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IT COSMETICS | Hits & Misses

it Cosmetics just launched a ton of new stuff … some of it awesome … and some not so awesome. Click the like button and let me know in the comments what you’d like to see next. xo’s ~ Tati

Hey guys welcome to today’s video i am gonna go ahead and start the week off with a hits and misses and not do first impressions or hot or not because we have so much to talk about it cosmetics just launched it feels like a whole new line they just had box after box after box after box of all new it cosmetics so this stuff was sent to me and we’re going to who

See if i stay on the pr list by the end of this video because i definitely have some items that i love and things that i think are not that great or worth the splurge and it’s really hard when a company launches so much brand new stuff all at once to really decide what to try so we’re just gonna talk about it all and why don’t we just start with foundation this is

Something i actually really really love i got all the shades right here i am gonna be donating the shades that i don’t use and i already gifted my mom one of these as well and she is loving it loving this foundation she probably loves it more than i do and i think it cosmetics is actually my mom’s favorite brand whenever she is down here she’s like do you have some

It cosmetics do you have some of that it’s tough and i think it’s because she sees it on tv and when they talk about it on tv it does make you very mesmerizing you’re like oh my god partnered with a plastic surgeon it’s infused with all these vitamins and collagen is good make me look amazing and it’s makeup this is great i pulled in but let me give you my scoop

After actually testing out these products this is the new by by lines foundation this is an anti-aging skin smoothing invisible cover foundation it gives you a nice amount of coverage it makes the skin look beautiful and it absolutely does not settle into fine lines so it does do what it says it’s gonna do but it does not wear as long as my ysl which you guys know

I am just so hooked on at the moment so i haven’t been reaching for this one much but if you want a beautiful natural finish that provides coverage that isn’t going to emphasize any forehead lines lines around the eyes right here then this is a fantastic foundation and i do really really love it and it also is infused with anti-aging properties all right from there

They randomly brought out a cleanser not randomly i guess they’ve had the confidence in a cream like the little jar cream and a lot of people really love that one it’s not really for me it just isn’t gonna replace any of the cleansers that i use and love that come in a tube like this however not a new addition to the icaza medics range but their makeup balm it’s a

Makeup removing balm oh my gosh i’ve been using that and it is wonderful it’s so good that i would absolutely recommend this was just kind of it just did not wow me and i try a lot of skincare so i’m hard to please then we have these new bye-bye under-eye concealing pots know they had a blue one was i smart enough to put it aside yes because i actually used it today

This concealing pot comes in a wide range of shades and it is a very i don’t want to say heavy coverage but it is a thick paste like concealer i will show you my issue is this kind of slides around and has that waxy finish that i personally don’t like i go for more you know that brightening canceling tart shape tape type of a look but people want different things

From their concealers so i’m not gonna say this is bad for under the eyes i actually prefer their original bye-bye under-eye in the squeezy tube before under the eyes but what i’m getting to is this is the most beautiful product to sculpt out your brows it just blends right into the skin without actually looking like oh i can see you put concealer underneath your

Eyebrows which that’s not really a good look so this is what i use to carve out my eyebrows that’s kind of extra that i have like a whole jar specifically dedicated for that but it’s what i do and i love it they brought out a very interesting range called bye-bye redness and i think this is very cool because it’s not your typical like green tint color correcting

Powder this is just a neutralizing powder that is going to tone down any redness on the skin this comes in three shades this is $38 this contains aloe cucumber tumeric peptides it’s all very good for sensitive skin if you have any redness and skin i definitely think this is worth a look for me at the powder that i love i’m gonna be talking about in a moment but

This one is not for me i mean i’m not i don’t have any redness really in my skin ever so but i do want to acknowledge that this is a very cool product they also brought out this by by red net red mess they also brought out this by by redness neutralizing correcting cream now my mom likes this one too she just took a bunch of the it products and i was like do me a

Favor try these out you know cuz she was just visiting me like try these out and call me and let me know what you think and she really really loves this she likes the foundation more but she did say that she enjoyed using this it was easy to blend in this is full coverage in a jar so this is a little more intense than the foundation the by by lines but if you have

Rosacea if you have those areas of the skin that you want to really tone down this is infused with skin care and i just think it’s really cool that they brought out a whole dedicated line to getting rid of redness in the skin they also have this cream this is the one item in the range that has a green tint it doesn’t stay green it just has a tint it’s going to kind

Of minimize and color correct ever so softly but again you have ingredients in here to smooth so that is the whole idea and concept of the bye-bye redness collection this one’s $48 it is a more rich cream even though it looks very gel like this is targeted for dry or very sensitive skin i want to talk about the powders that i absolutely love love love this one right

Here at the your skin but better cc plus airbrush perfecting powder illumination there’s a lot of information on the front of this package actually this has an spf of 50 and this is a sheer to full coverage finishing veil obviously not my shade but i’m just this is what the package looks like and it is so stunning on the skin i love using this just as a very last

Step to smooth everything out make everything look really creamy i keep using that word recently and that’s the look i like on my skin i don’t want it to look dewy wanted to look satiny i just wanted to have this creamy finish that’s not cakey and that’s what this powder does and i love it and then you have this guy right here this is the bye-bye pores illumination

Now i would not use this just as a highlighter i actually like this underneath the eye to set my concealer and then i’ll kind of go wide with it and it doesn’t exaggerate the pores here it just gives a kick of brightness and if you need to tone down a blush or bronzer gone bad in this region right here this is such a beautiful powder to do that and i love these i’m

Wearing this one today this is the shade medium i love it also in the bye bye pores range as blush this is sweet cheeks i don’t like this this is actually very very shiny and i don’t really get that it says its pore minimizing because to me it’s very metallic ii and it actually on me makes my pores look a lot more visible so i don’t really understand this one and

The color was kind of off it kind of feels like a little bit of a nars orgasm but more metallic and brighter i don’t know this is just not my cup of tea past i do want to mention something else for underneath the eyes that is absolutely so good this is the perfect lighting radiant touch magic wand this comes in three colors it’s very similar to ysl touche cloth

Better price tag has you know skincare ingredients to keep hearing me say that but with it cosmetics they infuse all of their makeup with skincare ingredients i think that’s kind of cool more is more pile on more good into products and i love that this has a nice illumination it’s not shiny but it also has a touch of coverage so i really love these especially on

Natural days you can just kind of highlight and get rid of dark circles very easily it’s like a hybrid between mac has their what was that one preppin prime like in a clicky tube and to shake lot somewhere in the middle there but i really like these okay we’re gonna get to the products that everyone is curious about and let’s take a peek at the swatches because

It’s really cool that they brought out so many shades for this kind of an item i just don’t see this on the shelves anywhere so i think this is really innovative this is the bye-bye breakout full-coverage treatment concealer so this is for acne or oily skin or me when my chin is all broken out or i have like one monsters it you know we have those days where you

Kind of feel like should i may like piling the makeup on this is it gonna make it worse and this is an item that you can conceal your blemishes with but it has salicylic acid so it’s also going to treat the blemish and make it disappear even faster hence the name bye-bye breakouts oh i think this is so neat i love it and actually has decent coverage so way to go

With that product i haven’t tried the powders they have a powder that is for oily skin and it has salicylic acid and i’m like oh i’m gonna be like a crackly dry mess if i try this out so it’s not for my skin type but i want to just show you guys what the jar looks like and that this is available but i’m gonna put this in a giveaway coming up but i really like the

Whole idea that they have bye-bye redness bye bye lines bye bye breakout i think it’s so cool you go to the gondola you take a peak and you can kind of find exactly what you need for your skin concern we also have a brow powder that is not knocking my socks off but it’s not bad this is what it looks like it says it’s universal i don’t really agree with that i

Personally like a darker brows oh this is just kinda the brush that they brought out is really nice i like it double-ended spoolie on one side this on the other i’m not sure if this comes with the powder or if it’s separate but it’s a really nice brush and then this is the brow a power pomade and if i’m gonna be totally honest with you guys i really like this and

Then i tried the dior one and i like that so much better they both have itty-bitty brushes on them i’ll show you side-by-side i’m wearing the dior today and i just love the dior one it just does something and this is just kind of a pomade ii clear gel it’s not bad again i liked it when i initially tried it out but then i strayed and i found something better such

A nice job bringing out majority skin product you know of course a little bit of brow but it’s not like they brought out three palettes and like wow i mean they brought out full range of concealers of foundation of you know bye-bye redness cc powders it’s really really cool they have all of this new exciting stuff i hope that this helps you guys out when shopping

If you were curious about any of these items and if you like this whole format of a big you know hits and misses not just like a one small part of the collection hot-or-not type of a thing then let me know in the comments that you want more of this give the video a thumbs up and i love you guys so much thanks for hanging out with me and i will see you all in tomorrow’s video you

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IT COSMETICS | Hits & Misses By Tati