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Kindle Paperwhite E Reader , Part#2 HD 1080p

Hey guys welcome to frc this is your friend today uh as promised i am making a part two video for a kindle paperwhite uh e-reader uh last time i did unboxing for that and i want to share some more details um as i used uh kindle uh for past some time and i came across a lot of settings a lot of features about kindle how it’s used how it’s useful for people so i was

Just uh by the way i got a cover uh for kindle from amazon itself um so that’s uh so that’s uh kindle paperwhite and i got this uh a while ago and i’m using it uh for some time so i have some samples books in it i have some uh my own reading list into it um so first of all i want to show you i just for sake of knowing how the graphics are uh on the screen like

E-reader i download this uh comic uh like i used to read this comic when i was a kid archie comics so i i downloaded one of the versions of it and i want to share um that how uh like photographs will look like in this kind of screen so uh let me show you the cover page of this and then i can you know flip some uh pages just to get to know the idea that um if

This is your um graphic book a picture book especially for kids i mean if they are they wanna they wanna learn uh from early ages um the digital uh e-reader they wanna get in the habit of uh using e-reader uh starting from early age you know from comics and from educational books which is more graphic photo oriented for kids they can they can they can definitely

Go through and they can learn about it and how to use the devices and how to get used to it so the this is how it looks like in terms when it comes to graphic images photographs it looks like this on this screen this is like e-reader screen backlit uh there’s a backlit led lights in the building to it so this is rg comic one of the comics i downloaded i used

To read those paper once when i was a kid in india so that was very interesting so that’s how it looks like i mean like fonts of those uh those comics you can read clearly as well the picture itself is black and white it’s very uh readable i uh if you want to read these uh comics in uh your phone like you know kindle can sync uh kindle app app you can download

In your phone and you can sync it through and once it is synced um you can you can see that these are colored images actually but on this particular screen it looks like black and white so uh but actually originally when they are uploaded in the system it’s uploaded as a colored images like as a paper paper comics so that’s what i wanted to share that and if you

Notice closely the fonts of these uh images are okay i mean they’re good good clear fonts they’re not bad they’re readable now i have one more comic i download tintin that’s one of my favorite as well as a kid so i download that as well and that fonts are slightly different but they are also nice and clear and readable but they are different than this i think

They it depends on the publication who’s uh who’s publishing i mean who’s the publication of the book so depending on that so that’s tintin that’s how the graphic looks like on the screen by the way this is also colored uh pictures when you notice on your phone kindle app uh you can sync that on your kindle uh phone app as well uh so you can read it on the phone as

Well so that’s that’s an interesting part uh that’s how it looks like they’re their fonts they’re photographs they’re i think they’re comic designing slightly different than archie ones i think it depends on who’s the artist and behind this and all that so that’s why i was just sharing this kind of information but other than that i like this e-reader so far the

Best part i like about either what when i was traveling i was about to finish my book uh noise actually and i was in the process of reading this i was flying to california and i was reading in a four hour flight and uh it was uh this kindle helped me to do dictionaries you know there’s offline dictionaries uh off the air i mean you don’t have to be connected

To wi-fi or any internet connection to access dictionaries um you can easily access uh dictionaries uh some complicated words uh you know just just while traveling just for dictionary purposes that is very good thing about this kindle as well you know that’s what my one of the favorite parts that uh you know uh if if you are adding updating your vocabularies um

This is the best thing ever can happen to you by the way one more thing i want to add uh some of the other samples books i downloaded uh are like this and they are similar to uh they are similar to the ones i uh use it uh in the phone app you know whatever is ongoing book it will show you right in the middle here you see that’s you’re gonna ongoing book whatever

You open last and it will be opening same like it will be syncing same in your iphone as well or your android phone wherever the kindle app is downloaded even ipads or or android notebooks tablets you know so that kind of thing so that’s very interesting to uh check this out by the way i have some uh own reading list i have downloaded some of the books there

Are different ones uh but uh just exploring you know what are the best ones um some samples you know before i buy uh i read go through a sample book uh so that way i get the vibe you know is it really interesting or just i just wanna spend money and don’t read it i don’t wanna do that it happened once actually i bought this book um and uh in the beginning like

First ten percent of the book was interesting but after that it started to get boring so i just left it in the middle i couldn’t find uh time to uh you know uh to go through more further but uh definitely some interesting books like sapiens and uh some other books like uh you know um noise which i’m going through right now that’s very interesting books and i

Want to finish as soon as possible but kindle uh while traveling is very good um uh device for everyone i mean any age any age group somebody who’s uh in teens or in young age group going to even grade one two three you know these guys kids can start using this product and get to know how to uh uh how to use the devices and get to use two of digital uh reading

Habits so that way they’ll get in a flow already and a base so whatever you download even sample books you download based on that you know the kindle ecosystem give you um uh recommended books based on your interest when once you’re setting up your account it will ask you what’s your interests are what kind of books you like and what you download it so based on

That it will give you their recommendation so it shows right here on the home page uh that what are the recommended um recommended books for you so that’s why it’s uh it’s it looks like um so yeah there are some some of the recommended books i’m also noticing same time so um that’s that but yeah it’s a it’s interesting that um that by the way there are some uh

Updated features actually i updated the software recently um and it’s the updated features like you know dark mode is there airplane mode is there sync this is what i’m talking about when you sync this it will it will sync all the progress you made of you know how much book you finished or you download any new books or anything like that it will sync all your

Devices uh notebooks uh iphone anything like that there are more features in the settings i spoke to you about this the last video as well so there are some uh features like you know you can connect wirelessly things like that so that’s a very uh good thing that you know the devices are connected wirelessly the dictionaries are there in different languages their

Accessibilities options are there overall my take on this is kindle is very good product i will recommend to everyone i would encourage everyone to buy this you know even uh when when it’s when it’s on a sale uh when it’s in a you know christmas coming so i’m sure you’ll be getting good deals on it and i think paper white is in in in that area which is just perfect

In a golden belt area you know it’s like uh not too expensive uh and not too um outdated as well you know it’s an area where where tech wise i mean it’s all necessary things are there 300 ppi display you know backlit display so basically you’re getting hands on the ecosystem of amazon kindle paperwhite where you can read books over the digital devices so that’s

Very useful uh product and it’s for all ages i mean it’s not only for kids or young group age group i mean people who love reading uh any age group um people in 50s 60s you know they like reading please go ahead and even you can uh air sync some of the pdf documents in the into this so if you have something uh like you know 20 pages of pdf file or textbook for

Example if you’re taking any courses in university and you have some um you know textbook in the pdf version online version you can go through this download this and on the go or on the anywhere you want to go it’s portable and you can easily read it and access to information is there all the time that’s what i like about kindle um overall i haven’t tried it

Dipping in the water yet um but i can tell you this that i was sitting in um uh uh in my tub with this and uh it was pretty much a moist environment um like it was uh moisture was there built up and it’s still working fine after that so i think it is waterproof but i haven’t actually put in a water myself actual swimming pool or anything like that to test it

Out but overall i think it is a good product it’s good um good well-made product uh kudos to amazon you know what they’re doing and they’re growing uh i love that and uh and best part is if you get a good deal on it on amazon go ahead and buy it man i will definitely going to recommend uh people of any ages male female you know this will encourage education in

All age groups not just one age group any anywhere in the world you know people people can access to books which are sold in new york people and people in singapore indonesia or even in india they want to download some books which which are printed in new york uh so they can easily accessible and the best part i like about this is very much environment friendly

Uh device this is uh to print out books you need a lot of papers you need love inquiry law resources but once you buy this device you can have like a hundred books uh you know i i this is a eight gig version and i still have like five point something five point six gig uh of space free so you can download literally 500 200 books easily in that age group so um in

That space uh so that uh you can uh download as well so i will definitely gonna recommend people who buy this uh and go ahead through books and they can go ahead and read the books and um i think that’s about it but stay safe stay healthy and keep smiling and keep reading thank you and have a nice day you

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Kindle Paperwhite E Reader , Part#2 HD 1080p By FRC