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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation with Brush

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Love it cosmetics because they’re formulated with plastic surgeons with dermatologists not just to hide imperfections but really to treat your skin and to solve those problems so what we’ve got here is a world launch of a brand new foundation this is called your skin but better foundation and boy is it better don’t fear we’ll walk through all of the shades with

You just think if you’re light medium tan or deep the most shades we’ve ever offered from it cosmetics what you’re getting today is an amazing value it’s that professional brush oh my goodness is that good or what a 48 value for less than the price of just the professional blending brush you’re getting the 39 foundation this is the only place you can get an 87

Value for 41.82 13.94 cents to get it home if it’s not for you go ahead and send it back you’ve got a 30 day return policy here look at the value and this is a truly heavenly buffing brush it blends beautifully it’s like your airbrushed skin but this is a foundation that hydrates it improves not just the look of your skin when you’re wearing it but it improves

Your skin to make a difference clinically shown even on bare skin after you use it for two weeks that’s the skin care aspect of this i would love for you to meet my guest desiree zaroli because desiree is desperately started with it when you had some problems to solve look at your gorgeous skin thank you so much shannon i’m so excited to be here happy and be here

Happy new year and happy new foundation i’m so ready and this when it comes out with a new foundation because you are you’re truly the queen of foundations i would say it’s something to stand up and take and and really look at and i begged to be able to have the launch in the launch of my new show because i i like having skincare of course we all need anti-aging

Skin care but to also be able to build the coverage and have it look like a real skin that’s pretty incredible so as you know shannon it takes us years to launch a new product at cosmetics because we take that much time and pride in our innovation and technology if you’re new to our brand all together i want you to join us because we do things differently we work

With plastic surgeons and dermatologists and everything that we create is designed to treat your skin first and foremost but what’s most important to us too is that when you wear it you feel confident your skin by better foundation plus skin care really truly honestly is an extension of your skin care this is our most powerfully dosed foundation to date with

Our hyaluronic acid the aloe vera extract the vitamin e and b5 there’s even hepa seed extract all of these ingredients are loaded into the base of this foundation the base of it is a very high concentrated serum an anti-aging serum for your skin so it’s going to address the look of lines wrinkles visible pores texture and it’s even clinically shown to deliver

24 hours of hydration while you’re wearing it but we didn’t stop there the full coverage pure pigments that are built into this formula are going to give your skin a flawless finish even if you have problematic skin like so many of us do that’s why i share my own before and after with you shannon because i know so many of us can relate to skin issues but we don’t

Know how to cover them in a way that will actually look natural and that’s what this does study along the side and i was amazed that that it was clinically proven to improve the evenness of your skin tone not just when you’re wearing it but the radiance of your skin not just when you’re wearing it and that’s those anti-aging the the benefits inside that we were

Seeing so i’m we’re going to talk about the colors because um okay this one’s not primed look at it’s a different texture it’s got kind of a almost like a liquid texture and now as i blend this in now this is the medium cool shade cool we’ll explain the diff oh my gosh okay desiree that looks like skin it’s like a beautiful it’s got a beautiful finish to it it

Is lightweight it it literally sort of blended out the the fine lines and wrinkles so we’ve got uh we’re just going to show you some of the shades come take a look at your screen right now we’ve got fair uh fair and light and then we’ve got your mediums can you explain the shades that we’re looking at desiree of course now we have more shades than ever to choose

From but don’t let that overwhelm you if you are fair through light that first row is going to be where you will pick your shade so we have a fair neutral a light cool which we also have a light warm but also a light neutral shade so if you’re fair go with the fair neutral if you are a traditional light shade go with the light but if you know you have a cool or

Warm undertone that’s how you’ll choose between those if you’re a medium skin tone that next row is for you on the bottom there we have a medium with a cool undertone medium with a neutral undertone which is i’m going to demonstrate live in a moment we have medium warm and also medium neutral which is a bit warmer so if you have more of a medium to tan skin tone

You’ll go with that number 32. if you have a tan to rich skin tone the top row here is for you we have tan cool tan warm tan neutral and also rich cool if you have a rich to deep skin tone the last row there is for you these beautiful natural looking shades we have rich warm we also have a deep warm the deep neutral and the deep cool so if you know what your

Undertone is and you’re looking for a more um customized shade then that’s how you’re going to choose but if you need a little more help with that i can also help you with that in a moment we have a chart that’s going to explain to you undertones but i know so many of you guys have been begging us for for more shades and more undertones so that you can make it

Specific to your skin so we’re really proud to be able to bring that to you so i just used the bye bye makeup makeup cleansing cloth to remove the brand new launch of the your skin but better foundation plus skincare and what i want to share with you is what my skin looks like without any coverage okay you can see that i have the the sensitive acne prone skin even

As i’m approaching my 40s i still break out i have dark circles under the eyes okay and i also have that hyper pigmentation spot right here if you have redness rosacea breakouts like i’m struggling with around the map i know a lot of you guys said it’s stress related but who isn’t going through a lot of stress right now the world as we know it is much different

But that’s no reason for us to not look and feel our best every day so i’m taking the brand new your skin but better foundation plus skincare that brush is so brand new shannon even i don’t have it so i’m going to use a different brush from the it cosmetics line and watch this i’m going to sweep it under the eye this is a medium coverage foundation that still

Has the power to cover dark circles okay if you’re someone who’s tired of layering products onto your skin to get coverage for problem areas watch how easily this covers those breakouts i have the redness on my nose okay watch how it covers the the acne scarring that i have those red spots that doesn’t even matter if i’m broken out or not they’re still there i’m

Covering all these skin issues with a medium coverage super lightweight skincare based foundation that is designed to deliver 24 hours of hydration so you just watched how i covered all those issues and the best part shannon is that this is going to self-set itself so if you’re someone who’s always had to set your liquid foundation and then it started to get

Thick and heavy and crease and crack this is going to solve that problem for you also it truly is our most innovative and advanced foundation to date it is beautiful this is the launch oh my goodness you didn’t use concealer you didn’t use powder you just used the brand new your skin but better foundation it looks gorgeous what color are you using desiree so

I’m using the medium 31 shade so that’s the medium neutral number 31. so if you have more of a medium warm skin tone you’ll go with the medium neutral 32 but i’m wearing the 31 medium neutral i’m glad you showed us that in fact we actually have a little chart that shows if you uh kind of a way to be able to tell your undertones so if you’re cool like look at the

Veins on the on the inside of your wrist if they’re blue or purple you’re cool be sunburned easily uh i even love it like if silver jewelry looks best on you you’re a cool you’re neutral if the veins on your wrist are like a blue or green you tan slightly either either color jewelry silver and gold that’s me i’m a neutral warm if you’ve got green veins you can

Easily gold jewelry a little bit more of that olive tone oh there’s jen i was wondering where she was we’re socially distant she’s in a different studio so jen is going to show as well how it it’s medium coverage i know you said desiree but it is beautiful it covered without concealer it looks like real skin and even if you have acne prone skin don’t shy away

From that hydration we all need hydration but it’s it’s not going to budge that is beautiful 87 value for 41.82 and look at how it glided on it’s beautiful now when you see jen’s skin i want you to notice how it just looks like someone took an airbrush machine to her skin and blurred away every possible pore i mean i know when it comes to pores a lot of times

It makes our skin look older because it almost has like an orange peel like texture to it but look at how smooth and soft the cheek area is look at how in the after the under eyes look smoother equating to us looking younger when you look in the before to the after i want you to not only notice the flawless full coverage medium coverage buildable lightweight

Coverage but i want you to know that you’re getting the benefits of aloe leaf extract vitamins b5 vitamin e you’re getting 24 hours of clinically proven hydration this is not just coverage with a little bit of skin care thrown in this is full powerful potent skin care that we have infused coverage pigments into it so that you feel confident while you wear it so

Truly honestly after two weeks you’re going to notice that your skin improves without wearing your your foundation at all because your skin is actually going to start to improve and that’s those skin care benefits that are included okay look at my before and after just on my hand that’s incredible that i mean does that hand look look at that yes that one did have

The same age spots and veins on it that was just gliding it right over and it is it’s it’s like dried to this beautiful finish 13.94 try it out you’re getting that beautiful brush as well you choose if you want light medium tan deep and then you just choose if you’ve got warm cool or neutral skin trust me you will love it and this is the only place you can get

That amazing value now we do have a few other items from it on a very special price just for this this is just for this hour we have got the if you want

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