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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare| FOUNDATION FRIDAY

Hi my beautiful people! Happy #foundationfriday Testing out the new IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare

Hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel happy foundation friday as you guys know or if you are new to my channel i’m roona and i upload new foundation videos every single friday we call it foundation friday creative right it’s not really creative this is a very brown girl focus foundation video because on hyperpigmentation i focus on coverage dry skin i

Wear the foundation the whole day and then we continue with our day and we tell you if it’s good or not well i do the foundation we’re using is your skin but better foundation and skincare it cosmetics came out with this foundation and i i mean i’m not like i mean it cosmetics have always been a fan of their brand but i haven’t used them in a while when i first

Started when i was in college i use their stuff all the time i was in college walking around in the sun and i wanted something easy for college so i used their um this foundation right here the 50 spf foundation that’s what i used back in the day so they’ve been evolving so here is a regular face no makeup on my face before i go in i’m going to just do some color

Correcting i need to start doing this step because i do do it sometimes and it is very helpful guys so just one little spritz and i’m gonna go ahead and just try to cover up one side so you guys can see the coverage oh my gosh right away this coverage is amazing i got 10 warm oh you guys so there you go for the coverage look at how great that coverage is it’s

A flawless that coverage is so good and guys that was just with one pump i got all that coverage i’m gonna go ahead and it does feel very light it doesn’t feel tight at all it’s starting to dry and it feels really really light and really really good okay guys so this is one layer one layer okay guys let’s go ahead and talk about the foundation so the foundation

Is a 39.5 so it’s 39.50 that’s not bad for a foundation i think that’s pretty high-end sephora ulta prestige cosmetic pricing it’s not bad also available in 40 true to skin shades true to skin shade usually i think what they’re trying to insinuate is that they’re they’re trying to really emulate skin or replicate skin as much as they can in their foundation a

Lot of their foundation is defined as medium complexion with subtle neutral pink undertones i got a tan warm 41 which is tan complexion with subtle yellow undertones so it’s basically your complexion and then your undertones that’s the best way to pick foundation is when you are based on your undertones i can be a neutral or a yellow or olive i’m more on the

Neutral yellow olive i wear something that’s too warm toned i tend to look orange really really fast i will say that their coloring is really good they only have like one top row of a lot of light shades and then the medium is like the second row is like light to medium really fast and then it looks like it’s a whole dedicated row to medium shades and then the

Last two rows are very medium dark to dark shades they do have a ton of dark shades available which i find really really great their darkest shade is deep cool 64. it’s a very deep complexion with bluish red undertone which is great i like that there’s a lot of different undertones so i’m going to give this a plus it cosmetics has come a long way they used to

Not do this used to they used to have tan medium and dark foundation and i know everyone used to get on their case about it it’s lightweight i will give it that super amazing buildable i think when i was building it up it started to get really cakey but at the same time i think one pump one layer like this is just one layer and the coverage is amazing it’s a

Hydrating foundation it definitely is a hydrating foundation it does give you a natural radiant finish definitely a nice natural radiant finish that works to give you better looking skin instantly and over time so it’s a skincare foundation it’s supposed to help you get better skin over time um i tend to just like regular skin care to give me those promises but

It’s good if your foundation has skin care in it too because think about it we wear foundation all day so we might as well be doing some type of work for the skin its coverage is medium i would say it’s not a medium coverage it’s a full coverage it’s very very full coverage but it’s very light the finish is natural definitely definitely natural finish formulation

Is liquid definitely is a very liquidy foundation um and i think it’s friendly for all skin types and it says it’s made for all skin types it has hydraulic acid and aloe vera which is great instantly hydrates invisibly smooth skin yes it does hydrate the skin and it does visibly smooth the skin i will tell you as soon as i put it on my face visually smooth my skin

Only exfoliates for a brighter looking complexion it has hepa acids in it that does that it has vitamin e and b5 it moisturizes and fights free radicals to perfor support skin barriers it has claims that if you use this for two weeks straight you’ll see 70 people said their skin looks smoother those are very high claims i wanted to show you guys how this foundation

Looks do you like my foundation ripa this is how it looks in the sun it is starting to kind of separate a little bit and it’s starting to like settle into a lot of the fine lines this concealer is horrible concealer it’s bad huh okay guys so here is the foundation after wearing it the whole day it definitely does not have any oil control i feel like there’s a

Lot of oiliness oily hair oil in the t-zone i wear glasses so it doesn’t really come off that’s really cool like sometimes when i wear glasses like the whole thing will be gone it’s just a little bit little indentation i mean there’s no laugh line dent i do feel like it faded a little bit like when i put it on the first time it blended in with oils and everything

And now it kind of separated and faded so i felt like it kind of separated and faded and i feel like a lot of it’s like gone over here i did wear a mask today so i feel like it’s not transfer proof at all it was literally all over my mask and i feel like whenever i wear it cosmetics foundations they’re not necessarily like high lasting power initially when i put

On the foundation the finish was very natural and it had a semi kind of a soft matte vibe to it but throughout the day as my oils mixed into it it became much more dewy which i don’t mind i love when my foundation mixes in with my oils and it just looks like a natural skin finish which was great i think that’s an amazing thing but also in came in oils and then

It started to separate and it almost looks like it’s just faded it could also be because i wore a mask and that mask probably like took some of it off so definitely when you wear this foundation because it is not so transfer proof or stay proof you want to set it with maybe a setting powder and if you set it with a setting powder it’s going to set really well i

Am very impressed by my forehead i feel like my forehead looks really nice still sometimes foundation really creeps into my fine lines um but i didn’t have that problem with this foundation it was pretty solid um the pores look very natural everything was really really solid but is it a foundation that i am gonna keep and stick to not necessarily because as

You guys know i have found a new foundation that i am super obsessed with and compared to that one it didn’t really work out uh initially i thought this was gonna be a holy grail foundation from the finishing in the beginning and i was like oh my gosh i might end up really loving this foundation and just like this will probably be part of my collection but no

It didn’t it didn’t um but other than that i will give this a four i’ll give it a four for pricing performance for it being a skincare foundation um but i like the spf 51 a little bit more this one was although this one has more shade ranges it also gives a four for the shade ranges there’s so much more shade range i have a hard reason saying why i don’t like

Something it just wasn’t for me comment down below if you guys have used this foundation and let me know what you guys think um i want to know because i like to know um especially if you really like this foundation or did you love it did you hate it let me know down in the comments

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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare| FOUNDATION FRIDAY By GLAMBYRUNA