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La voix dEleven et dOchaco, cest elle ! – Clara Soares

Voix française d’Eleven dans Stranger Things et d’Enola Holmes dans les films éponymes, Clara Soares est notre Millie Bobby Brown nationale, mais pas que ! Elle est aussi la voix française d’Ochaco dans My Hero Academia, de Marina dans la série Elite, d’Ola dans Sex Education, de Volpina dans la série Miraculous : Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir et de bien d’autres personnages plus ou moins farfelus que vous découvrirez dans cette vidéo !

Friends tell each other the truth you say well all the 21st day you say soon the 250th day and now you also say soon the 326th day my name is enola backwards we read the only sorry i did not warn you j i used my alter you see it would have been a shame if you tripped you know sometimes we think we are brave but in fact we only act by buying it pansexual means that you

Are attracted to the person not by their sex or gender l the idea is that we create a connection with a human being and not with their genitals don’t worry ladybug i don’t want to be your friend but now you won’t be able to deny that we know each other anymore this stupid smile stop being nice here annoying what’s up don’t look like that if you have something to say say

It it was the pilot of stranger things or for once i knew not yet that it was going to be a significant role and there i was told well go ahead and play the little one girl at the end look and everything do the little girl and i always look i see the veins under the fleet with shaved hair and everything and i’m small but a little girl you’re sure it’s a little girl it’s

Not a little guy no no i assure you he’s a little girl well so i always wanted to do dubbing i wanted to be an actress i sang a lot i was passionate about disney i had created a youtube channel where i covered disney songs it amused me a lot let’s go into this job how does it go you have to be an actress you’re doing very well we’re going to go to comedy school and then

I trained in dubbing the voice that made me famous and the bobby browns i’m a detective i decipher the codes and i come to the aid of lost sheep deviates she is very close to me in the energy it’s true that when i find her i say to myself good well i’m here house you saw my face oh the cow that d must be why people age better and veins i love it because it’s a challenge

Every time because she plays very very very well she has very strong scenes and suddenly every time it’s a challenge to be up to what she did in vo on the 6 hundredth day so where the hundredth him i need to see him respond in emotional terms suddenly i will join on eleven or on other roles in themselves which are very emotionally charged like big anger big sadness scenes

Of violence or things like that there are also technically difficult things to do when, for example, you have a manga or anime character who screams all the time here i am i got that it’s a little a little monster that ‘s angry everything here is all the time but all the time so these are sessions where i scream all the time and at the end of the 4 hour session the friends

Tell the truth friends tell each other all the time truth it looks like a little girl it’s a little koami who still does not speak smajesties richard darbois here i want to meet richard i want to meet you because it’s god eh it’s the god of the voice jean-philippe then martin who is incredible i was still listening to hakuna matata because my daughter is obsessed with

Hakuna matata here it has to be said it’s been two weeks since i listened to hakuna matata 500 times i can’t take it anymore i love you guys but really it’s hot and so every time i hear timon sing i say to myself but it’s not possible it’s not jean-philippe it’s incredible what he did

Transcribed from video
La voix d'Eleven et d'Ochaco, c'est elle ! – Clara Soares By AlloCiné – Interviews