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JOCIRUS Doorbell Camera,Video Doorbell with Chime

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Hey folks adam here elite demonstrations i have this it’s a fantastic new video doorbell now i was able to mount it right next to my door where i didn’t think there would be a spot for it i didn’t want to drink drill holes in my house because double adhesive tape but you can actually mount it pretty much anywhere and it is a fantastic and easy to set up video

Doorbell they’ve made these so intuitive now all you have to do right super simple go get the app which is in your app store google apple then go ahead give this a full charge put it on the wall set to the pairing mode connect them and you’re pretty much there you get notifications on your phone there’s a little plug-in doorbell charm that you can put anywhere in

Your house and you can get additional chimes if you want and it’s just a press of a button and people can now have a two-way interaction with you and you can know who’s here the other day i was very fortunate the dhl guy came and he said hey i need a signature delivery and i said i was actually in mexico at the time i said i’m unable to come to the door it says

No problem i’ll say refuse signature and leave it here for you and that was great otherwise he would have had to come back and come back and come back and you would have sent the package back eventually this is fantastic now it comes with a usb cable to recharge this has a lithium ion rechargeable battery you’re going to get 24 7 protection 720p great resolution

For pictures and you can get notifications on your phone for movement zones all that kind of stuff all right now i love the two-way audio is my favorite feature i can see who comes and goes who brings me packages it’s the amazon guy the dhl guy the fedex guy the ups guy those are normally and if it’s none of them i probably don’t want them at my door the two-way

Audio is fantastic the night vision this has very good night vision and if you’re looking to be able to see what’s going on it gives you a sense of security if someone’s at your door and you get a notification at three in the morning on your phone that hey someone’s at the door you want to know that you don’t want them to realize the door is unlocked and just walk

In right there’s cloud storage sorry lawn care company people came just cloud storage you get 30 days of loop recording encrypt encrypted storage a wide angle lens this is up to 155 degree diagonal 135 degree lens motion detection it’s configures into your wi-fi and of course the long battery life so if you’re looking for something that’s easy to set up gonna

Improve your security and they’ve shown studies that once you get a doorbell camera the chances of home breaking go down like off a cliff nobody wants to break into a house that the camera catches them and sends a notification right as soon as they walk to the porch no porch pirates are going to come around as soon as they see this this is such a deterrent all

Right folks my name is adam from elite demonstrations you’re going to check this thing out now get the glare off of it you’re going to want to check this out now stick around for the up close portion of the video we’re going to give you all sorts of more information all right folks now it’s time for the up close portion of your video and this is absolutely fantastic

Now let me give you a few tips here now i love the extra wide angle here i love the product itself and this is a great company now the thing that i always have is people complaining they’re like oh my doorbell doesn’t work my camera doesn’t work to make sure it works first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to go to this and you’re going to get the app okay

It’s a simple get the app then install the app go to the pairing mode then charge this using the the cable then turn it on once it’s in the pairing mode then turn it on so make sure the app isn’t that is downloaded and in the pairing mode before you turn this on because this as soon as you turn it on is looking to pair and a lot of people will turn this on mess

With it well i don’t understand it and then it’ll time out and it’s not looking to pair anymore and they wonder why it doesn’t pair all right so you’ve got your doorbell your chime and let’s see look it says wire free battery powered smart doorbell camera seven times 24 hours 24×7 guard your door and your security all right also nice to know when your packages

Arrive so it has optional additional chimes the user manual the screw pack the usb cable and of course the doorbell it’s a high definition image 720p hd live streaming and you can watch your recordings two-way audio night vision which means it has a 850 nanometer ir led to see at night it’s got the cloud storage the live wide angles the motion detection the smart

Wi-fi configuration and your long long lasting battery yeah you don’t have to worry about it this thing lasts a whole heap of time folks see if you’re looking for a great product well guess what this is the company to use this is the company to get and this is the product you’re gonna want people can press the doorbell very easily and you know if you’ve got an

Old antiquated doorbell this is going to give you sense of security anytime rings someone rings your door at least here in florida i’m worried about who it is i want to check the video before i open that door and this gives you the sense of safety and security that you need all right video doorbell fantastic long lasting battery high capacity rechargeable usb a

On this side um to where it just plugs right in you can charge it with your laptop you could charge it with your outlet whatever you need there folks it does come with all the mounting apparatus you need and a little bit of adhesive never hurt anyone’s feelings too if you don’t want to you can just double stick it all right folks go ahead and pick it up you won’t

Be disappointed i’m adam from elite demonstrations this product is the cat’s meow it’s the bee’s knees and it’s the cat’s pajamas go ahead and pick it up thanks for watching and adios amigos

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