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Jumbo Eucerin SPF? Eucerin Oil Control SPF vs Eucerin Senstive Protect Dry Touch SPF

I absolutely love the Oil Control Dry Touch Face SPF from Eucerin. I had a bunch of subscribers mention the large body version of it, and here we are to talk about it and see if they do compare.

My name is ramone cosmetic formulator esthetician sunscreen fanatic and you know one of my top top top top favorite sunscreens of 2021 was this from eucerin this is their oil control dry touch sun gel this is everything for oily acne prone skin this really rivals some of my favorite korean sunscreens in terms of the elegance the texture but what i really appreciate

The most about it is while it is so lightweight it still is nicely lightly moisturizing semi mattifies it really mostly controls oil gives you more of a natural finish it helps to really control oils throughout the day especially if you reapply and that’s the other part of this this reapplies beautifully especially on top of makeup so this was hands down a favorite

This is a drugstore option here in the eu in the uk for 50 mil it is about roughly 16 pound although depending on where you buy if there’s sales or whatnot you can get it anywhere between 10 to 15 pounds really bought a new one today and a backup for that one my boyfriend stole both of mine so he has two backups for him and this house holds holy grail well when i

Did my video talking about my favorite eu sunscreens and how i mentioned that one everyone talked about there is this body size one there’s a bigger size packaging of it it’s the same formula you should try it out and i have it right here this is the eucerin dry touch sun gel you can notice the size difference is actually very substantial this is 200 ml and this is

Only 20 pounds although i’m seeing some pieces on liking it as low as 15 pounds so you notice it is four times the amount for barely five pound more and so i bought this i bought this back in july or august i spent some time trying it out i traveled with it here there bopping all around the us and so let’s talk about does the large body size compare to the regular

Face one so for the video i’m basically gonna break down each individual formulation kind of talk about the characteristics of each one some formulation related points and then at the end of the video i will compare the two of them and really explain do i find that they are similar to each other are they dupes so the holy grail first this is again the oil control

Dry touch as i mentioned 50 ml for 16 pounds sometimes you can’t get it cheaper for me this was a really interesting formulation in marketing points from a sunscreen spf 50 plus um boot star rating this is four star boots stars and they really market this as being for oily and blemish prone skin a photostable uva uvb filters as well as a specific botanical extracts

From a licorice plant that part of it can help to kind of give you some antioxidant protection as well as another part of it giving you some dna repair mechanisms which was really interesting to read cool to have really interesting to have in a sunscreen but mostly my focus is the texture the wearability the protection they do also really emphasize the fact that

This is even regulating due to two components l-carnitine ingredient which helps to regulate human production as well as absorbing micro particles primarily i believe it’s tapioca starch in this that give the skin an immediate dry touch finish so you’re controlling the oil production regulating it as well as kind of controlling some of the shine essentially blotting

It so that you don’t look shiny throughout the day and therefore you’re getting overall a more natural not matte it’s not really matte it’s not very dry looking but very natural looking finish throughout the day even for really oily skin individuals and they say it lasts up to eight hours i do reapply this so for me it’s more like i’m just compounding that effect

Throughout the day it is unscented it does have alcohol but it is unsensitive there’s no fragrance in here and it has an ultra light non-greasy texture can vouch for that uv filters for this you have homo salads evil benzone octa-sally octocrylene and insula’s also you’re getting essentially bumps in the entire part of the spectrum avobenzones uva1 uva2 octa cryoline

Dvb uva2 and helping to really stabilize that able benzone pretty much everything else is uvb and aside from that the formulation is pretty basic glycerin glycerin’s another standout is just a nice humectant obviously and i think that kind of gives a little bit more of the texture of it being really nice lightweight elegant gel and then you do have the licorice

Extracts that give the antioxidant and dna repair benefits from the formulation worth noting i get a lot of people on all my different social media channels talking about i don’t know how you like the user and so much it does pale i don’t know why that happens to individuals i have never had that happen to me even with substantially varying skincare underneath it

I’ve never had a pill or do anything weird texture-wise it always comes down to an incompatibility between the skincare ingredients underneath it and obviously the ones that are in it switch up your moisturizer switch up your serums generally sometimes it’s usually going to be a serum situation again this is adequately moisturizing to me as a norwegian individual

So maybe play around with not putting moisturizer underneath but now let’s get on to this one this is again the eucerin sensitive protect worth noting dry touch sun gel cream ultra light this is 200 mil for anywhere between 15 to 20 pounds depending on where you get it for the marketing on this one an ultra light non-greasy sunscreen for the body this is technically

A body sensor for this weight so much it’s clinically and dermatologically proven to be suitable for skin types including sensitive oily and acne prone skin very similar to the other eastern one this does also offer high uv protection spf 50 plus it does have the uva star circled on it there’s no boots star rating on this for uva protection though so i can’t tell you

How many stars that is if you can find something comment them down below and i will try to pin it without it having that bootstar system i can’t exactly tell you based on how many stars it has realistically where this spf lies it is 50 plus is it close to spf 100 like the ryman p20 is i don’t know but it definitely hits that 50 it exceeds that 50 and it does have

Adequate uva protection and that fundamentally for me is enough i have realistic expectations of my sunscreen i also take my other sun protection mattress when needed this one does also mirror some of the other claims that the other euston one does make as well such as the dna repair mechanisms with that licorice extract this does also claim oil control technology

But this doesn’t have the l-carnitine ingredient in there it just solely relies on the mattifying pigments tapioca starch and then it does also say that it leaves an immediate dry touch finish i can vouch for that quickly absorbs doesn’t leave any residue on the skin i’ll talk about that in a minute it’s water resistant extra water resistant actually which this face

One does not make any claims for it’s not water resistant but the body one is water sweat and sand resistant which they actually specify because i’ve talked about this with laroche posse one they say that that basically means that the sand is less likely to stick to you not so much that this can weather through sand and what not ripping on you and rubbing away no

This just kind of prevents the sand from sticking onto you so much ingredient calls for this this one does have a carrageenan or seaweed extract which can do some things primarily around some film forming abilities as well as some moisturization this one also has specific polymers that do also aid in being a little bit more water resistant and having a little bit

More of a stronger film forming ability it is water and sweat resistant and then glycerin and then also the specific licorice extracts again and then filters for this you have homo salads avobenzone tinos orb s octa salit evano t150 and juvenile a plus and in solizol so you’re adding on a few more filters on this to really amp up and build up the coverage so you’re

Getting a lot of reinforcement all throughout the uv spectrum and then they do make claims this is octanox and oxybenzone free due to the hawaii reef bill which we all know doesn’t mean anything on this channel so how do they compare what is the main difference between them first main point i want to point out is these are different lines entirely this one is used

For an oil control this one is eastern sensitive protect there is a few other sunscreen in the user inline that does fall under the sensitive protects product line but that’s the first thing to note also the fact that these are technically different products altogether this is marketed as a body sunscreen this is specifically intended for face can you use this

One on your face 100 yes so basically what that comes down to is overall elegance of the formulation this one very lightweight ultra gel texture this one isn’t so gel like is it lightweight yes does it sink into the skin very quickly yes but even looking at the formulation there’s a lot of things that just aren’t the same and aren’t very parallel this one features

Primarily just more rich lipids and more emollients some waxes and whatnot that make this have a little bit of a more rich moisturizing texture but it’s not by any means like really greasy so the claims that they make that it’s not greasy is very accurate and i can attest to that also worth noting fragrance free does have fragrance this one also has alcohol in it as

Well but this one does have fragrance what i will note this one doesn’t have much of a smell to it in general you can’t really even tell it’s alcohol in it there’s no alcohol smell it just has that elegance that comes along with having that which we all know here on this channel that alcohol is primarily a solvent just because those uv filters are all oil soluble

Ingredients this one has the alcohol also has the fragrance in it i wouldn’t be concerned about that for either one honestly but especially for this one just because this one also compensates for that with the added humectant but mainly all those moisturizing ingredients you really feel this is a nicely moisturizing skin nourishing formulation you really could not

Tell this has alcohol in it aside from the fact that it is just overall for body sunscreen a very elegant texture and formulation i would rather have that kind of light perfume as opposed to a very pronounced sunscreen smell as a body sunscreen especially one that offers such high protection is water resistant you are most likely going to have that very stereotypical

Sunscreen smell they try to mask that so i would rather have this light fresh fragrance than sunscreen smell overall do i prefer it one over the other this is not going anywhere this is still a holy grail hands down i will use this pretty much all the time if i can on a day-to-day basis because i’m just going from my house to school maybe to the store i don’t need

Heavy duty water resistant sweat resistant anti-sand all day every day but there’s a time and a place for this for sure and honestly the main incentive for this is the fact that it is a great deal but worth noting is that it is a more moisturizing formulation some people might not want that i actually have each one on each side of my face right now i have the oil

Control dry touch on my right side i have the sensitive protects body one on my left side do they look the same on the skin yes do they feel the same on the skin for the most part yes this one kind of does feel a little bit more emollient like there’s a little bit more something to it but the finish is what most people i think are more interested in as you can tell

They look very similar so realistically as i’m going through the winter and i don’t need a lot of heavy duty and for me it’s just like a daily wear sunscreen i’m still gonna use this i have backups of this the texture for me is a lot more elegant because it is more of that korean-esque gel texture but during the summer when it’s hot and i’m sweating or obviously

I’m at the beach and i require that water and sweat resistance definitely i’ll use this and it definitely can hold its own up to this one it’s just a little bit more moisturizing because it has more emollients and some waxes in there overall are they very similar formulations no but do they look the same on the skin yes and is this one a much better deal 100 so

If you have oily skin and you want that higher protection but you don’t want that discomfort of a really greasy amoled sunscreen definitely check this one out this was a really beautiful elegant formulation very comfortable to wear and again i have each one on each other my face you couldn’t clock the difference could you that’s my comparison of my holy grail and

Its big sister let me know down below in the comments section do you find that you think there’s a substantial difference between the two sound off in the comments definitely wants to hear what you guys have to say hit that subscribe button and notification bell so that you know when i post more skincare sunscreen and fancy related content on my channel give the

Video thumbs up and thanks for watching guys bye you

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Jumbo Eucerin SPF? Eucerin Oil Control SPF vs Eucerin Senstive Protect Dry Touch SPF By Glow By Ramón