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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare! 6 Hour Wear Test

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Hey everyone my name is svetlana and welcome back to my channel in today’s video i’m really excited to share with you my thoughts and my experience with it cosmetics it’s their new foundation your skin but better and they did include the skincare with this foundation as well so here’s the packaging and here is the foundation so i got it in the color medium neutral

Number 33 and knit one fluid ounce of 30 milliliters for 40 us dollars at ulta they did came out with 40 shades they did arrange all of them the lights the mediums and the deep colors in the cool neutral and warm colors so i watched one of their videos how to choose the perfect shade for your skin and it actually worked in this situation it doesn’t always work

But in this situation it actually did i was watching this foundation at ulta website for a while i really really wanted to try it the main reason it because it does include the skincare and i’m at the age where i do care about my skincare so so so much i apply so many different products i tried tons of different products so when i have a foundation or any makeup

Product that actually does include a skincare i just have to have it they do claim and i’m just gonna read it out that after two weeks uh it it evens out the appearance of skin tone it visibly refines skin texture and it does softens your skin as well the other thing it says it’s a natural no makeup makeup effect i totally agree with that it’s a coverage that

Minimizes pores and imperfections i don’t have that many pores so i’m not always worried about covering my pores and i actually don’t like to clog up my pores or anything like that so anything that’s lightweight especially for the summer time i really prefer and the last one it says all day hydration and where we will be testing out this foundation for about six

Hours five to six hours depending on when i’ll be back home they do claim that this foundation is suitable for any skin type uh they do include hyaluronic acid in the foundation and this is when it comes to the skin care part they do include vitamin e vitamin b5 and aloe vera as well so they are all very great ingredients for your skin i will show you pump as

Well i’ve never actually tried it cosmetics uh foundations before but i’m absolutely amazed where’s their illuminating cc cream that’s what i use on a daily basis whether i go to work or anywhere else and i love it so much i do love the fact that it cosmetics loves to include a skincare in their makeup lines as well this is just an extra benefit for 40 dollars

It’s very comparable price for a lot of high-end foundations so let’s just go ahead start applying this foundation i will show you how i apply it what i do with that and the rest of that let’s just go ahead and start applying this foundation i do have my routine skincare already on my face even though this foundation does include skincare i just feel like it’s

Never too much of the skincare so let’s just go ahead and start applying i’m gonna be using a brush and that’s what i use on a daily basis and when i was purchasing this foundation it does actually come with a free gift and one of the free gifts was a brush i didn’t get it because i guess ulta decided i don’t deserve a free gift but whatever um here it is and

That’s how i use the foundation that’s what i do with my foundation i just directly go on the brush and then kind of tap it and i’m gonna do half of my face first so this side and what i want you guys to see when i’m applying this foundation that never ever happened to me with any other foundation you don’t have to sit here for 12-15 minutes and try to apply

And reapply this foundation it’s already in just couple swipes and your foundation is looks as perfect as it could be i this never ever happened with any other foundation i feel like especially with the brush the more you kind of moving your brush around the more you smear it around the more streaks you get not with this foundation there’s something just blew

Me away and the color looks absolutely beautiful for my skin right now i don’t like purchasing foundation online i do like physically go and pick it out because especially when i’m trying the foundation for my brand that i’ve never tried before it’s just really hard and if you have watched some of my videos some of my foundation videos you can see that it could

Go completely wrong but this is just perfect this is a perfect match for me right now my skin is a little bit more on a tan side i have been tending with my boys at the pool couple times a week but that’s that’s what i’m doing or this foundation and look at that it feels so extremely soft on skin it does say that it’s a medium coverage maybe if you use a beauty

Blender maybe it will give you more coverage but with the brush you can still see some of my hyperpigmentation as some of discoloration on my face but it doesn’t bother me at all usually i’m not all about the full coverage foundation i really don’t need the full coverage foundation um so this is perfect i love it so here it is guys there’s the foundation itself

It looks and feels absolutely wonderful on skin it’s so super lightweight i don’t feel it on my skin right now at all and it blended out really really good as you could see it was so super easy to blend it out it didn’t leave any of the streaks or anything like that it did increase in my fine lines and stuff it did cover for the most part it covered all of the

Imperfections on my skin i still see some of my hyper pigmentation and some of the discoloration it did even out the skin tone and that’s what i care about the most the fact that this foundation has a skin care in it is just a huge plus especially for the aging skin this is perfect this is not super sheer foundation but for me this is not really a medium foundation

As well it just looks absolutely gorgeous this might be my new favorite foundation i did use it for the last two days and i absolutely love it i’m gonna go ahead finish up the rest of the makeup and then i’ll be back to show you how it looks with the rest of the makeup so here it is guys i did apply the rest of the makeup and this is how the foundation looks

With all of the makeup on the powder the blush the whatever whatever else i decided to put today and i think it looks absolutely beautiful it’s very still very lightweight i don’t feel it on my skin at all i feel like the color just turned out to be perfect for my skin tone right now i’m really truly amazed by this foundation i really enjoyed wearing it in the

Last couple days it’s a perfect foundation for the summer time or if you like a lightweight foundation and if you do care about the skin care which you should then this foundation includes that as well so here is the foundation on a daylight it looks so super pretty i really really like it it does look like my skin but better just like they say and it looks so

Glowing nice and glowing it i do have a little bit of the combination skin a little more oily on the t-zone especially at 100 degree weather but it still looks so super pretty i love the color it’s kind of matching the rest of my body which is not always the case but this looks super duper pretty i like it it’s been about five and a half almost six hours since

I’ve applied this foundation i did spend majority of the time outside and it’s about 100 degree weather today it’s really hot i was wearing a mask for a couple hours as well so as you can imagine this area was just kind of up and just getting extra sweaty and here is the foundation you can see a little bit of oiliness right in here in my t-zone i’m totally fine

With that as you can see the foundation kind of did increase in my fine lines and wrinkles maybe just a little bit about around my mouth right in here but the rest of it looks pretty good this is how my face looks with about 90 of foundations unless i use super duper matte full coverage foundation which i don’t use those foundations at all i would say because

There’s no need for me and i do want my face to kind of breathe and with those foundations is just you clogging up the pores and everything else so the fact that it does look a little oily and greasy kind of in my t-zone it’s fine it is what it is and as i already mentioned it’s so super hot outside that i wouldn’t expect any other way i didn’t do any touch-up

I didn’t do anything like that i didn’t touch my face at all i just walked in the house and that’s how it looks i still have all of the foundation around my nose my mouth and my cheek areas as well i think it looks perfect like for the summertime uh six hours later this foundation looks really perfect that’s it for this video guys if you liked it make sure to

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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare! 6 Hour Wear Test By Svetlana