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March 2014 Favorites -Beauty & Lifestyle

March 2014 Favorites – Beauty & Lifestyle

Hi there follow this time for march favorites and i do have quite a few things that i am really excited to share with you this month so let’s just go ahead and get started before i go into my favorites i did want to share with you briefly a little bit about a video that’s going to be upcoming i had mentioned and already posted one of my flash beauty videos on the 2014

Laura mercier artist palette may give you a quick look on the inside here so this is what it looks like a really beautiful set of neutral colors i like i mentioned i did do a flash beauty video which just exclusively shows you swatches in case that’s all you’re interested in and you really don’t want to hear any review but for those of you who do enjoy my reviews

On these pellets i do have that coming up i really like to work with these pallets a little bit test out the colors for myself do a few looks just to make sure i’m giving you all the best information i am wearing a look from the palette today i just used some of the neutral natural colors to create this look just something that seemed like sort of quick easy and i

Think this pal it’s going to be full of great books so look for that coming up if that’s something that you’re interested in and now let’s move on to the favorites i do have a field this month and as usual i’m going to be showing you my beauty product favorites and then i have a couple of non beauty favorites that i wanted to share with you as well so first off

Let me just do a non beauty favorite really quickly i know this is probably a common item but i wasn’t sure if these were as popular outside of florida as they are here this company is actually based here so it’s something that i wanted to mention i use every day one of these tervis tumblers and i just thought it might be kind of fun to share in case you’re not

Familiar with it but it’s basically just a double-walled insulated mug this is one that i’ve had for several years and i always get lots of compliments on it because it’s a lot of fun the lids just pop off really easily and they slide open and closed i’m very clumsy so i tend to knock drinks over a lot so this is sort of a adult sippy cup from me it also keeps my

Coffee warmer a lot longer which is the main reason that i enjoy yeah and i also take these with me when i go out shopping for the day or something and i always like to have ice water with me but my latest one is one that i should on instagram and i saw it in part of me on the inside just eat kind of squealed it’s just so cute this is my hello kitty tervis tumbler

I really love this these were both purchased from bed bath beyond they are a little bit pricier of this one i think this is it exits the hello kitty design and i want to say it was like fifteen or eighteen dollars but you do have the twenty percent off bed bath & beyond coupons you can use on these so i wanted to have more than one because it seems like this

One’s always in the dishwasher so anyway just that i throw these in there because they’re kind of fun and i do really enjoy them so i like having those that my husband has some that he is this park install really regularly as well okay so let’s get on to some of the beauty stuff so the first thing is something that i did do a complete review on so of course i will

Link to all of these videos down below but this is a new addition to my skincare routine this is the pixi glow tonic something that i really wasn’t expecting to like as much as i do i wanted to add a toner to my skincare routine mostly because i find that when i remove makeup at night i get a lot of leftovers especially around my hairline and sometimes on since

I primarily use my hands to remove makeup i find i just don’t always get all of the traces so i wanted a toner to remove that i wanted something alcohol-free not irritating and i found all of that in this toner but the good thing is also i have really noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin and i really wasn’t expecting all of that now i heard really good

Things about this product but it really really has knocked my socks off so i love it it is a little pricier as far as tundras go i talked about all of that in the review for this product and i also like to caution everyone or right away about this it is very strongly fragranced so if you’re someone who is sensitive to fragrance this is right away not going to be

For you but i’ve really been enjoying it ok the next thing this is something that my neighbor purchased for me she’s my neighbor but she’s also a very dear friend and she was at the container store and thought of me when she saw these these are the i think the brand is every drop that these are beauty spatulas so these are the packages that it comes in this one is

A lip spatula and this is just the plain beauty spatula and they look like this hopefully you can see these so this one’s for larger sized bottles that has a nice little scraper here on it and then this one is for smaller items like a lip gloss and i have a little lip gloss here so as you can see this is the perfect size just to fit right down and slide up there and

Scrape out every last bit this is especially helpful when you have more expensive products that you really want to make sure you get as it says every drop out of we pay a lot for these things and we really want to get our money’s worth at least i know that i do and so it’s nice to be able to kind of get in there and there’s a lot of uses left in things when you think

You’ve gotten everything out and your pump will pump anymore there’s quite a bit of product left that you can just put in an airtight container so it was really nice of her to think of me and i was so appreciative of these this larger one was 499 and this smaller one was 399 so that’s a good deal to make sure you get all of your money’s worth out of a product okay

So the next thing i wanted to share with you is something that i forgot to mention in my februari favorites and i was really upset that i didn’t do that this is a blush i purchased in january this is tart exposed this is something that for some reason i didn’t purchase for a long time i think i had it in my mind that it was more of a brownish coral ish color which

Is not what i wanted it all and then i finally got around to swatches watching it and purchasing it turns out is the most beautiful neutral pink i have had someone many of you asked me what i’m wearing and give me compliments on the natural cheek color and often it has been this this is one of those sort of no-fuss don’t have to think about it colors this would be

Something that i would most definitely have with me if i was going on a trip and i wasn’t sure what i looks or lip looks i was going to be wearing let me just watch this for you it goes with a lot of things because it is so natural and neutral it’s going to be a little hard to show here but there it is um and i will go so far as to say this is a blush that i think

That every woman should have in their collection i think it’s fantastic ok the next thing i also have a review on that i will link below this is the savvy i repair cream fabulous eye cream really been enjoying it like i said i did a full review on it so i won’t go into a lot of detail really happy to have started using this it’s really changed the hydration of my

Eyes without being oily or greasy i’ve noticed a change in my lids i feel like when i used it the night the next day my eyeshadows and things don’t look flaky with my primers the primer goes on more easily and it just seems like it’s really changed the moisture level of my lids in a really good way so i’m happy to started using that and the next thing is a nail

Polish that i’m actually wearing today this just screams spring to me this is the l’oreal up i’m so sorry not l’oreal this is the covergirl outlast stay brilliant nail gloss in ever bloom this is a beautiful color it’s a pink that probably has a bluish or maybe even a pinky purple tone to it but like i said it’s what i’m wearing on my nails today in to me this is

Just the epitome of a spring nail polish so i’m excited to be wearing that and then i have a favorite and i fail that i wanted to show you together so a lot lately when you’ve been seen my videos i’ve been wearing a similar i look and i’ve been using this bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow and this is in beach bronze i purchased this through her website this is a

Beautiful beautiful bronze color it’s a very easy to work with cream shadow you can see it right there sort of the inspiration for this was a look that i’ve seen julie bowen wearing on modern family we have similar coloring and she had beautiful bronze smoke i really wanted to see if i could recreate that at home so that’s what i had a mind when i purchased this

I also wanted to give you a drugstore dupe option so i purchased this maybelline color tattoo and this isn’t bad to the bronze it did not work out the way that i was hoping it would let me put this next to it here this ends up being very silvery taupe i’m going to try see if i can get the light there for you and i just don’t care for the color i think it’s a nice

Formula but i don’t like the way that it looks on my lids whatsoever it just didn’t work out like i thought it would so unfortunately i can’t recommend that as a dupe i think if you’re wanting something in the silvery taupe family you probably wouldn’t be disappointed but for me it was a fail because it really just didn’t come across as bronze to me whatsoever and

Then the final thing i wanted to share with you is a couple of new bracelets that i got that i’m wearing on my arm today these are from the brand i think it’s pronounced in audrey this is from nordstrom these are on sale but i’m not sure if they were on clearance because they’re no longer going to have them if it was just a sale but these are initial bangles so i

Got one with my initial and then my husband so i could wear them together but i really like these because they are so light i really think a bangle is beautiful but if they’re too heavy and clunky i don’t enjoy them but these are just the light and delicate and i hardly notice them and i really really love them so i’m so happy to have them and that is it those are

All of my favorites so i thank you so much for watching and i also did want to say quickly thank you again for all of you who have subscribed followed and complimented me and given me beautiful encouraging comments and the last year i really appreciate your support and i have some really fun things planned for this coming year so stick around it’s gonna be a good

Year and i hope to see you all very soon bye bye

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