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iT Cosmetics CC Cream vs Your Skin But Better

iT Cosmetics Foundations CC Cream And Your Skin But Better. In this episode I show you and discuss what the difference is between the popular CC Cream and the new Your Skin But Better Foundation.

Hey you guys i hope your wig is going well as i stated in my previous video i am talking about all the newness that it cosmetics came out with in 2020 and i have a few of those products so stay with me and let’s get into it of course before we get started if you could hit the subscribe button i would appreciate it if you hit the little bell you’ll get notified if

You want to be notified when i post a video so the first product that i have here is called miracle water and i did show it in my last episode but i didn’t apply it i’m gonna actually go ahead and use it right now and what it is it’s a three in one glow tonic so it’s got skin brightening radiance booster anti-aging treatment essence and a skin softening micellar

Cleanser so the reason i’m using it is because i’ve actually been at work and i need to take off my makeup so we can do a review or not really a review but a comparison of two really great it cosmetic products so let’s go into this so what the benefits are of this miracle water it maximizes the efficacy of your serums and your creams so i’m going ahead i’ve

Got some bronzer i’ve got some foundation that i mean i did wear a mask for seven hours so i think it held up pretty good so i’m gonna go in and just take this off and then i do have some moisturizers here and a little bit of eye products so i can apply the cc and the your skin but better foundation how i would if i was really going out for the day so look

At all that makeup it gets quite a bit it is a micellar water i don’t feel dry or sticky at all i am going to do one more because i want to try and get the majority so typically i would use a cleanser and then follow up with this but since we are you know trying on and for the purpose of showing you how it works i am just taking off my makeup right now with

This and it’s perfect for like when you’re on a trip or um i don’t and and what i mean by a trip like maybe an overnight trip if you’re going to be gone for a few days i still suggest using a cleanser there’s just nothing better than really getting in and cleaning your skin micellar water it’s okay so see there’s still some more product there so it’s got some

Great ingredients in it it has hydrolyzed collagen rose aloe vera rice chamomile green tea licorice root and vitamin c so it’s got nice ingredients in there that i really i believe in toners in essence so that this kind of ticks off a lot of boxes that’s pretty awesome so now i am going to go in again you’re going to see some products that i’ve used these are

The products that i have been just kind of loving lately so this one uh all of these i think have been in a past episode you know what that means you gotta go watch some of those other episodes so this is the plump and prime from too faced i’ve been using it as a serum and as a primer so i do have some night serums that i use that i absolutely love and i love

This under makeup i answered some comments um that a few of you left you know do you really feel it tightening on your jaw do you feel it lifting because it it kind of claims that and what i had stated before i still stand by i personally don’t feel it again i use a lot of skin care so if you’re someone that just really is into their skin care regimen you’re

Probably not going to feel it if you’re someone that’s never used a primer or i’m sorry if you’ve never if you’re a person that’s never used like a plumping and lifting lotion serum you possibly might feel that you know so i’m not gonna say that that it doesn’t happen because it very may well happen i just use a lot of things that already do that so i might

Not feel it hope that makes sense cosmetics i did a video on this whole brand this moisturizer is called peptide rich defense it’s got an spf 30. so beautiful i’ve been wearing it daily i love it it’s lightweight it’s got my sun protection and i just i just feel like it’s a great moisturizer for me whoa got a little bit of hair and the scent is the best it’s

Just so wonderful great moisturizer for the day again spf 30 in this absolutely love it and then i’m going to follow up typically i will use an eye cream but because again we were kind of like in this situation i’m using the tatcha serum stick that you can put under your eyes and something that i’ve been doing is midday so if any of you guys are working you’re

Wearing a mask and what i’ve been doing is i keep this in my little bag and i just touch up during the day and it refreshes my eyes refreshes my whole look i mean this is this is what everybody’s seeing so i want this to be as moisturized as possible and then primer and then we’ll get into the foundations so i know i have to do this but really this is what you

Guys should be doing every time really prep your skin that is the most important thing there are a ton of cosmetic companies a ton ranging from two dollars three dollars with elf all the way to i don’t know 90 bucks with let’s say tom ford or lemare you like you there there’s a huge range of products that you can use my best advice for anybody is put your money

In your skincare i like nice cosmetics and i don’t mind spending but if that’s not feasible take your skincare seriously first and then anything that goes on your skin you can actually make it look good whether it’s the three bucks or the 100 like you really can if you’ve got a good base to go on it may not last or it may not do some of the things that the higher

Higher brands can do you can tell the difference but it will work another video i did was rare beauty i’ve been loving loving loving the concealer took me a minute to figure out how i wanted to use it and how i’ve been using it is i’m mixing it with the primer which this primer i just can’t get enough of it it’s so illuminating and so beautiful i should be using

A smaller mirror that i’m really loving my makeup even like four hours in six hours in to the day and that typically you know that’s really the mark where you’ll see your your makeup kind of starting to wear and i i just have been loving loving loving how this lays on my skin so i just do a minimal amount of concealer i kind of get around my nose and again

I’m mixing it with that primer so it’s nice and luminous i’m going to go out into here and kind of between my eyebrows and now i am ready i am going to put a little bit more primer on my cheeks and then i will be ready for the cc cream and the foundation i wanted to kind of try them on each side of my face to show you guys really i don’t want to say difference

Because i don’t want to i don’t want to see negative i like them both they’re just different so i guess difference yeah that is a good word so i’m just going to show you the difference between them now right off the bat the cc cream pretty much everybody’s heard of i think i mean a lot of people this is it right here if you haven’t it’s called cc cream by it

Cosmetics innovative technology is what it stands for everything in the brand starts as skincare everything even the brushes i mean they even have skincare in their brushes they’ve never had a light weight water-based foundation and that is this one here your skin but better it launched maybe two months ago maybe not even two months ago it’s new it is their

Newest product now you have both of these the cc cream has i believe 12 shades i’m doing this all from memory i believe 12 shades your skin but better i believe 40 around there a lot really great shade range the difference is this is medium to full coverage with a color correction in it the your skin but better is a medium coverage with true to skin color so

You want to match your skin really as closely as you can because you’re going to get a true to skin color where in the cc and that is why they don’t have as many shades it will it will kind of move it’s it’s really phenomenal like it has magic to it whatever science is in this like amazing to the to the the plastic surgeons and the dermatologists and all the

Great people that worked on this like seriously magic i wear medium in the cc cream and in your skin but better i wear 33 medium neutral now um what’s nice is in a lot of the places i know ulta i know um online i believe sephora i believe macy’s they have a conversion chart so if you’ve tried cc which a lot of us have at this point it will give you a good idea

What you wear in the your skin but better i am going to put cc on the right side of my face and i’m going to put your skin but better on the left side of my face this is my kind of foundation i’m just telling you right now this one i do love it and i do appreciate the spf 50. so that is another difference spf 50 no spf so you really need to wear that’s why i

Love my moisturizer from cosmetics that has an spf 30. so if you have a moisturizer that already has a sunscreen in it you’re good to go so i will typically use about one pump for my face maybe not even one pump it is a medium to full cc cream so i have a little bit here i’m going to put a little bit on my brush you start in the middle of the face because it is

A color correction cream so you’re going to start in the center and go outward so i’m just going to go and you already can see the coverage that it has so there is that side um i am using the it cosmetic brush with it it has a natural finish more full coverage it is going to you need to set it you know it’s not like it it’s not a transfer resistant claim to be

Anything and then with the your skin but better i’ve been using a different brush more of your remember the old paddle brushes i’ve been using this one happens to be from lancome and i’ve been using this with the your skin but better foundation i just like the coverage that i’m getting because i don’t want that much i want it to be just your sheer to medium very

Natural skin like look so there is the difference you’ll see this shows through just a little bit of my natural um what do i say pigments you can tell that this is just a tad bit flatter even though it’s a natural it’s a natural matte so it’s not it’s not by any means flat but it is more flat than the glow that you get on this side and this one this your skin

Bit better i i don’t even feel that it’s on my face it is a different feeling as well again i like them both um for this time right now i really am so happy that they launched the your skin but better because it’s very lightweight it’s not so feeling claustrophobic underneath your mask i mean we all we all kind of do that but because it feels like nothing on my

Skin i love how it wears so i’m going to put a little bit of bronzer so you can see here like even when i go to apply i have to work more because it’s just a heavier coverage like i can just feel it and then i’m going to go in i learned this little trick so i put on um this is kylie lip liner with lucky kiss from lancome and i am going to blend that in i thought

I’d do a little fall look little little fall colors here so i have my lips on and then you take your you take your blush brush and you grab some of that and you put it on as flesh and it totally works and i love it and you’re using lipstick so it’s kind of the same concept look at that as a as a cream blush yeah and you have the matching going on so i’m just

Going to go in here touch this up just a little so even with my makeup on again this gives you a nice natural finish this gives you a little bit more glow so recap cc cream your skin but better cc cream is a full coverage color correction spf anti-aging serum cream for your skin and there you go so if you battle with age spots that you just cannot stand this is

The product for you then we have your skin but better which is a water foundation no spf still anti-aging and is a more medium light to medium coverage that gives you a nice healthy glow which is this one this does not color correct if you’re looking for that you need to go with a cc cream it didn’t i’m not just saying you don’t have to go with it i’m just saying

If you’re wanting color correction you need to use a product that addresses that a lot of us you know you you say oh i don’t know what foundation really look at your skin see what you want to address and find a product that is made to address that issue so i thought i would compare for you because right now we are in a state where you can’t try things on at a

Location i’m not sure if 2021 will look much different at the beginning hopefully i pray that we’ll go back in and we’ll be able to start playing like we did before but for the time being this is where we are it is in a way a guessing game but if you can kind of be knowledgeable your guests will narrow down and kind of get you where you need to be so i thought

I would share that i know there are a ton of reviews on the new foundation i i haven’t watched all of them but i’ve watched a few i personally used it i absolutely love it um i know not everybody loves it but you know what that’s why there’s different foundations out there because there’s not one foundation for everybody we all like different things so go out

There and find the one for you i hope you have a wonderful rest of your week take care and i’ll see you next time bye you

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iT Cosmetics CC Cream vs Your Skin But Better By Darla Rodriguez