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LIGHT WEIGHT FULL COVERAGE FOR ACNE SKIN | It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

Hi everyone! Today I will be showing you how I get a light weight full coverage makeup look for my acne prone and textured skin using the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+. Remember to tell yourself something you love about your skin today and that your acne does not define your worth! Love you and hope you enjoy!

Hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel and if you’re new here hi my name is lavinia and i post beauty videos regarding makeup skin care acne acne positivity and just all things beauty interested in i would love for you to join my channel by hitting the big red subscribe button so today i’m going to be showing

You guys how to do this makeup look that i have on right now it’s a very full coverage look but it’s still very lightweight on the skin but will last all day long and i’m going to show you guys how i went from this to take my very acne prone sensitive dry skin to this makeup look right here now just remember

That makeup is fun you can love your skin just as much with or without makeup so if you want to flaunt your acne and show off your strawberry freckles say do it but if you want to do some to love your skin a little bit every single day because there’s a lot of tips and tricks i’m all right so let’s get right on into

This i’m going to start with doing some is the miracle clear oil control mist it’s also a mess it’s just gonna help a lot of hormonal acne going on right now and then i’m gonna go in with a moisturizer i’m gonna keep it very simple today we’re gonna be using the uh tatcha the water cream not going in with a lot of

Skincare products but prepping the skin still so that it’s nice and hydrated and plump and ready so just putting that moisturizer all over the face now of course i want to apply some from the sun i’m going to go ahead and apply the banish the defender this is one of the best sunscreens ever spf 50 high protection and

It’s hot today it’s like 31 degrees outside and makeup applies really nicely on top of this as well it’s a fully mineral sunscreen but this one’s into the skin like a dream and it’s also really hydrating so makeup goes really nice on top definitely one of my favorite products for sure and you guys can use lab

Five for five dollars off um over orders over fifty dollars at banish on banish’s website really amazing sunscreen i’ve gone through way too many of those it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and doesn’t clog my acne phone skin either okay let’s get into some priming so i want this makeup to last i’m actually

Going to go in with the jane eardale smooth um affair mattifying face primer i really liked this last time i used it so we’re going to use it again it just looked really nice on the skin and prepped my skin so nicely for makeup so i have been really enjoying it for those super hot days now as i said in the title we’re

Going to be going for more full coverage makeup today but still lightweight i don’t want anything heavy so i’m going to be going in with the it cosmetics cc cream this is their brand new product actually it’s their um spf 50 plus uva and uvb broad spec drum it’s a color correcting full coverage cream so a cc

Cream it’s going to be color correcting as well as opposed to a bb cream so cc creams tend to be a little more full coverage and this is one of the most full coverage cc creams i have come across so i’m gonna pump some out on my sponge here and because i got a little tan it’s like ahead and pat this in with my sponge do we

See the coverage we’re getting right there this stuff is insane and it looks like a cream on the face so i will always say that and of course i’m if i was just in regular light and not on camera like in real life this stuff does look like makeup on the skin but it’s not gonna look as heavy as a foundation would like

This full coverage and coverage on the skin so i’m gonna go ahead and blend this out on this down my neck two we want you do not want to miss a spot you just go in with and kind of spot conceal with it if you want a bit of that extra coverage okay so that is all done i am going to set down the face i’m going

To be using this powder from faux color cosmetics better for me than a sponge with this kind of on like a fluffing motion and with a little bit of powder on the sponge just very lightly go on top i find this works best with this powder it’s a good powder but it’s a little bit tricky to work with sometimes because

At one time i tried it just with a sponge and it like is very white so it did not blend out nicely on the eyelids it doesn’t really matter so i can go fully on the eyelids to make sure those are really set down i’m gonna bronze up the face um i’m gonna use my charlotte tilbury i’ve just been obsessed with this i know this

Is so pretty on the skin i would describe it as a cream slash powder product i just really this bronzes the skin so beautifully take it down the neck a little bit too all right uh makeup revolution did release some new liquid blushes i have a bunch of them but i’ve i wanted to try the shade dolly rose today i

Just sent these to me recently and i haven’t really tried them out yet so let’s try this shade it’s like a corally pink ooh i might have applied too much like rare beauty so hopefully um i didn’t go overboard with them but let’s go ahead and blend that out with the sponge oh yeah these diffuse so pigmented so

Let me go in with some more it’s a pretty color though brush yeah i really like this color it’s really pretty and then as like a final set i’m gonna go in with my charlotte tilbury powder i’m just so obsessed skin i’m gonna really fluff in with my brush here and kind of set all over the face with this one rather than concentrate

It like we did with the last powder okay i need to do my brows i’m going to use my sister cosmetics little brow kit here and just kind of carve the brows out a little bit like i always say i already have pretty them that much darker but i just try to fix up structured brows when i do more glam looks

Feathery brow i’m gonna take a little spoolie here and blend the powder throughout the brows just go ahead and set down those brows so they do not move like such a pretty neutrals palette really nice and i’m going to take these two light shades and then i’m going to dip into the and fluff this on the outer corner but also

Taking it to the middle of my eye and then up then i’m going to take this darkest shade right really simple on the eye look today but still creating something a little smoky to take that like medium deep shade we use light lower lash line for this look well as my face makeup has kind of been powder brush with some

Of that loose under my eyes to really set that corner down crease up the most but i wanted to let that makeup sit for a second before i went ahead and did that just make sure this is all diffused together my trick is always raise your eyebrows and then connect this line i’m gonna take a bit of glitter this is from

Sister cosmetics in the shade frozen heart and add it to the inner corner but like on the bottom like so just add a bit of like lower lash line to add a little sparkle to the eyes as well you know just make them pop mascara you guys already know nothing new here i feel like i shouldn’t even explain this x fiber mascara

From l’oreal i feel like nothing will top this for me like the day i stop using this mascara i feel like for lips i want to go in with a pink lip look today which i don’t usually go for but i did it the other day and i like became obsessed so i’m gonna grab my colourpop big box of lippy pencils this is like

The best thing ever i just keep it on my vanity and i’ve just been using it liner and i’m gonna take the shade starship and then from my big box of lippie take the lippy stick in the shade oh snap it’s a matte lippy stick from colourpop i’m going to add this right on top it’s a nice pink color but like very pale and

Almost blue yellow which some pink lipsticks can do this one’s more cool tone so brighten up your teeth a little bit and then to finish that off i’m going to take the highly rated um diamond lip gloss from milani this is when i hear it the lips of course we want this makeup to last one of my favorites

Has been the elf stale night that was the face in that you want to be like proper wet with that and then i’m going to take the side of the sponge that i have the powder on will really melt all the makeup together here is the finished makeup look we have full pretty right now but it still feels really

Light on the skin i’ve really been liking this product so i wanted to show you guys in action this is what the skin looks like let me turn off the ring light so you guys can see how it looks in normal light so here is my skin with the makeup so that is it for this video guys i hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to tell

Yourself something you love about your skin today and just remember that makeup looks like makeup on the skin if you have acne and texture it will look different than also look different than what you see online so just keep that in mind when doing your makeup but i hope you enjoyed this video if you did

Make sure to give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and also make sure to turn on my post notifications so you get notified every single time i upload a new video and yeah guys that’s my instagram and tick tock at lavinia resonda in my street

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LIGHT WEIGHT FULL COVERAGE FOR ACNE SKIN | It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ By Lavinia Rusanda