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Jens Home Gets Professionally Organized | Kitchen & Jorn

I’m a control freak with a good attitude. Winning combo, IMO!

I have two two wrist weights i have too many bags you got me what the went on in my house oh my gosh hello hi hello i’m julianna strickland i own space camp organizing and we have organized kristen and bree’s apartment and now we are so excited to be here organizing jen’s apartment not the whole apartment there are some parts of jen’s apartment the jen wants to

Keep private and you are gonna respect that you’re gonna respect that it’s not really that interesting it’s just like a bed but the thing is is jen’s apartment is really neat it’s sort of one of those things where it’s like if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind and it’s a mess so like a lot of my cabinets are very disorganized in a way that like makes them not

Really utilitarian i also moved into this apartment in february and i haven’t really hung any of my art so it’s like it kind of feels i guess in transit you were really nervous i’m actually really glad that you’re doing this because i know for a long time you’re like stay out of my house i honestly felt more uncomfortable inviting like our cameras into my home

Just because i was like i don’t know if i want people to see how i live i’m really excited for you to feel fully moved in because i think this is something that we see a lot of clients have struggles with it’s like moving is so exhausting and so stressful you kind of like get everything in get things out of boxes throw them random places so you can go back to work

And get on with your life and then it can just sort of stay like that for a long time you know even though like you said on the surface your place looks very neat and it is pretty neat i think that getting it to a place where you feel really good here is our main goal so i’m excited about that amazing oh my gosh should we go through the apartment let’s do it let’s

Do it let’s get started so the inside of this is a real tapestry so i’ll open it oh jesus oh kristen’s right over there hi like i have like my drill my toolbox like a bunch of other random like around the house items in there these are chair wheels i’m really interested in how many categories of things we’re gonna be able to find in here this is great these are

Yours this is yours it’s a measuring tape where’s the covet test our goal is for you to be able to find things easier in here right yes yes exactly amazing does anybody want an x-ray of my hand juliana i might yeah well we it’s it’s available are you currently reading all of these books or do no so the books i’m currently reading are on the coffee table these are

Like books that are two reads i bought this without a handle because i bought it at a garage sale okay and then i bought this online so i could be like new handle did you buy one or two did i buy two i have oops oh god i have two two wrist weights let’s move to the kitchen which is coincidentally right over here okay do you want us to help you create a system

For your mail yeah i think i’m open to that okay this is a great countertop but i think you’ll feel better when you’re cooking yeah if you don’t have like a bunch of papers next to your gas stove right because i was thinking like that could be dangerous that’s actually kristen’s mixer i borrowed it to bake a cake and i need to give it back so that’s she’s here we’re

Gonna put it in her car i love it yeah wait what your mixer’s going home with you oh no oh yes great the inside of my cabinet is like yes you can do the honors it’s like a little bit it’s a little bit it’s cavernous you know what the hell is going on in there these are amazing cabinets but it’s so deep in there that i’m sure if you want to get one thing in the back

Then like other things come tumbling out you know what i mean this is like miscellaneous this is pretty normal for me do you only really have two spoons no there’s a bunch of stuff in the dishwasher it’s in my bags oh wait the spoons are in here no they’re not oh yeah they are you have four of each four spoons four knives four utensils okay so you have them now

Yeah unloading i also have four plates so let’s just get rid of those four right now since i live alone i usually don’t use a dishwasher unless i’ve like baked and there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be cleaned or if it was a sundae and i was alive you know sometimes well let’s put it back it’s pretty bad it’s fine where does your food live in this kitchen um

It mostly lives so i keep snacks oops out ahi perishables and yeah those that’s like tea mugs miscellaneous miscellaneous i want to kind of like take things out and see if like yeah if there can be better is there a better space does this feel better for you here versus here oh i do also have another cabinet a secret cabinet and so this i don’t think it’s that

Crazy kristen wanted me to show you guys this because it’s just like an extra cabinet um i keep cleaning supplies in here so here’s my question there’s a bug sorry that’s so i’m i just i have to clean that that’s gonna bother me i’m sorry buddy i’m like sort of buddhist so i don’t like killing things but you know i just so i got it i did a brand deal with hbo a

Few years ago where i was promoting their show perry mason and they sent me a bunch of stuff so i just kept it because i was like it looks like it’s like from the 1920s yeah i think it’s a little impractical for like daily or weekly usage because it’s so heavy and you can’t really see what’s in it that easily and it’s scraping up the edge of your yeah your cabinet

It is yeah maybe there’s another use for it yeah that is that’s true or maybe you let it go maybe we’ll address this okay okay so we came upstairs we’re in your bedroom but not showing the bed yeah private yes it’s pretty big right i got a big desk there’s a lot of stuff on here that like doesn’t necessarily need to be on here like this is pain relief gel okay and

This is for when i broke my wrist and it really didn’t do so my friend sent me this naruto kunai because we’re dorks that’s here too um also all my knives are here so like i have a knife collection and you can do something with that like have a way to display them or just throw them in the credenza down yes no no i think if i had like a place where i could display

My knives i think i would like definitely like a remember to use more like sometimes like you just want to take one you’re going hiking or something you know polaroid films this beat oops this is my bulletin board which i think would go here it could be over there sure cute but like yeah i have like people that like send me things put me things so that could be

Nice good gravity yeah she never sees it coming i don’t like space i will be always be subject to gravity i’m not going up there until it’s heaven time if that’s real sorry you gotta cover all my bases don’t smite me if you’re real okay focusing this conversation yeah we want to display some knives we want to organize jewelry we want to organize some desk stuff

Yeah so i think just like getting this a little bit less this would be nice but you know this is great i can’t wait to get this stuff for you thank you thank you so much all right we are we are we’ve kicked off so we’re the first stage of sheena daniel’s work they’re like they’re they have a whole system and they just started and i’m here okay cool wow this is

Fun what’s happening right now just for context so this is the stage where we go through one space and we pull everything out and then we pair like with light so all the tupperware goes together all the baking stuff this is like a grouping staging area foreign i was given a job i have a huge stack of mail that i need to go through i usually do paperless so oh

It’s my health insurance card the garbage bag so this is for trash this is a wedding that i went to already in june okay hey look another insurance card what this is a card for my sister oh you should keep that i know it feels like yesterday you were in seventh grade well that’s up i’m almost 30. i received 250 off your advanced funeral services plans oh like a

Pre-need i’ve seen six feet under i don’t want it have you voted yet no keep my keep all the voting materials by the time this video comes out we’ll have a different mayor karen bass hopefully hopefully nick caruso sucks sucks he better not be our mayor by the time this video comes out watch you will be and then he’ll hunt us down foreign these are photos that i

Had on my dorm room wall oh my god oh cute some of these i do want to keep and i will put them on my bulletin board some of these people i’m not friends with anymore this is a photo of me when i was a senior in high school oh my god wasn’t i pretty you look like your sisters i mean we are related wow that’s amazing yeah you have a lot more stuff in your house than

I thought you would have yeah i honestly feel that way too foreign i see you’re getting rid of this oh yeah this was a comb that brie gave me when they were cleaning out your house and she’s like do you want it it’s a nice comb and i was like yeah i don’t need it sorry bye-bye my sister has a traveling thing we’re getting rid of yeah jen you’re actually

Acquiescing a lot of control right now okay now you’re behind the light okay you’re normally what i would say um i’m a control freak yeah fine we can say it i’m a little bit anal and very particular about my space like when she started working on the bookshelf i knew i couldn’t even watch her do it i know i was like i was like i’m gonna i’m not gonna let her do

It i said to sheena when you were gone i was just like when you started working on that i was like i can’t believe this is happening i was like there’s no way i thought i thought you were gonna jump in and be like no yeah i mean i considered it and then i was like then what’s the video it’s like this looks very different and very cool so yay you’re still getting

It in because like you’ll you’re still doing this thing where when they’re like what should we do with this instead of saying we should do this you’re like i’ll just take care of that well because that’s just how you are yeah but you’re honestly i think you’re doing a really great job look at all these bags yeah i have too many bags you got me what about all

These brown bags what do you use them for i don’t i just feel guilty that i bought them instead of using my reusable bags i’ll take them you want them kelly yeah okay okay well problem solved the sister under the traveling problem what is this little armless sweater that’s a halloween no it’s for my it’s for my baby so i don’t think i think what she was saying

Is i don’t know that much homework because my place was just an incredible incredible space that everything made sense is that everything was where and there was no space that was being used in a way that wasn’t efficient she’s saying that with her eyes if not her mouth i’m gonna stay out of the middle of this concert all right hello we are at my desk with sheena

She’s gonna ask me a couple of questions that she prefaced were not interesting i would definitely love a drawer because i do i file my nails sometimes at my desk i do desk bust after i live alone it’s very specific wow well my mom if my mom were here she’d be like that’s disgusting you’d be that over the sink what no one does it over the sink yeah grow up chris

Too they also have the i leaned on it and then it one thing of the shot you saw me managed a little break in first of all i think that looks great you can’t see it yeah yeah watch the end of the video or scrub forward like three minutes good luck dorks all right and this is a card that you addressed but from oh yeah i went to that wedding and i was supposed

To leave it in their card box and instead i took it back to california with me jordan and rachel i’m so happy for you i love you hello so juliana couldn’t make it today but we have sheen and daniel who are going to walk us through all the changes that happened in my apartment i’m so excited kristen is over there looking very cute i really like all the changes in

Here i love the plant added to the mantle so you mentioned to us that you really like looking at this frozen trees that was a really cool piece of art and so we thought putting it over your tv which is a direction that you’re facing probably the most in this room yeah would be a good plus it’s long it’s a longer piece of art so it kind of takes up this wall better

And it’s able to stand by itself whereas the pieces of art above the couch they needed to be paired together plus from what you told us these two pieces of art are more sun protected one has that like uv covering those are best suited to be there not to their own horns but like well we should talk about the book show it’s my favorite part there’s something about

Grouping books by color that makes it so much more soothing to the eye i feel like when they’re all mixed up it’s very overwhelming and you already had all these like really fun little knickknacks and your picture frame and things so once they’re grouped by color and organized we just kind of pop those things in makes it like a little bit more personalized to you

It really does i mean it truly draws the eyes in in a way that it didn’t before and i i really do i like looking at it a lot more and i already liked looking at it so we are on the ground now because we are showing the cabinet that previously only had like a perry mason crate in it daniel can you tell me a little bit about what is in here so what we did was we got

You smaller bins that you can easily pull in and out all the categories are divided like this it’s like if you pull it out gently it’s not it’s nowhere near as heavy as the other perry mason thing so my perry mason crate which is really heavy has now become my like assorted sports crate so i have my yoga mat in there my helmet and now i have a place for my beach

Ball which i never use crawling back to the credenza which looks very different you’ll notice everybody that it’s open and scissors did not jump out at me it looks freaking cool so this credential was amazing it was in a very high trafficked area but it really wasn’t serving you too well what we did was essentially create a systems for you based on how you use the

Space so down below we have your tool kits and then right to the left of it if you’re running low on something you can grab from there and then up above it’s all your day-to-day heading out items oh cool oh my gosh this is amazing this is truly so much more useful than it was previously i love this these are so cute they look so much better and just like throwing

Stuff there but i can still see everything which is super useful to me all right well this is out so cool let’s move on we have more to do all right we are off the floor we’re on our feet baby and we’re in the kitchen now overall we try to make your life a little easier by making the things that you’re using more accessible and also creating some division so

That categories are separated and have a very contained home i would say the biggest change in is food placement however you had your food a little bit up here and a little bit up here yes and a little bit down here and now stuff that you’re using on the regular is in these big drawers oh my yeah that looks so much better those wooden things the dividers that is

Dope this drawer is also redone so before you add like a lot of your cooking utensils we’re kind of yeah but it was really hard to get it out and put it back in because it’s really stuffed so we created a little more division in here so you could have more space for that stuff i also will point out that this looks so different this little cabinet thing now it’s

Actually usable counter space which i really really like i didn’t even realize that that was like space i was missing out on until seeing how clear it looks also we create like makeshift drawers here it became like an actual drawer situation which i love and holy moly what it’s going out hot hi i love creating like a little additional faux shelves y’all basically

Gave categories for like baking supplies like pans bowls it’s like kindergarten everyone has a little cubby yeah and look look this look how nice this looks up here it’s just like pretty it’s like you organize the cans by rainbow which is not what happened but i think it looks nice the other thing i guess is under the sink has been has been cleaned up a little

Bit wow oh my gosh wow because now i can actually see what i have in there too this is like truly i feel like from utilitarian standpoint gonna change my life so thank you you’re welcome all right we’re gonna move upstairs let’s go gang to my desk wow this looks so much better and seems a lot more useful look at these boxes first of all i love this desk thank you

Because having the extra levels really awesome for organization so we took basically all of the items that were out on your counter and we gave them their own little homes let’s talk about the knives yeah oh i love how nice they look and you guys hung my bulletin board we did and you have a bunch of cool stuff on it and then also now i have a little shredder so

I can shred all of my documents right well i just want to say thank you to both of you and everybody at space cam for all the hard work you’ve done making this place blossom i really appreciate it great job letting people control your space thank you i love that we’ve reached the part the compliment gen section yeah that is my favorite part should we keep going

Mvp thank you oh my god oh my god thank you space camp thanks guys and we’ll hopefully you know we’ll see you again kristen get in here we’ll say goodbye bye

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