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making a bad week, better: reading vlog & book haul

my health is in the dumpster but we’re making the best of it!

Funding for this channel is provided by viewers like you what’s up bloomers welcome to video i am so tired you might be sick of hearing it i’m sick of living it health not great lately might just be a change of the seasons i’m not sure but my neck my back no my neck and upper shoulder areas have just been killing me i’m just so fatigued so it’s a good thing

That we’re gonna be reading all day i’m in the kitchen to make a cup of tea i want to tell you about this tea i found not sponsored baby i’m obsessed with yogi teas because the tea bags have these little like fortunes the end of each bag but i found a really great festive tea pumpkin try yogi tea it is so good it’s like fall in a cup let’s peek at mine today ask

Yourself who am i and what am i doing very existential for the day if fall had a flavor it would be this so while this is steeping let’s talk about what i’m reading for the blue man read-a-thon because it only just began i’m so excited these are the three books that i am technically involved with as of right now the first one is my slugs and snails textbook i’m

Really liking this one so far i think that the author is so cute i love his voice in the beginning he said something like this book is supposed to be published in 1998 but a next explosion quote unquote an explosion of snail information occurred over the past 20 years could you imagine working at harpercollins and you continuously get these wholesome and excited

Emails from this man who’s meant to have a deadline 20 years ago but over the past two decades he’s just been emailing you about how exciting the snail news has been over the past 20 years so we couldn’t possibly publish the book yet i would be tickled beyond belief i’m already learning a lot i think it’s really cute 466 pages of snail formation but i’m here for

It i’m also reading hood feminism by nikki kendall notes from the women that a movement forgot which i cannot believe it is taking me this long to read this book so far when i went to a very expensive private college that your girl could not afford what was she thinking oh i know she was a literal miner digging herself into thousands and thousands and thousands

Of dollars a debt anyway i found a lot of the feminist classes to be lacking and disheartening to say the least so i wish that ali in 2014 15 could have found this book because she is a feminist just not whatever that kind of feminism is and then i’m also reading tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow by gabrielle zevin it’s a friendship story that’s centered around

Video games i only read the first chapter that’s that i edit it all morning the only other thing that we have on the docket today is maybe go to the gym but like i said my body is screaming and i do have an appointment at a used bookstore because i have a huge stack of books that i want to unhaul maybe i’ll show you some of them i know some of you are interested the

Rest of the day is reading i’m really excited to recover my body it’s gonna be great let’s do it but first we need some brain food for said reading so this is my go-to bagel as of lately you just toast her out with some cream cheese on it broccoli burger some grilled or pan fried eggplant couple slices of tomatoes and there you go i really like to have cucumber on

This but it makes the sandwich too slippery so i kind of just cut them thicker and eat them on the side as like chips then i get my cucumber fix it’s so good sitting on the floor in front of the entrance of my apartment because we’re leaving very soon to exchange some books for store credit here’s some book that i’ll be exchanging because i feel like they belong

In different homes book lovers by emily henry i thought that this was very lackluster and flat but a lot of people really like it so i think it belongs in a different home i kissed share a wheeler by casey mckisson i loved one last stop but i thought this one was so boring so i think someone else will appreciate it the astonishing color of actor this one was okay

We read it for pocket pages but again there’s no reason for it to be in my shop the discomfort of evening honestly i should use this for crafts because there was just too much child nudity borderline child you know my two island miller books because people love them and they’re not for me oh yeah i also hide by kirsten white this is brand spanking new like just

Came out a couple months ago but i just wasn’t impressed with it i might pick out a few more i don’t know look at my snail pajama pants my friend michelle made them for me isn’t that nice okay let’s go so whatever the used bookstore didn’t want we brought to those take it or leave it little library things in our city and now it is another day hello i’ve been making

Some progress in my books definitely not as much as i’d like but also i can tell that i really need to be patient and slower this season my physical health is doing this and so consequently my mental health is doing the same she’s been crying a lot so as much as i would like to have read more by this point i’m trying to be patient i’m trying to be understanding i’m

Still reading the same three books so not much to report but i’ve made a bit of progress in each one i read another chapter of my slugs and snails textbook which is just really nice i think a lot of people are really intimidated by non-fiction because they feel like they have to take notes or they have to know enough from it to take a test afterwards and i think i

Disagree with that i think as long as you read it and you retain what you can and you have fun then you’re winning and it’s fine i learned that gastropod is translated to stomach foot because that’s exactly what they are which i think is amazing i’ve also read quite a few chapters in hood feminism i’m almost halfway there i don’t even know what to say i just think

It’s so good and the shining star tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow by gabrielle’s evan i’m assuming i’m gonna finish her this weekend because it is so good it is so beautiful it is so sad it is so touching it is so good it very much feels like a john green but for adults which is really nice because i never thought that i would be able to revisit that kind of

Reading experience so they’re these two best friends named sam and sadie and we follow them from being little kids to being in college to being adults and where i’m at right now we’re getting little snippets of when they’re a bit older and they’re doing a great job at feeding us little spoilers but they aren’t spoilers because you’re more so curious to see like how

Everything pans out yeah i just really like being in this space i’ve been very impressed with gabrielle levin’s writing and i totally get already not even being like a third of the way done why everyone loves this book so much today we are going to brussels because we need to try and look for something to wear to a wedding that we’re going to in the near future

And there is a waterstones there so i’m not saying that i will be coming home with new books but i mean let’s go oh and we’re back with a butt lawrence did we find anything to wear to the wedding nope what did we find everything else i got two mugs and some books because i am prepared to have the coziest fall winter ever we are convinced we’re going to ward off

The seasonal depression even though she’s already here we’re in denial let’s do a book haul let’s do a mug haul and then let’s get cozy and read because that’s all i want to do there’s a very cute graphic novel shop with a lot of really cute things except for everything is in french and i don’t speak french so i just got a bunch of trinkets i can’t show you these

Things because some of them are for sally not a good day to have supportive friends that watch your videos but mild spoilers stop it are you serious are you serious and then so he wouldn’t be lonely i got this great mug with a frog and the mushroom but it says don’t bug me on it incredible and as far as books are concerned we got a little bit of everything let’s

Go by size order the first one is the roles we play by sabikan which is khan’s graphic memoir which i love graphic memoirs explores themes of identity belonging what memory means what home is look at how beautiful i’ve never heard of this one before and i just thought of the bookstore and it seemed like something that was educational emotional well done you can’t

Lose up next we have a non-fiction and it is this is how your marriage ends a hopeful approach to saving relationships apparently it is dark but humorous story that capture phrase experience with his divorce to help us all learn how to communicate better he better partners to one another prevent other people from making the same mistakes florence and i are gonna

Read this one together and it sounds really good this next book i haven’t heard anything about either it sounded really good and look at the cover the god of small things by arondathi roy this follows two seven-year-old twins in india the most recent book that i read that took place in india was tomb of sand and i very very much liked that and so i’ve been looking

For books that are similar to that that exist in that same space because i haven’t read enough stories from there and also i got to open it up get a taste of the writing and it seems beautiful and i also love stories about children or from children’s perspective so this was a no-brainer to me you know and look how pretty look how pretty pretty okay last part might

Be a bit of an obvious choice and it is to be taught if fortunate by becky chambers you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about it but becky chambers wrote my favorite books ever the monk in the robot duology and i’m currently reading her quartet which is the wayfarer series but this is a small novella that apparently is still sci-fi like the wayfarer series but

Has similar simple emotional themes like the one from the robot so it hasn’t happened it’s the last becky chambers that i didn’t have i had to complete the collection and that’s that that’s what happened today i’m very very excited but now i’m exhausted we did a lot of walking though let’s just read let’s make some tea shall we break thank you foreign pages

Left of this book so let’s finish it but too long didn’t read edition was i loved this i thought it was very eloquently written i think the last fourth or so of the book kind of fell off a little bit for me i was so invested and thought that it would be a new favorite in the first three quarters of it but the end sort of fell a little bit flat but that’s just

My opinion i still love my time here i still thought that the relationships the connections the characters as a whole were so solid neither sam nor sadie were perfect they were very human and they would get mad at each other and they would fight and they would make up and they would fight again and it was very honest in that way and i definitely appreciated it for

That i also thought that it was a very unique space being in the game designing game developing game making world it really made me feel creatively inspired it made me nostalgic it made me emotional but i think my favorite parts of it were the effortless representation of chronic pain and the disabilities that come along suffering with chronic pain it was towards

The beginning of the book when sam says sometimes i would be in so much pain the only thing that kept me from wanting to die was the fact that i could leave my body and be in a body that worked perfectly for a while better than perfectly actually with a set of problems that were not my own and then sadie replies with you couldn’t land at the top of the pole but

Mario could and he says exactly i could save the princess even when i could barely get out of bed oh i connected to that so much that’s definitely how i feel about reading a lot of the time people ask me how i’m able to read as much as i do a lot of the times i like to just you know make a joke about it and say he he i love reading it’s my job which are both true

Statements but i’m sure i wouldn’t read as much if i was neurotypical if i was able-bodied the amount of plans that i’ve had to cancel because of a migraine or because my body was in too much pain can’t even count them i’m tired of tapping out of things and feeling like a bad friend that i’ve been avoiding making plans all together so if you’re my friend and you’re

Watching this i apologize it’s not because i don’t like q it’s just because i don’t want to bail on you last minute but all tangents aside it taps on the theme of home found families otherness the experience of being mixed race and the racism that comes along with that it raises questions about the ethical conundrum that is falling in love with your professor

And just all the characters are so human that i think each individual person could have a discussion about them on their own and then of course great disability rep in my opinion and how chronic pain and disability leads you into escapism i really really like this one i totally get why it has all the hype that it has it’s not quite a new favorite of mine because

It didn’t hit as hard consistently throughout but i would still heavily recommend this one and say that i loved it this was very good this was very good now i do want to read more today but i think i need a little bit more balance so i brought look a lot of people on my list they do come into don’t give up on knitting i wasn’t planning on it i just had a difficult

Start it’s fine i’m still knitting we’ve made a lot of progress made a lot of progress foreign foreign gloomy day here in good old belgium thought we could sit down and discuss what it was in red a snail book is still happening i’d be shocked if i managed to finish this this month but i would really like to get that snail space so maybe also still reading

Hood feminism about halfway a little under halfway last night because i finished tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow i picked up a new fiction this is memoirs of an imaginary friend which is from the imaginary friends perspective and i’ve read the first five chapters the little boy who has the imaginary friend is on the spectrum they don’t outright say that but they

Do say plain and simple that he doesn’t understand sarcasm he doesn’t like to be touched and a bunch of other things that are very much spectrum related so i didn’t know that going in it’s very cute and very easy to read and then i also picked up in the event this doesn’t fall apart by shannon lee barry i follow shannon on instagram and i’ve never been so moved by

An instagram caption before i love the way that she illustrates chronic illness and chronic pain i commented on one of her pictures that i couldn’t wait to read a book that she writes in the future kind of manifesting that for her and someone replied and said that there’s a poetry collection they’re kind of more like little poetic essays apparently she wrote this

For her boyfriend the first year that they were together she collected everything that she wrote for him so it’s more so about love it’s really cheesy and really romantic so i do hope that she still writes something about disability in the future but for now this is filling that void so we’ve got tree of knowledge space dandelion space tulip space boom so that’s

Where i’m at in my hopeful brain i’m like i’m gonna finish all these by tomorrow and then on my realistic ram like you need to calm down what’s up gamers we’re going to the gym look i’ve got my gym clothes on you can’t see that they’re shorts i swear you see the mad time who’s warming up what better way to ward off the mental demons than sweating i layered up a

Little lasagna so then dinner could just be thrown in the oven when we get back let’s do this foreign yesterday when getting back from the gym i got hit with one of the worst migraines i’ve had in a long time induced some vomiting i woke up this morning with a can-do attitude it’s a new day and before the clock even hit seven another one hit i can’t focus my

Eyes my head hurts through my neck and to my shoulders so you’re on the couch with elvis he doesn’t mind when we have sick days now does he no the friendly reminder that this readathon is relaxed readathon for a reason if you’re reading you’re winning i need to remember that i like to end this video with some words from shannon lee berry the fellow chronically ill

Creator who wrote that poetry book that i got don’t count the good days there’s just too few of them write them down and remember them and hold on as hard as you can chase them down remember that they always come back just don’t count them i’m gonna go i’ll say goodbye to you for now i’m sorry we’re ending this video in such a low note that’s life sometime thank

You to everyone on patreon who make it possible for me to work from home and uh as always thank you for clicking thank you for caring thank you for being nice i’ll see you in the next one bye foreign

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