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Make Belgian Waffles with Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Hi everyone today we will be making belgian leek waffles from dash and we’ll be using their mini waffle maker to make this you’ll need one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract one teaspoon of honey six tablespoons of butter one large egg one cup of flour half a packet of dry yeast you can do the yeast in there um half a cup of sugar and 1 4 of a cup of lukewarm milk

Let’s get started to start off you will take your half packet of dry yeast and put it into the lukewarm milk next you will start to stir your yeast into your milk it may look chunky a little bit at first but don’t worry the yeast will start to be activated and melt into the milk now put in your six tablespoons of butter into a large bowl add your one cup of flour

Your milk and yeast mixture you might need to scrape out some of the melted yeast from the bottom of the bowl with a spoon but make sure any how that all the yeast is into the mixture and add your one large egg now start mixing together all ingredients make sure that you mix everything together until it is nice and smooth now we add a few more ingredients

Just a pinch of cinnamon um i gave a few shakes into my mixture which is probably a little bit too much and now just a pinch of salt um and take your one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract i used a half teaspoon measurement and one teaspoon of honey now let your dough sit for 30 minutes this is because it has yeast in it and you’re gonna need to let the yeast

Be activated and your dough when you uncover it in 30 minutes should be double the size that it is now now your dough is ready after 30 minutes go ahead and grab some olive oil spray or you can use butter open your mini waffle maker and go ahead and butter it or um spray some oil on there so that it doesn’t let a waffle dough stick to the waffle maker open

Your mini waffle maker using the handle provided and scoop out some of the dough make sure not to fill it up too much in this video and this time i put a little bit too much dough in it start to leak now your waffle is ready so go ahead and open your mini waffle maker and use a spatula is most effective to scoop out your waffle here’s another better take on

Me scooping it out successfully these taste great with maple syrup i didn’t put anything else on them but they are extremely fluffy so um cool whip or some other type of berries would go great with that too i hope you enjoy this recipe and thank you dash for giving us this mini waffle maker it is amazing

Transcribed from video
Make Belgian Waffles with Dash Mini Waffle Maker By Simple Solutions