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Martha Stewart Easy Grip Secateurs with Protective Sheath on QVC

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They don’t have to be used outdoors mm-hmm i just i i have a small collection of blankets that have to go to a storage in the wintertime and in the summertime wool blankets yeah and old fur blankets for that were made out of my fur coats because i’m not allowed to wear fur coats anymore oh my okay so guess where they all are they’re in one of those totes and that

Goes to new york to the storage oh my gosh yeah well we’re gonna show you great ways to use it coming up a little bit later in the show but this is how big their heat i mean i feel like i could jump in this okay yeah i will drag you around you know what yep here you go i don’t know if you want me to really listen this is like a bad game jumping jumping bags yes so

Isn’t that fun drunk a sec it’s drop potato or something right no what is it sack sack race saturday’s that’s the perfect sack race here jump in there and jump all right you should do a second okay we’ll wait we talked about that a little bit later okay but let’s talk about these no we’re having fun on you you did these are today tuesday god i feels like a friday

Afternoon i wish not a fall okay textures the secretaries we have three color choices for you either the gray the black or the mint which marthis i’m using my mint gloves with my mint secateurs and these are the highest rated secretaries on qvc or anywhere right yes and they’re top rated unbelievably beautiful they come with the little sheath that goes you know

It goes inside it’s good because these are very sharp and pointy no no here’s the thing these are customer top-rated they are very sharp you guys love them today we have them for you six dollars and 66 cents is your easy pay so how much is that for a pair thirty-three dollars and 28 oh my gosh so these are a parent one is a pair yes so more why is it called a pair

Because there’s two sides that’s right right good oh good well i don’t know i just figure that’s right you always test me i do to make sure that you’re understanding what’s going on okay so you’re cutting paper but let’s cut some trees ranch’s so first of all martha we’re using these for pruning yes so what do we bees are pruning shears pruning secateurs in french

Mm-hmm and what should we prune i don’t know what needs pruning around here i wasn’t look how about over here we have some roses okay well though they might get mad at me one day i turned too much no but there is some dead wood in here yes and look and we have our gloves on yeah and now is the time because the bushes are so beautiful there we have to take out this

Deadwood you do not want that we need our green bag though okay okay this is exactly what you should be doing in your garden right now yeah there you go and all your all your trimmings should go right into your tote bag it’ll take all day to fill this bag yes i know it’s great it’s huge yeah cans by itself see but little by little then i get my rose but you take out

All take it all down as far as its brown look at this yeah i don’t want those thorny things no you don’t want that in your in your roses but if it has growth on it like here just trim away the unpleasant looking dead part okay and leave the leave the green so we trim the deadwood all the way down as far as we can yeah and that’s for something like a rose which is

A blooming plant yes now what about food all throw in the green because see here rosebuds you prune roses after bloom okay you’d have to do that side over there yes looking bad okay yeah and then down here there’s some dead and take it go all the way down to the bottom and get all that dead wood out my mother’s gonna call me and say come to do this at my house oh

Yeah down here there’s a big dead branch okay can we yeah yeah yeah i can up to about a half an inch or three almost 3/4 of an inch these will work okay let’s see oh wow look at that that was so sure that’s a nice clean cut it’s not tearing the branch it’s just so it’s a healthy cut yep so lucy alright so quickly quickly you can prune with very little effort and

And you don’t ruin your hands well i love the fact that these are really easy on my wrists yes so there’s a spring action in here and that spring action allows these to open up for you and because they’re so sharp they just cut right through all of the branches you set up to about a half inch right yep so notice i haven’t taken off any green mm-hmm at all and i’m

Making this rose bush look and be healthier be careful though asked us to do this all the time look at this one yep i got another one out here and thank goodness i have your gloves on yeah i think i cut a little green no that’s okay that’s that it’s not very green so you have it’s yellow it’s it’s a little bit a problem okay now here’s the thing these lock and i

Want to show everyone over here if we can these lock in place and they come with the sheath so now you place them in here this can go on your belt and they’re really popular and today we have it for you five payments of 6.66 cents mint is the most popular mother’s day father’s day yes fewer than 400 in the mint i’ve got the gray go sleep 300 and the black and just

A few more than that in the black there’s no reorder six dollars and 66 cents gets at home i’m giving a pair to everybody who works in my garden you know the lawn mowers everybody gets this because they they desert need some good tools yeah the right tool for the right job okay well speaking of tools we may not have time to present this but it is available this is the

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