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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better | Wear Test

The more I use this foundation, the more I love it!!! LOVE Reagan Ivie

Hi guys it’s regan here i’m so excited you decided to join me today because i am doing a foundation wear test with the new it cosmetics your skin but better foundation and skin care so supposedly this foundation claims to improve your bare skin in two weeks and it also says water light medium coverage and natural radiant finish so i’m going to be applying this

Today and then i’m going to be wearing it for a full day all day all night and then i’m going to come back and give you guys my opinion and final review after i see how it wears for the next 12 or so hours if you’re not already subscribed make sure to do so so you can find all of my uploads easily they come out every friday and other than that let’s get started

First i’m going to be applying primer all over my face okay next i will be applying the foundation on my face and i’m going to be applying it two different ways so usually i apply my foundation with a silicone sponge and a regular beauty blender and that’s what i’ll be doing on the left side of my face and then on the right side of my face i’ll be applying the

Foundation with a brush the brush i’m going to be using actually was sent to me when i ordered this foundation as a free gift with purchase and it’s the it cosmetics airbrush complexion perfection number 115 so i thought their brushes are probably made to work very well with their foundation so i’m going to be trying this out with the new foundation as well i’m

Just going to apply this on my hand first and then i will jot it across my face my initial reaction is that this is very watery or liquidy very runny okay first i’m going to be going in with the foundation brush and blending that out into my skin i feel like this shade match is almost perfect for my skin if i didn’t say the shade that i got is 31 medium neutral

I actually love how this foundation blends into my skin so naturally and like i said before i think it’s the perfect shade match it is medium coverage so i kind of want to add another layer to see if i could build up the coverage to cover some of my blemishes here but before i do that i’m going to blend out the other side of my face with the beauty blenders

Okay overall i did like how the beauty blender leaves more of a matte finish to the skin instead of a more dewy glowy finish like the brush did that’s why i went over this side with a sponge as well so far looking at what the packaging claims that this foundation does is actually accurate so it says water light which was completely true like i said before the

Consistency of the foundation is like water it’s literally lightest water so that is accurate medium coverage is also accurate this is not a full coverage and it’s not a light coverage either either it’s very true medium coverage and also it did leave a natural radiant finish to my skin i always like to see when products advertise actually what the product is

Going to do for me because it’s a true and honest advertisement because it’s actually performing the way that they are telling you it’s going to perform so i am not sure if it will improve my skin in two weeks and i would have to use it longer to see but so far this is making me feel like this is my own skin it’s lightweight it blends super well it’s natural on

My skin and so it does feel like my skin but better i am gonna add one more layer to see if it’s buildable okay the second layer did give me more coverage i still wouldn’t say with two layers this makes it full coverage but it still feels super natural and light on my skin i love how it finishes on my skin and just looks so natural and like my skin but better

Literally it’s the perfect name for it i know this is cheesy but i’m just gonna kind of blot this around to pick up any of the excess product that hasn’t really sunk into my skin yet and to give it more of a matte finish next i’m going to finish up my face makeup with some concealer and then some setting powder i do have to say i think that the concealer married

Really well into the formula of the foundation and they worked really well together this is a good sign because even after applying my concealer my face still has the flawless finish and it still looks super natural it didn’t move my foundation around at all and so i am super happy with that outcome okay after setting my face i really love how the foundation

Looks on my skin i think that the shade match is literally perfect it blends perfectly into my neck and it matches my skin tone great so i got really lucky with the shade i picked out but i also just love how this feels on my skin it does not feel like i’m wearing foundation at all it feels super natural i don’t feel cakey i don’t feel sticky i feel really good

It feels like my skin but better oh my gosh i’m actually really excited about this because it might turn into my new favorite foundation i usually don’t wear full coverage foundations anyways i tend to stick to medium coverage or tinted moisturizers which this kind of has the same feel of just with a little bit more coverage especially if you just use one layer

And you don’t add the second layer it feels like a tinted moisturizer but with more pigment so i love how the finished look looks on my skin and i’m going to go finish the rest of my makeup and i will be back later tonight to give you guys an update with how this wears throughout the day okay guys i am back and it is nine o’clock at night so this wear test was a

Total of nine hours i know that the lighting is kind of weird because it’s dark outside so it’s not very natural light i’m gonna try to do a close-up of my face so you can see how this foundation wore for the last nine hours and what it looks like now i think it still looks really great and flawless it didn’t smudge it worked really nicely with all my finishing

Products like bronzer blush and highlighter and i have to say after wearing it all day i actually really love it a lot which is weird because i don’t feel like i’ve been this excited after one use of a foundation before but this one is so natural on my skin and it matches my tone really well and it’s really lightweight and it looks beautiful so i’m super excited

To keep using it and i think that i’ll be reaching for it a lot i also have not blotted my face at all so it does not produce grease which is good as well so i feel pretty confident about this foundation and i’m actually super excited to keep using it so my review would be a thumbs up and i would also recommend you to use this as well if you have used this

Before let me know how you liked it also make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you like videos like this also make sure to hit the subscribe button so you can join my small family here i’d love if you joined us and other than that i will see you in my next video bye loves

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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better | Wear Test By Reagan Ivie