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Martha Stewart Easy Grip Secateurs with Protective Sheath

Quickly and easily prune twigs, stems, flowers, shrubs, and more with these easy-grip secateurs. From Martha Stewart.

On let’s get to work for crying out loud with the only order of the entire season just arrived first day ever presented on our easy payment plan one of your favorite martha stewart items that you brought to qvc oh i love these second chairs these are so sharp so well made they are so reasonably priced i mean i have i buy my language the guys who work on my farm i

Buy them a new pair every year of i think they’re $89 a new pair of secateurs yeah and now this is what they get they love these so much they wait for them this is this is their new pruning tool by the way the sheath that look at that leather sheath what the dogon sheath is amazing it is gonna protect it that’s coming along with it three colors they’re the martha

Color slate and mint and black i’ll show that right up front here they are slate and mint and black and there is that sheen and they match the gloves you have the black i have the mint and you have the slate i mean come on that’s great right okay why are they important what the secretary’s correct as a gardener well to the life of your plan okay so if you want

To prune a rosebush as i’m doing right now you want to have a clean perfect cut you don’t want to tear the tear of the bark you know what tear them no you do not you want a nice clean cut you want everything and you want it to click hear that click if it doesn’t click if it if it just sort of was like stays there and squashes the branch you’re not getting a good

Pruning tool this is a good pruning tool i’m am and look you know i want to see how you can cut it look see i’m not i’ll just do this like if you want another sharp like i’ll just show you right here everybody but a book and these are you can shut it like that is water yes it is and it’s very very effective it’s nice for soft stems it’s also nice for very hard and

Difficult stems you can prune your apple trees razor-sharp prune your your trees your your if you have hornbeam hedges look how easily this is happening and the action is very comfortable very simple and it has it has these nice covers on the handles so that your hands don’t get too tired he you don’t get cold and it has this very good safety clasp at the bottom

So these are these are probably going to be the best secateurs that you can get for this money oh you bet you bet that’s it and there there are other signatures that that they’re just so inferior and their costs a lot more look at that i mean this is a razor you have to take this down razor sharp to make this more of and here they are in action if you have them

Call us at when you have it three nine five one six zero one you know what i want to see on these babies the customer top ratings i’d love to bring those up there coming five easy payments like everything in the show and has not yet been uneasy pay and easy if it goes away at the end of the day so you know what i would do with these what for eight thousand twenty

Four cents the 30-day return policy on these like everything else on this day applies bring them home if they’re not the best secateurs not scissors best secretaries you ever have used then you can send them back it’s literally check them out and see how sharp they are see how easy that action is you’re not even working know those little spring yet isn’t that

Silly kind of ratcheted kind of handles that they say saves your hands you know you’re worried i know oh those are so awful these are so good these are but you don’t need the rats at with this thing no you do well because and the spring action is so accurate it is yeah excellent product i would highly recommend this to anybody here comes bitty bitty one these

Sectors are the best i’ve ever used purchase several more for christmas gifts for my family you know christmas gift look at that i thought that’s and you’re getting martha stewart all the way they’re receiving martha stewart all the way this is for the person who loves to garden and you know and you know these are japanese i did and they’re made out of japanese

Steel company steel table that’s and that’s one of the best deals in the world i have made this my swords with centuries and and they are it’s just the perfect perfect pruning tool that will help keep your trees your shrubs or bushes healthy and and thriving i have used second tiers all spring and summer for pruning my guard best pruners i own without a doubt the

Sharp and very sturdy great gift for any home gardener i mean these these are these are the gardener’s garden you know you don’t for some reason what comes to mind 14 is 20 mm 40 120 there but they’re there at least 40 percent cheaper than the next best sector from the next best was 8 bucks obviously people are loving them i bought a pair for my daughter she loves

Them too for some reason the kitchen aid mixer comes to mind like for people who love to bathe you invest in the kitchenaid mixer instead of a cheap disposable thing and doggone it it lasts for decades and that’s what these are these are the you’re gonna have these for decades oh sharpen them you know you can sharpen them if you want okay yep and and you’re doing a

Good pruning job there what is it you do it an angle oh i well it depends on what you’re cutting it depends on what you’re cutting if it’s just a little thin brashness just straight but on roses you want to cut right above a bud and you what’s a black roses when’s the best time present spring or fall no prune after bloom prune after blue yes they remember that i’ll

Never forget that yep and that’s the easiest way to have you ever thought of like writing a book oh you beat some day i’ll write a book about flower gardening one of these days d from illinois is joining us hello dee from illinois say hello to martha hi martha i’ve been following you for about 30 years everything that you do thank you hey what about the secretaries

Did you pick these up in the past e i picked up just about everything that she’s had today on the show wow just about everything i’ve got the gloves i’ve got the shears i ordered the life i’d be happy to sets of them oh you’re not gonna be disappointed in those lights you won’t be laid off those lights you like those lights oh that’s great another set of lights

That i thought i won’t mention any names but i bought another set and there i’m sure there’s nothing like these well they’re not they don’t even stay on that long yeah these are classic those and and the gloves i really love those gloves i think i’m really gonna enjoy those when i get ready to get out in the garden i don’t think doing gardening for 30 over 35

Years well that’s great they feel very good on and they have this wonderful non-skid non-slip palm you know that you you can really hold onto heavy things you can grasp a tool very nicely you’re gonna like them a lot d thanks for 30 years of following martha and watch it give you see please join us for another 30 years i’m going nowhere okay i got nowhere to go so

Join us that’s the only thing the only thing is rick i can’t get any work done i understand that it’s a bit of a problem you take care of my dear you’re funny thank you dee that’s a fun evening guys bye bye hey 1200 order now here’s the update on these there’s three colors and they come with these look at the sheath on these that’s a holster is another that is

Extremely well made here’s the martha mint they say martha gift phenomenal for the gardener in your life their birth their board a gift for the a gift for the birthday gal their april and may it’s great they’re great they’re great for a new house president look at that you can you can make up you know this is just part of a wonderful garden basket that you can

Give to someone great point right yeah i mean they’re sharp they’re wonderfully made could be the last pair of shears or secateurs that you ever buy there’s the gray there’s the black sheath coming along with it slate is most limited by the way that slate gray only order on this one it’s 5c payments of eight thousand twenty four cents from the light in that big

Bag to that one day only that beautiful falcon what a wonderful hour i didn’t i didn’t even show how to you know trim your roses your long-stemmed roses cut those on angle when they come if you’re getting them from from in the mail or from a lover oh look how nice and then why it an angle do they do they they’ll drink that well that gives more surface to drink

Water it this way it’s less surface really yeah the deal here yeah so this is great and so i mean look how effortlessly these slice that’s what it’s about yeah it’s about that complete there’s no work in it pick them up now try them out for eight thousand twenty four cents in the final minute a better price definitely definitely a better easy payment plan because

Everything’s on easy pay in this particular show and it’s the martha brand and the martha brand is all about quality man yes all of our higher quality / things out there and you know you’re gonna get cheaper things right why not go first class all the way in that slate in that martha mint or in that classic black whether it’s the planter the second sir the gloves

The one day only m551 three for 1600 people are shopping in the moment why good good good oh and i want to introduce you i want to introduce you to anthony lucia anthony very nice to meet you can actually you know i’m used to it i miss has been my career will you be joining us on air i will

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