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Jimmy Pitches Guy Raz Smelly Yoga Mat and DJ App Ideas

How I Built This podcast host Guy Raz gives Jimmy some feedback on some of his entrepreneurial ideas, like “shell phones” and an app that helps people make DJ song requests.

-Every time you’re on here i like to pitch you some ideas that i have. -we did — last time, you talked about eggo emoji waffles. and i think they’re gonna do it. i was gonna be — i was gonna — -yeah, no. -alright. alright. -yeah, but if you want to be in on any of these, -alright, i’ve got — -i’ll get you in. -i’ve got a little bit of seed money, a couple hundred bucks.

And tell me if they’re just awful ideas. -so it would whiten your bed -no. they’re stickers that you put on your bed -oh, so you would, like, lie in bed, you would put them on the bed, and then your sweat would dissolve them or something like that? -no. like, it’s — -alright. -like, you’d go to a hotel you’re traveling. these crest bed strips. you peel it off and you

Put it under your pillow, a lavender enjoyment. -which relaxes you and puts you — -i also — ’cause it came from a different idea i had where it’s for yoga mats. -exactly. -you just put the sticker on it. it smells like lavender or whatever smell you enjoy. i hope procter & gamble is watching. -that could be something. there’s something there. -alright, here’s

An idea for little girls if they need cellphones. what are those ones called like two buttons on them? -yeah, i think so. -one can call mom and dad. and they’re like a shell, like a mermaid shell. -and then they just — -yeah, it’s, like, a cute mermaid shell. pink, purple, whatever. -and it’s a cellphone. -it’s a working cellphone with two buttons. you call mom and

You call grandma or whatever. -that has — there’s a lot o promise there. shell phone. i like that. -right? -i like that idea. -for little girls? -you got anything else? -yeah. i got one. quest, you might hate this one but you might like it, too it is called hey dj app. -okay. so — tariq, why are you already laughing? so far, he’s impressed. he doesn’t mess around.

So, here’s the deal. so, if you go to a club where they have the hey dj in the window of the club or whatever, if you have this app, you can find out what musi the deejay has and you can make your own playlist and then the deejay can se the popularity and what music — what’s that?! -the deejay can see what people want to hear. it makes your job easier. -no. why don’t

You just deejay stop making requests then. -with the app, i don’t have to deal with the riffraff like that, you know? he can have his opinion. i don’t ever have to hear from him ever again. i think you might like. -it’s another app. it’s called activate, okay -alright. here’s what you do. you type in a zip code of wher you’re traveling to and it will tell you what

Charitable work you can do in that area. ’cause there are like millions in the country. -there’s all this wisdom that is untapped. so you could imagine peopl typing that in and then being matched up, you know, with somebody and volunteering and teaching — -an organization or someon that needs help. talk to billy gates. -do you know him? -yeah, we play around together

Would do that, right? -i think so. maybe. -he’s a real charitable dude -so, out of those, i had three decent ones. questlove wasn’t into the deejay app, but it’s fine. -i think the crest bed strip will work. -yeah, i think so. -instead of spraying lavende or oils, you put it on. you take it off -and you take it off or it can dissolve. -what is the one question that

Everyone always asks you? -but, really, i mean, i think a lot of people — you know, they want to know, how do you take an idea a business, right? ’cause a lot of people have great ideas. the question is — how do you turn that, how do you execute and tur that into an idea? and that is a challenge. to be willing to figure ou how to withstand rejection and accept failure.

And, most importantly — you know, a lot of the peopl on the show, whether it’s sara blakely or howard schultz or mark cuban, these people do not have massive egos. and how to accept rejectio and failure and deal with it push your ego aside, an incredible business. -i love you, buddy. guy raz, everybody.

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Jimmy Pitches Guy Raz Smelly Yoga Mat and DJ App Ideas By The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon