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Make a Pia Colada with a Mixology Bartenders kit

International Bartenders Recipe for a Piña Colada

Hello and welcome back to boo polo channel my name is pascal today i am going to review a bar tender kit by mixology and craft i’m going to give you a comprehensive review of this and i’m also going to make a cocktail for you as well so first and foremost what we have is we have got what’s called the shaker so that’s the shaker and the shaker is uh where you put

Everything in and then we have a top off so that the ice won’t come out now after that one of the older one things that we we always have jiggers now jiggers are measuring uh for measuring uh your shots right the jiggers here are both metric and imperial so what we have here is a half a half ounce which is 15 mil 15 milliliters and on the other side we have

One ounce which is 30 milliliters so they’re very simple this one can be used for both now where where you have uh metric cocktails like international bartenders they would use milliliters they often use 50 milliliters so this one here is 50 milliliters and this side here is one ounce as well as the other one there now we have our tongs for our eyes and for our

Our lemons and things like that so next what we have is which is been around for a long lot hundred years or more is is called this is called a hawthorn uh strainer and if you’re wondering how that works is you uh you put it on when you have your cocktail mixed you put it on like this and you put your thumb here or your finger here and then you pour your cocktail

Without using the top so this is how what the hot horn is used for so that the cocktail comes out and the ice uh stays behind where you don’t want the ice in the drink which is often the case so that’s the hawthorne we have our corkscrew then for wine it’s a nice one and it’s got ab it’s everything here is stainless steel so this is a nice it seems strong then

We have our pores it comes with three of these and uh we have a this is a this is a cocktail spoon stirring spoon and it’s this design has been around for a long time now we also have got a fine mesh strainer which is for if you’re making fruit juices and things and you want pips we have uh here what’s called a zester you know what cester is like for taking lemon

Zest and this is a muddler for uh for you do you use this in mojitas for grinding herbs and things like that i’ll put that back in here then we have a nice flat a bottle opener and that’s the 15 pieces it also comes with a cocktail cards so when your friends are over you can pick which cards you can make and you can ask them uh there are many i didn’t count them

They must be must be 30 or 35 cards there it comes also with a card with warranty because of the stainless steel is warranted it says read this first and you can see what it says there and it says if you have any problem a missing part or anything like that there’s a telephone number to uh and and email address that’s the cocktail says i’m going to make you a

Cocktail now uh so uh we’ll make ourselves a pita colada a peanut i’m going to make the international bartender’s recipe which is 50 30 50 which is 50 milliliters 1.7 ounces 30 which is 1 ounce and 50 which is 1.7 as well rum first 50 so we’ll do that first uh white rum uh i have white rum here uh you can use bacardi i’ll put the crushed ice in first i’m going

To put a couple of cubes in as well this is after nearly melting on me i can put a couple of cubes in it as well to fatten it up to help mix it up the drink is served very cold so we’ll use the the fifth day we will use this kind of glass okay this is the kind of glass i use for them not this other cocktail glasses so 50 is very easy oh this is leaking i didn’t

Put it on right now so no that’s fine so we put it that’s that we’re putting in 50 uh white rum okay and of course it’s 50 pineapple i have fresh pineapple juice here because we have our own pineapples growing here and of course it’s the other way around but it doesn’t matter because i have the here oh now i’m after messing that i’m going to put in the coconut

Cream which is one we made ourselves i hope it’s okay and maybe give it a bit of a stir first i have too much in that uh we use it we use it here for uh for for curry we use a coconut cream so i’m going to be a little bit more careful this time i’m not going to spill it all over myself i normally do this standing up but i find it easier to do the video when i’m

Sitting sitting down but normally when i’m doing this kind of thing i uh so what we do then is we’ll put the sha the cover cover on the shaker and it should that run good and tight you should be standing up doing this so i think we’ll have it there i can put a few ice cubes into this if you have a couple here everything is melting here on me uh because it’s so

Warm in here and we just put a couple of ice cubes in there and then we will pour it you can uh you can pour it through the strainer if you want to uh probably could have shaken that a little bit more but anyway i think it’s going to be okay like that and then what we will do is we will garnish it you can put a cherry on it i’m not going to put a cherry on it

But it is very nice to put a wedge on it like this and we’ll also get the customary umbrella that’s our pina colada and i’ve made here i haven’t made one for quite some time so that’s a simple one to make as i said there’s lots of different ones on cocktails on this from manhattan all the band standard one bloody mary and all those thank you very much for

Watching and i’ll see you all again soon

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Make a Piña Colada with a Mixology Bartenders kit By Boopolo