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Kobo Clara 2E vs 11th generation Kindle Paperwhite Comparison

The Kobo Clara 2e and the Kindle are both made of recycled plastic and bring a 300 PPI reading experience, making fonts look razer sharp. These actually have lots in common and today, we give you a sense of how the reading, shopping and the UI.

No fancy edits or transitions in this video today we’re going to be looking at the kobo 2e the cobo clara 2e versus the kindle paperwhite 5 signature edition we will be comparing this to the kindle basic 2022 when it comes out a lot of people have been saying why aren’t you doing that now well the basic isn’t out yet and it won’t be out for 30 days and it won’t be

Out for more than 30 days for a lot of the world only specific markets is going to be shipping in the middle of october so for now if you wanted to buy from kobo or amazon these are the latest possible units first thing we got to mention before we kick things off is that this is made with over 85 recycled plastic which is a tremendously important thing rakuten kobo

Is currently the only company with that level of recycled plastic and the box itself is made with a hundred percent recycled materials and it’s printed in soy ink so that’s very important now the kindle is not and it is still made in china now whereas the kobo is made in taiwan and that’s very important for some people because people like things that are not made

In china for the most part i mean that’s just part of the electronics industry they also put the power button on the back and it’s recessed which means you can’t accidentally press it in fact sometimes when you think you’re pressing it you’re actually not it’s quite deep in there and that prevents factory resets and that prevents you accidentally pushing it and

Why that is important is because this has one of the silliest power buttons i think i’ve ever seen on a massive major ebook reader if you put it down it touches so easily without you even having to do any sort of pressure whatsoever if you set this down anywhere even if you set it up against something else like that it’ll actually press accidentally even when this

Is on its own wireless charger it will press accidentally sometimes that is a very silly button placement and it’s not even subtle it’s very much protruding out it’s a full middle millimeter plus out of the body itself it’s a very silly design and you have to keep that into consideration because some people prop up their e-readers when they read it’s an actual

Thing and also if you’re holding it like this and you utilize your pinky to hold it sometimes you press it by accident and it goes into standby on the kobo you don’t have a drop down they actually have navigated away from that instead it’s icon based so you actually have to click on each individual thing brightness for the glow light wi-fi for wi-fi battery for

The status and the energy savings settings and you can sync everything there or scan throughout the entire unit right there whereas amazon has that kind of utilitarian drop down where everything is at the top something important to mention is that this is a six inch this is not and you might be thinking well that’s not that big of a difference but if you line the

Bottoms up you’ll see that it is significantly bigger that’s actually much bigger than this without going noticeably bigger like a 10.3 13.3 of core course that’s evidently going to be bigger something that’s only 6 6.8 you might not think it’s that big of a difference but it actually is on the kindle you can scroll up and down like that you have your home library

And everything that you’re reading is in the middle so the last thing you read will show up as a little icon right there kobo does not do that they have everything in the center here and you have some tabs at the bottom you have my books you have discover for the store and you have more for all of the settings they both have their kind of own spin on things like

Accessibility activity articles you have wi-fi you have my list so it’s all everything’s going to be in your central hub here you can register and de-register your device from the account section same on here you can add your account in fact the kobo allows you to add several accounts adobe walmart facebook there’s a bunch of things you can use to log into this

You have your device name everything like that if you want to see individual videos on this of course you can check the video end role at the end or the cards as they pop up at the top of this video kobo still actually has their our web browser in the beta features whereas the amazon web browser has no longer been labeled the experimental web browser it’s just a

Web browser so you can use them freely on the my books my home my library section this is what they both look like in terms of the layout you can change it from grid view you can sort you can sort by recent you can sort by author you can change the list you can change the grid you can look at the kind of thumbnail so there’s a lot you can do here i must say that

The kindle just displays it so much more beautifully it just looks way better even if you do cover view the kindle just looks more refined and they’re using the borders and the edges a little bit better it’s just a little bit of a cleaner experience and it’s tried and tested because amazon has been around for a very long time so has kobo but i just feel like the

Layout and the organization is just better on the amazon reading books is going to be a little bit different this is more compact it all comes down to size now this is more compact this is just a little little bit bigger it’s quite wide when you hold it in your hands like this you’re really stretching your hands to get around it whereas this is very much a handheld

Unit look how much i can really just hold this it’s very wieldy it’s very nice this does have a lot more screen real estate which kind of means that you can increase the font much higher than you could on the kobo because if you do the same thing on the kobo and you increase the font size it’s starting to get unreadable and those are virtually the exact same size

Maybe a point off and look at that there’s literally four letters on the page you can obviously change this with the margins and everything like that but it just goes to show you that real estate on a screen definitely does change the game look how it’s formatted if they can’t fit receptionist next to the they’ll put it on the next line and just exclude everything

Else around it so there is something to be said about a bigger screen being better but this is more wieldy and more compact they’re both high resolution screens with good ppi so it really does come down to the flush screen and bezel nature of it this looks better although it is a little bit smaller if we zoom in that’ll basically just quash all of that confusion that

Looks better and why it is is because there’s less layers in front of the actual viewable surface e-paper and epds are physical pieces of material real so they put the epd down and then they put a layer on top and then they put a piece of glass on top then they put a factory screen protector on top this has all that and this doesn’t and if you don’t believe me if

You look at the sides here you’ll actually see shadow between the bezel and the actual screen so what that means is that this doesn’t feel as close to the surface as this does this is a cleaner more crisp look and despite popular opinion online where people say this is an exposed e-ink screen that is not the case there are so many layers in front of the actual epd

Electronic paper display layer there’s even the glow light layer which is a gel layer with leds wrapped into the side that illuminate the screen so you are so far away from actually touching the e-paper screen it’s not even funny but having less layers no glass no screen protector on top of that glass baked on from factory actually means that this is closer to the

Surface than that is you don’t want to use either of these for pdfs but just looking at them that looks better as well a lot of the content pretty much everything across the board is going to look and appear better on here whether it’s more functionally usable based on the screen real estate and the size is beside the point that just looks cleaner that looks more

Subdued and a little bit more washed out and you get some reflection from the screen as you can see there whereas you don’t really get that on the kobo this is because this has a glass screen they are both matte but this is more matte and just look at them this is more grayed out and soft and this is more sharp so the kobo does handle it a lot better in terms of

The overall look i would say functionality wise overall just turns pages better it’s more responsive it’s not as kind of sluggish the kobo kind of just trudges forward when it tries to turn pages and stuff sometimes it doesn’t really react whereas you get this nice screen animation you really know what you’re doing on the kindle so in terms of pdfs the looks go to

This but the overall form and function in use goes to the kindle don’t let the store experience sway your judgment in terms of the language they actually both cater to wherever you are in the world so right now we’re accessing the japanese websites on both of these so this is the kobo rakuten store and this is the kindle store splitting hairs but kindle has about

6 million books and kobo has about 4 million books so it’s not drastically different but yes amazon has more books so you are on the home page like this whereas kobo you have to go to different things like recommended trending now etc and then you dive in a little bit more you can click on something like this it’ll show you the buying decision of what it looks like

You can buy it you can put it on your wish list you can say i’ve already read it you can download free samples they’re both pretty equal in that regard amazon kind of has everything in one scrollable section whereas on a kobo you get these tabs so when you go into a book like this you get detailed reviews related etc and you don’t actually have to navigate away or

Scroll roll up and down you would just go into the individual tabs to read everything else so this is the glow light with just the regular glow light on with no warm light added once we start adding some warm light we change the game so we can definitely go into more of an orange appeal or we can go into something that is a little bit more middle ground stone i

Usually like to go around 40 percent that looks the best now you will notice that as you scroll the kindle it changes color as you scroll that’s very very cool kobo doesn’t do that you can scroll all day long and nothing will happen until you let go then it will do it i like that way better on the amazon you can really get it down to be like right there and just

Let go whereas the cobalt you kind of have to constantly do a check on where you are it’s a small thing but that is our job to nitpick and find these little inconsistencies and stuff they both have auto brightness but the kindle paperwhite signature edition does have auto brightness because it does have a light sensor on the hardware this does not you have to go

And utilize the bed time light sensor so you basically just choose when your bedtime is and when it becomes your bedtime it will start to turn orange so that’s kind of why they do that because they don’t have a hardware driven light sensor so that’s it girls and boys we will be doing a comparison between this and the new kindle the new kindle is not out yet it

Won’t be out for at least another month until people start getting it into their hands so that’s why we’re doing this comparison of the two things you can actually buy today for this is peter foreign

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Kobo Clara 2E vs 11th generation Kindle Paperwhite Comparison By Good e-Reader