that’s intense hmm i don’t know lip and fab liquid blush in berry bomb just take a tiny bit it’s not as scary as we thought but i’m taking the tiniest bit ever on my skin oh my god how nice are these products applying on top of this cream by the way oh my skin feels so soft and

Plump i think i just like took makeup off reapplied you think my skin might be a little bit rare or but wow my skin looks blimming great that would so put me off and wow blending it out is a little bit dreamy isn’t it then i’m gonna go in with their highlighter take this one white gold i had these before i don’t know whether they’ve reformulated them but i’ve

Actually always loved nip and fabs highlighters they are definitely kind of iconic dupes to be fair that blush has given me a little bit of glow anyway going like this i can’t tell you how soft my skin feels a little bit of my bare minerals bear pro powder i love this stuff um just to set down any shine right here where i don’t want it like a sweaty nose eye

Area is just never cute is it in here i really like this brush for concealer so either face shape concealer and like setting your powder in this area it’s just really nice and precise i’m gonna leave my base makeup there and i have got to say that wow the it cosmetics cc cream is 100 worth the height for any other sensitive skin girls out there i will keep

You updated with how this reacts with my skin so far it feels really gentle but just do bear in mind that it has got fragrance to it but the way it has made my skin just glow jew plump brightness i’m kind of loving it i think it’s also nice that with your fingers you can definitely make it into a lighter coverage if that’s what you want let me know what your

Beauties think of this in the comments below do you use the cc cream are you going to get the supersize please let me know because i think it would last you for literally years i hope you guys are having a lovely week and i will see you in my video tomorrow bye

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