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JPN vs. NED – Highlights Week 1 | Mens VNL 2022

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We will get us underway here match day two in the brasilia pool week one of the men’s competition in the volleyball nations league 20-22 by four in the opening stages of this contest ishikawa with the serve there’s that back set two hands over but it’s a down ball more or less a free ball and van garder on the wing side pick up so well played flap into teen

Streak no back lift well they will try to isolate blockers on the other side on the cv champions cup a year ago milan it’s one of the great japanese overseas success stories well play nishida off balance but the blocker before he is on the national team now this time he’s been pretty much ever present nimitz a rare one although he’s well he’s managed to not

Crash that center line and get a blocked touch have three set points here on the diagonal pick up and the quick transfer value good finish and that has finished the opening set 25-22 they’ve won it by three in the netherlands mistakes it crept in but in the end the dutch just had a little too much and a bit more control from the service line as well fabian

Plaque on two that’s the shot they all love to play the setters vessel keemick amongst his list of accolades eugene nashida youngest player ever to score 30 points in a world championship match much time at all playing internationally for the japanese full stop the blocker what a block dutch with a couple of change-ups but there’s the a’s pulling us

Level fantastic from japan they’ve come at big moments goes again there’s the block incredible well phillip served in gomorrahyama with what results so the netherlands back on serve at 24 go japan and from absolutely nowhere have leveled up the contest at one set a piece netherlands serve gonna take a good set here he’s gonna come back through the

Antenna spectacular save which means japan have the serve and what a serve as well nimmy what a save save of the vietnam so far he’s basically halfway to argentina getting that ball back in play oh well you could see what it means to the japanese good underneath it bumped it back doesn’t matter ultimately defaults from that service line traded we’re

At 2017 in the third set one set a piece here in brasilia transition into ishikawa overpass off that netherlands serve oh two overpasses in a row make it three who wants to win this point nishida gets it that time first time of asking japan finally get it ishikawa hitting on the opposite side nishida on the outside concentrates on control rather than power

There and thus leaves it up to nimir to go huge from the service line even the best miscue from time to time and that’s what nimir has done again we’ve had an ace from nishida the latest service picked up oh no nonsense that a ruthless swing from nimit and takahashi could be an overpass they win the joust it’s that man murayama well the dutch are upset

Here with the serve who wears 12 it’s his opposite number rand pataka how she the 30 year old one of the tallest players in the lineup two meters three well he cuts that down devastatingly again gomoriyama so japan enjoying a lead of seven points here in the fourth set that’s the block mariama serves again and the block again oh goodness me they’re

Remembering the pattern they’re holding it question really of when not if roll serve ishikawa over the top we’re in play it’s a great pick up there by yamamoto our second touch was heavy attacking option for them nimir with the big serve great anticipation again from yamamoto the libero they’re a little off the net ran hitting wingside which gives the to keep

The netherlands in the match we’re in play yamamoto with the reception quick transfer to nishida and fittingly the top scorer in the match wraps it up you

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