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Johanna testet den iRobot Roomba 671! | Staubsauger-Roboter | Robi

In diesem Video teste ich den Staubsauger-Roboter “iRobot Roomba 671”. Was er kann und wie gut er funktioniert? All das siehst du in diesem Video. Ganz viel Spaß dabei! 🙂

Hello dear ones and welcome to this new video this entire video here is being created totally spontaneously because i actually just wanted to test my new vacuum cleaner robot and then suddenly thought hey why don’t you just test it with a community why films doesn’t do it at all with that someone else afterwards also has something of it maybe has the same wants to see if

He still wants it and so on i would say let’s just start at the beginning and i’ll explain that the goal is rome and i got the irobot as a gift for christmas this is the super 6 171 link below in the info box so that you have all the other information about it in any case it is about this euro bot here i would really like to test try it works again and i would just take

It with me and see how it works i just pack it up and the whole thing comes with instructions he says the first thing we should do is the one that shows here that’s how the charging station for the euro will be with the cable that goes with it, that’s the first thing we should put in the socket, then we’ll pull the tab that’s on robert’s bottom , we’ll pull it out then

Let’s put the europot on there, let the whole thing load and then we need the apps that i’ve already downloaded, which belong to it, so it’s called a robot, you’ll find them again in the info box below, exactly, they just need to be put back on the i robot on top of clean and then everything is supposed to work and now it’s a bit green anyway i’ll show you how it says

On the instructions we’ll just let it load now go back again and have a look at more information there is bring us something so you should let it charge for about three hours now you can ask yourselves what that should be back there n there are so many boxes or what it ‘s all about that’s the wardrobe that i still have to put together for my bedroom, the normal wardrobe,

What does it look like and so many people have asked me because yes i have for a while regularly uploaded videos to my new apartment, a few pieces of furniture, a few decorative elements and such that i definitely want to have before there is this complete fame tour because i thought okay, just around to the wardrobe or only in the you can also make the kitchen but somehow

I wanted to have something to say with everything exactly but now it’s about ruby so friends a new day and with it a charged robbie on these instructions it says that we should go to the app next i’ll show you that and as i said i’ll put you down in the info box , so let’s just go on it and then choose that we have a rum ba have first steps okay we are learning a few things

About the placement i have to say i had just charged mine here right next to the bed and then read the instructions again that there must be a lot of space underneath i am familiar with the exact values live on so he can’t stop there i thought but hey just for charging everything is cool exactly otherwise we keep going an area with good wifi coverage that you can definitely

Given a solid surface on a wall that can reach the shell without any problems ok continue we ‘ll tell you exactly i’ll take my wifi network and now i have to, that’s why i just put it down like this, enter the dialer key because i can’t memorize it yet, you’re stupid, you ca n’t, of course, but i do, the password i’ll just say okay, then we want to activate the whole thing

Now hold the spot and home okay that somehow german is not really available we have to keep it pressed at the same time let’s see okay that seems to be the old picture so the two seem to keep them pressed together but we did n’t hear an acoustic signal it was okay i hope you can hear it on the camera let’s type we heard that and want to continue looking for robot connect

To phone exit irobot rom app go to settings select select network start eurobot or rumba ok then i go just over there we’ll do that we’ll go back there very quickly ok then i admit it can take some time went now but incredibly quickly there is of course my wifi name and not yours i have it like you don’t notice creatively somehow renamed you are welcome to write creative

Wifi names in the info box we can personalize now okay he ‘s also fully charged and now we could clean up i’m really excited okay that’s just a bit crazy i have to say because robbie just drove off we saw just find out just around and we’ll have a look we just look everywhere for tobi regardless of losses it’s just as entertaining as it is super but i’m trying to stop the

Whole thing in the app right now okay you could continue now or send them back to home base and we’ll see if he can find the home base ok where we are now a bit strange in any case i will find the area we’ll have a look at yours at the same time because at the moment you have the feeling that he knows roughly where the home base is it says here as also meant a bit strangely

Winding here with me, which is why here in any case just not find yes marco past kom mt or what we might also be able to do for settings ourselves because that i’m just kind of good he’s okay then there was a drying rack around we saw and i thought that i wanted to take it away right away and a box from yesterday in moers and soja it stood in the way but somehow, as i said,

The simple one drove over it without considering losses i saw in the instructions in the booklet if you have things in place, for example the animals are eating now or so that you otherwise have to go for gadgets can buy in any case so that he doesn’t go there, so to speak, where you set up restricted zones, how it all works, as i said, let’s take a look at the area again

In the f you can hear that it’s getting louder euro vj will find us and the ubi as i said everywhere just drove there i grabbed it and put it here i just pressed the button on top of the clean and ended the whole thing with that, so to speak, then he just stopped and now i would just press the app again to say that he should just go to this home base again hopefully you

Will find it sooner now , as i said, he is already in the right direction there set let’s see

What you’ve just noticed for the test is definitely that

We aren’t placed somewhere in this home base , but because it’s a bit loose like mine, it’s just a circumstance that he just ca n’t figure it out i have to hold onto them because he used to move them around that means that in any case it’s very important i have to look where in the apartment i put them and as i said not such objects that you just want to accommodate like

Glass bottles that have to be found right now and so that they don’t get in the way because he just can’t ok, let’s just take a look at the app again and see what other settings we can actually make now. i’m referring to myself here like this next to me like this and we’ll just have a look together so we could have one up here first add robot we don’t want that we have it

Marc hom we can link the whole thing with alexa i want to do that again in an extra video if you may have already seen it it’s a video i shot the last one how to create your own alexa that applies, for example, can create that i would definitely do again if interested write it in the comments with the extra link not later in this video otherwise we could have data protection

Up here no matter about this app blah blah we don’t need all that okay there’s a schedule at the bottom so we can set when he should always clean, so to speak, okay that also pretty cool then we plan the progress number of cleaning tasks okay you can see that we tested it here earlier and stopped it after six minutes we did that but what does that mean press comfortably

On the info then it’s just progress that means we can’t tell him anything right now ok help care and maintenance of the project just not yet frequently asked questions documents ok and settings ruby ​​search we know the language of the robot is english we can put the first dikom in german yes ok that you it’s already the same in the wifi, well, what still amazes me is

That he always seems to clean everything, which means he ‘s not like some robots that i’ve already seen where you can fill in different fields or mark out areas in the apartment can was a long drive but he would just drive anywhere now that means i the im in ternet will also look more closely if there is any further information yes i would cut it for you at the back i have

Not seen it that way yet yes that means for us as i said but in any case that it is all the more important that there aren’t any things standing around in the area , except as i said you have these special parts with which you can cover areas like 60 songs somehow than that i think so i’ve actually already seen a lot of what he’s done here now with the dirt removed from

The ground and so i don’t know how well you could recognize that, so to test it together where it’s standing here again i have it, you can see that just now, this salt shaker, i just put some salt here and we’ll look now just see if it’s capable of simply getting rid of it, so i’ll just type again on clean the track i laid the ses completely clean there is no more salt

But you may have seen that he has these threads there a little bit a day in the moderate and so he definitely has some salt here on the side here you can see a few grains of salt he definitely twirled there if the area wasn’t so super narrow i can well imagine that he would have twirled away also recorded it but as i said he didn’t now because that’s more or less under the

Bed or closed pushed a bed box but this one line that we put there in any case the sun must have gone really well that means there is a great possibility what he has cleaned everything maybe it is also a good idea that you can, for example, if you want it now only cleans in the bedroom where maybe the boxes and things aren’t still there like over there then it’s best to

Close the door en so that he doesn’t get into the other areas, so to speak , i think it’s super great that i have him and i’m really excited as i said the connection then also with alexa and such is but that everything in another video yes i would otherwise it was like i said now with the video if i didn’t cut anything else it seems to be exactly the case that you can’t

Set any other areas or something like that i’m glad you were there when i’m just here with you now you actually tested that robi that’s how it works feel free to write me in the comments whether you have your own vacuum cleaner robot or whether you find it totally unnecessary whether you find another doctor whether you hate the same one and so on i’m really excited i’m

Happy if next time you’ll be there again and say gees and hopefully see you next time, robbie man a little further on

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Johanna testet den iRobot Roomba 671! | Staubsauger-Roboter | Robi By Johanna Daher