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KICKED OUT OF GOLDS GYM – Kali Muscle + Big Boy

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Biggest dumbbell in the world right here three hundred and thirty pounds come on cali i don’t know where you guys are from five years if you don’t know what no idea we came giving them promotion to advertisement excuse you homie excuse me good job this is where uh 1970 bodybuilders live now man they just cap out front of the girls gym this is it this is the

Mecca what’s up with the guys uh you know california gyms man we had gold’s venice and it says now open but you will be paying 200 bucks for membership i don’t care if you’re coming in from australia wishing upon the star right now that we get in so i’m gonna drink my height from mud because i’m having withdrawals and hopefully we get in the workout because

Of course big boy wanna do the 330 pound dumbbells now let’s see if we can work out we made it in guys come on homie it might be some deep up in there it’s cold as hell got to warm up good out here 14 carrots it’s heavy obviously it’s heavy this 330 is the biggest one i know of in the whole world biggest dumbbell in the world right here 330 pounds it’s no joke

It’s pretty too it’s nice i can see you putting this on the chain look at him look at him see he’s already prepping it bedazzled too ready to upgrade kong you got it you think con i’m with it you guys want to hit that 330 pounds you guys got to get a brand new thing a dead game you know hey gotta do this right here get a couple of scoops keep pounding let

Me see how this feels yeah they say it never rains in southern california get about five days out the year today one of them cold gotta warm up already huh we ain’t even halfway there y’all see us doing low reps which we usually don’t do but we basically preparing our back muscles with a super heavy dumbbell so you don’t want to over exert yourself i used to do

It for years try to go to higher reps every set but then once you get to the highest weight you burn so you want to grab it in the middle and you want to keep your hand and aligned with the dumbbell in the middle you don’t want it to lead back or forward so that’s what my focus is there straight up only anyone’s made a video on it right now yeah i don’t think

So they know i did the 375 before they’re like sending this one to me because if you grab it low you’re pulling more here and middle so here i feel like i’m pulling more like even i don’t know i’ve seen people like do it like this where it tilts this way i don’t want no two oh okay i like to tilt it catch back up that’s a big jump boy nervous right now i got

That adrenaline pumping hit the two hundos out there walking to go get these 330 see what happens you know but that adrenaline is going to give you some strength you know like how they say the moms lift the car you know after child underneath you know but if your child’s underneath got that super strength i just want to feel it come on 330 big boy got it

Easy 10 times ain’t nothing easy about this on me oh 10 reps that was heavy i was pretty heavy that was heavy that i thought it was going to be that was 330 pounds i want to see someone under 300 get it i’m 236 nothing 236 uh i want to see someone hit 10 reps you know and so set the bar only had six on the on the left arm i think if i would have started

Off with the left i could have had ten but i need my body it’s tired that’s uh 16 reps with 330 pounds total through my forearm i feel it even my whole shoulder my whole shoulder yanking that thing’s a whole body workout i mean that’s 330 pounds you know ain’t no joke and you’re gonna stay tight you’ve got some tires yeah you don’t want to tear your bicep you

Want to tell your lap everything has to be working together you know because this is it’s not like we can go and train for this 330 pound dumbbell you know jim’s got that mug’s in here until someone under 200 pounds looks better than that we’re gonna call it a rep there you go came out you look at it you don’t believe it but when you feel it you’re going to

Feel the oh i believe it when i saw it no it’s like joking words can’t even describe it i mean it’s like literally picking up king arthur’s sword from the ground you got to be chosen to do it you know and then like the scary part of it is getting hurt yeah you don’t want to get hurt you know what i mean that’s why i just when me a big boy like this i get real

Quiet and serious just take my mind to another place and i don’t want to like threaten i’m not threatening anybody but it’s like we have rules and everything that we try to go by so if you guys can’t keep the mass on and do all this then we’ll just ask you to leave the money but he didn’t i mean i literally i could show you pictures i was inside the room over

There and i took them so i mean i know you do now but i’m not worried about now you know what i mean i don’t know where you guys are from but this is no okay we came giving them promotion to advertisement excuse you homie hey you know joey stacks yeah that’s one of my homies you come stay with me i’ll tell you man all right kelly chill dog nobody like that

Little hanger you still 10 minutes ago man why you still talking that was 10 minutes ago why are you still talking about that bro that’s what i’m saying that’s cool like i i know right it was like a white accident all right i don’t like cali around here stay away from that guy he is a bad influence i know i think i’m starting to give you guys advice i’m getting

Nervous i’m nervous yeah this guy’s a bad guy right here he’s a terrible man right here cali cali muscle 10 rep 360 you’re the man oh yeah a little bit a little bit reps baby hey thank you buddy good form too hey i appreciate that i appreciate that yeah so you know the people who work out here he looked like an og like he’s been lifting here for 20 years he shows

Respect we show everyone respect it’s just how you get at somebody you know that’s all it is you know you got to show respect and some people just don’t got it some people do that’s it and last time here last time here it goes man unless michael here pull some strings see you on the next one man and don’t be jealous okay a lot of jealous people out there cut the

Camera i can wait let’s go eat for more great videos from kali muscle hit the subscribe button or click the video now

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KICKED OUT OF GOLDS GYM – Kali Muscle + Big Boy By Kali Muscle