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Is This The Best Electric Toothbrush Ever? | Brio Smart Clean

Today’s video is on the Brio Smart Clean Vs Oral B Electric Toothbrush.

So in today’s video we’re taking a look at my two favorite toothbrushes one is the oral b1000 and probably the real reason you’re here is the brio smart clean now i’ve used both of these toothbrushes for some time now and honestly i can say that there are some pros and cons to each and we’re going to cover them but the first thing i want to do is talk about a regular

Manual toothbrush if you’re still using one please upgrade to an electric toothbrush it doesn’t cost that much and the ease in the clean of an electric toothbrush is so much better just throw away all of the old manual toothbrushes that you have and make sure that you have a solid electric toothbrush now that we have that out of the way we’re going to talk about my

Two favorite toothbrushes now i have used the oral b longer but in the recent months i’ve actually have a new favorite so spoiler alert i actually like the brio better but stick around and you’ll find out why now i don’t want to bore you with the specs on each of these but i do want to give you some of the features that are common between them and then some of the

Ones that are different so both of them do have a two minute timer with 30 second intervals so you have four sections of your mouth and you spend 30 seconds each they both have that feature they both obviously are electric but they clean much more efficiently than any manual toothbrush ever could and the last thing i want to note is that they both have rechargeable

Lithium batteries so you just set them on the charger they charge you’re good to go so let’s get into some of the details of why you may want to choose one or the other so the first thing is the price they are very similar in price the brio comes in at about 70 dollars the oral b comes in at about 65 dollars though you can find it for about 50 i have put links to

Both of these below so that you can check them out but there are three key areas in which i feel like the brio is a much better toothbrush in that and that 20 difference if you can get the oral be on sale is just not worth it for me and i would much rather go with the brio so let’s touch on those first the settings on these toothbrushes the oral b has one setting you

Turn it on you go there’s no anything to change you just brush your teeth the brio on the other hand has five different settings and i found that most the time i use the highest setting and or the massage setting just depends on what i feel now when i first switched to the brio from the oral b i was kind of underwhelmed because the oral b is loud it’s aggressive

The head on it moves a large amount there’s a good amount of play there and so when i switched to the brio i was like there’s no way this is going to clean my teeth but there are five different settings it vibrates at 31 000 rpm so it is very fast so the movement may seem like it’s not there but it absolutely is and i absolutely get a better clean with the brio

That may just be my opinion i don’t have any scientific evidence to prove that but my teeth feel cleaner and my breath smells better when i use the brio and so my preference is for the brio the second thing that is very different between these two is the battery life now most of us aren’t traveling for months at a time but the oral b only lasts a week whereas the

Brio lasts for six weeks i’ve only had to charge the brio a couple of times whereas the oral b has actually died on trips for me and i’ve forgotten to bring my charger and so if you charge the brio before you go you are set if you’re taking longer than a week trip you know the oral b may not be the best option as far as not having to bring a charger but it’s still

A great option i do have a trip planned up that is eight days and so the oral b would actually die a couple of days before i come home so you know i’m definitely going to be taking the brio because the battery life is so much better the clean is better and it just in my opinion is a much better toothbrush now i do want to compare kind of the feel of these maybe

The feel is not important to you on a toothbrush but what i’ve noticed is that the brio just feels better in your hand it has a little bit more weight and it just fits better i am used to lifting barbells many of you likely are as well and this just kind of feels like the right circumference whereas this is i don’t know it’s a weird shape it doesn’t doesn’t feel

The best in my hand so brio obviously i’m you know highly opinionated but the brio is winning in pretty much every category that i’ve tested i hope you’re enjoying this video so far if you are please hit that like button also comment below if you want to see other grooming products that i use the last thing i want to touch on is a pet peeve of mine and then that

Is tooth brush stains and if you don’t know what that is anytime you brush your teeth you rinse it off if you sit on your counter and you end up with this dried toothpaste on your counter it’s disgusting it drives me absolutely insane and the oral b always always always leaves rings if you see here there’s this kind of perfect circle i don’t know why i can rinse

This i can you know turn it on and just do everything i can but there’s a hole here that goes inside the head and so there’s just some water that gets stored up i guess and as it sits on the counter it leaks down the side and it creates this disgusting ring and that has been the biggest pet peeve of mine the biggest thing that has driven me away from the oral b is

Just it’s gross and at least stains all over and when i first got the brio i didn’t know if that issue was going to be solved i thought maybe that was just a general issue with electric toothbrushes but i’ve yet to have any kind of toothpaste ring with the brio smart clean so in my mind and actually if you can tell i tried to turn this on it’s dead i haven’t used

This in a really long time this it works because six weeks of battery and i use this data so in my opinion if you need an electric toothbrush the brio smart clean is absolutely

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