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Lets play Mario! With Evan (Part 2)

Hello again! This is me finishing the 1st half of World 1, me beating the Boss the 1st time before he runs away. Enjoy!

Hey kids so um that was interesting um it just kind of randomly stopped and i kind of expected that because a lot of ipads store just kind of just used up that way so um basically what i did while you were gone i just finished level three miss a whole lot so i unlocked the castle which i’m not going to do yet and i unlocked the star house thing it’s really just

Kind of easy you just jump into a chess and then it gives you a star like this oh i missed i got it oh let me finish my job bully so um need to pick up that yeah so these are the items we those are all the ones i’ve unlocked so far so i’m going to replay this level so i can go to the cannon which will get me to all the way to level 4 world 5 it’s pretty cool yeah

So while i was gone while you guys were gone um i kind of killed myself well i didn’t kill myself but i lost my power thanks to you jerk okay so um so i’m going to get yoshi back he’s really cool um oh don’t want that i’m off my game right now i just spent ten minutes finish uploading the finishing uploading that stupid video because it wasn’t working so thanks

Okay so yeah but i also got all three of the star coins but they’re all pretty much hidden in plain sight oh no no no no no huge i lost yoshi today is a sad day a really sad day oh i already got this star coins ooh ah you can’t get this star coin without yoshi so you need the flutter jump that sucks i wanted to ride all the way home with green yoshi and i have to

Be fine with this stupid yellow yoshi oh look at that it’s gonna shoot a fireball at me boom i swallowed a fireball isn’t that awesome you can’t tell me that’s not awesome because i know you’d be oh my gosh okay so yeah i got that stark line up there um there are many ways you can get it with yoshi there is one oh you’re smart okay there’s one you just flutter jump

Up to it there’s another you just need to get it oh hmm stop okay but um the way you can get it without yoshi um is you just do that yeah and you get it but anyways oh thingy so the way you get um going on here okay why you get the secret exit oh gosh i don’t see that as you go up here it’s actually the easiest of all secret exits so it’s it exits early to sprinkle

Yeah you go up there and then you’re going to want yo sheet if you’re on single player you’re going to want yoshi to get up here you’re going to want you she to get up here because if you’re on multiplayer though you’re totally fine because you can just bubble up there but oh snap so if you have a black castle then you’re good and i always thought would be kind of

Cool video store on it okay well it would be kind of cool if you could travel with yoshi but you know you can’t because everyone hates you so yeah go to the cannon right here and then basically it’s pretty easy to jump into the no cannoneer oh and i forgot to tell you if you spin on a flower you get a coin so yeah it’s pretty cool but you can only do it once he’s

Garbage okay i always wonder if there’s anything past her okay okay and then you should step on here we and then it floods here off to tee off five workloads so they just went all pokemon right there i don’t know a whole bunch about pokemon but i know that like team rocket or whatever always did that like every time they got knocked out of the place they had that

Little star thing going there that’s all i really know about pokemon ma i know there’s a pikachu there’s a evolved version of pikachu appreciate that’s right you before that you have pichu there’s there’s there’s jigglypuff there’s sees or anyways so to get out of the world you just press minus and since i only have two worlds it’s i don’t have a huge option of what

I can do okay but going to go back to the world one just wanted to show you guys that i’m pretty sure there’s a secret exit in every world oh yeah that’s that’s just a stupid little toad thing i tried to do it while i was uploading the video but it was man they’re just toads who really like some i’ll save them later this video still running yes it is okay so this

Is this will be your first pass cot castle level unless you take the secret exit and you go to world 5 which i guess i won’t judge you but you should start with this because it’s the easiest oh screw you the thing with dry bones even if you’re a new to this game and some of the older games but not like hecka old of mario you know that dry bones they will if you don’t

Freeze them well then they just kind of stay there and they’re kind of stupid unless you have an invincibility star see i can just freeze the dry bones and then just hit it against the wall and it’s dead but yeah i work out oh start going it’s just like it it just likes to be inconvenient for me oh really suck ok so i’ve found they got it i got a star coin that’s

All cool oh don’t want to do that and now it’s on that thing a bobber and it’s being annoying what’s this you do oh yeah forgot about that this is a secret exit that that part over there with the little blocks they can kill you if he gets crushed so i would advise going this way you don’t die and you get a star coin and more coins all right this would this is

The bad one this is like if you mess up here you’re screwed yeah but i never mess up oh that’s cool i’ve always like this this one in my in the in oh okay guess not i’ve always liked this kind the propeller and me this version because um what was i saying oh yeah it’s a tower so really it goes up so you can just oh my gosh that was close jerk because you can

Just flutter out of the way of everything like that so i’m not going to get any more power oh i’m not 99 coins that’s a sad so i already got a one up i’m just gonna get okay do i get oh i get everyone up that’s cool so i’m at sixteen lives already ok so i have i believe this guy’s name is like iggy or something i’ve lost track is that a fire flower as it is don’t

Want it cuz you always have to like a lot of this game is always symmetrical still playing yes a lot of this game is really symmetrical so if you see a block over there that’s visible there might be an invisible block so you always want to check it we see look how easy that was you just have to outrun him it’s just pretty easy really um oh no you suck jerk but i

Killed him so yay can’t day me and now he’s just gonna run away i mean i hit this that this isn’t it nintendo and everything’s supposed to be like kid friendly and stuff but why don’t you just blew them off the cliff really be like oh like you you took my princess i’m gonna just take you away now how about that but and what kind of bridge only goes halfway through

A river i enjoys that last kind of weird you always want to save your progress i think i’m just going to stop the video right here before it stops abruptly through the video um so yeah this was evan and hope you guys enjoyed the first half of world

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Let's play Mario! With Evan (Part 2) By Terry Smith