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The best sunscreen for reapplication on oily to acne-prone skin is La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Anti-Shine Face Mist SPF 50.

Hey guys tamro here today i’m going to be reviewing another product by la roche per se this is something you’re interested in then keep on watching this is not a first impression video i’ve actually used this um sunscreen before and i love it and i still do use it actually and i just thought it’s best to show you guys especially if you are oily skin and you’ve

Been looking for that perfect you know face mist to reapply your sunscreen during the course of your day so that’s what this video is all about so i’m going to start first with a hand swatch then i’ll do a beer skin application then i’ll do a makeup application so this product is described to be exceptionally high protection sunscreen mist for oily and blemish

Prone skin prone to sensitivity since i’ve described it now it’s time to do a hand swatch before i move to face application okay so it’s time for face application on bare skin this is what i look like look at me very well um because i think i look a bit shiny and use the lights doing that i’m just going to use a paper towel to dab any excess shine i have which

I know i don’t but okay is there actually anything on my face i feel like i look see i’m going to shake the mist shake it up no matter whatever product you have even if it’s a liquid sunscreen shake it that everything mix okay let’s read some instructions okay so on the bottle it is said to be an spf 50 slash uva pe 29 so it says face high protection uva slash

Uvb it helps to prevent oxidative stress induced by infrared a and pollution warning spray at a minimum of 15 centimeters from the face spray evenly onto the face but don’t spray for more than three seconds in one place close the eyes and the mouth during application and do not intentionally inhale this wipe excess product from eyes and mouth post application

It’s good regret that make sure you keep this away from children so this sunscreen claims to be water resistant applies well over makeup and it is good for sensitive oily skin so let’s jump into applying this on my skin so i’m going to take my hand a little far from my face i don’t know if this is 15 centimeters but make it work close my eyes close my mouth so

I’m done applying do not intentionally inhale so when you’re done chill a bit or just be where there is um open air i think that’s better so now i’m done spraying and this is my face there is no shine guys see no shine no single shine even if i decide to spray more let me close my nose and do the side so i know how well this product i didn’t need to blend in

The product but if you want to it’s your choice because it’s not there amazing this mist is so beautiful on the skin i can’t actually compare this spray sunscreen to any i’ve tried like none of them has come close to it so literally in all the ones i have used this is my favorite and this is the best and if you have um oil leads to acne prone skin i i suggest

You should pick this up it’s your guy like it’s your guy i’m telling you this would change your life i just really wish this was in a bigger bottle like it should make it in a bigger form i also have another large per se um sunscreen on screen i’m going to review for you guys to see um that’ll be my next video i believe i haven’t recorded it yet just so you know

So i’ll be comparing this with that one or just record that one in blue and i refer you guys back to this video so this sunscreen claims to be a moisturizing spray it absorbs quickly can be worn over makeup doesn’t leave you with a white cast it’s water resistant and lastly sensitive oily skin can also use this so it’s time to talk about the ingredients so this

Sunscreen contains canosine it’s a peptide there’s choco ferro in it glycerine and sodium pylorinate just calling the key ones then for the sunscreen filters this contains homo salads octa solid octocrylane apple benzone mexorial xl and ovino t150 so according to the ingredient list this does not contain alcohol it’s alcohol free but it does contain fragrance

Slash perform which is at the bottom end of the ingredient list so this retails for 14 pounds you can get this off larissa’s website in the uk canada i think um i haven’t seen this on larissa’s u.s website so guys i am back with my makeup orange so now it’s time for us to test this on makeup let’s start no words there’s no shine on my face this is how i looked

And this is how i’m still looking after application i really do love this i just feel like we need this in a bigger tea because it’s unfinished fast this shot is almost finished pick this up if you see it anywhere like just get it it’s for you it lives up to its claim so guys i really love this sunscreen spray and i recommend it to you especially if you’re acne

Prone skin or oily even combination skin to add this is really good for reapplication so basically if you apply your regular creamy sunscreen and you’re out and you don’t want to look like a grease ball just you know pat your face with a paper towel and spray this all over even when you have makeup or when you don’t have makeup so guys with that being said come

To the end of this video i hope you guys found my video helpful if you did find it helpful please give it a thumbs up like it share it subscribe and i will see you guys in my next one also let me know in the comment section if you try this out if you intend purchasing it and your general thoughts on the next time i’ll see you guys my next one

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