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Martha Stewart Stretch Twill Pull-On Ankle Pants with Step Hem on QVC

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With the ankle pants so this is a pant that we actually brought in you know and i’ll just leave the white crisp shirt on for a second this is the pant that we brought in as our complement to the today’s special value and usually martha we don’t present that we just you know keep it available to all of our friends who can find it on this is that fabric i

Love it is beyond amazing it really is and it was so popular we had to pop it into this show as my pick so that we could spend a couple minutes talking about it because everybody’s found it online today and they’re buying it like i mean the only thing i regret is i didn’t like it in white i mean i want this in white too qvc make note yes next year but this green

With the group with the olive with this shirt that is a monotone beautiful outfit that you can go anywhere in and i’m wearing that tomorrow i keep saying this i have given huge ackman so much press today i’m going to see him taking my grandchildren to see hugh jackman’s one-man show tomorrow the matinee tomorrow what madison square garden oh my goodness old so hugh

Look for me in the audience yes hi hugh so we have petite regular and tall we just got this into qvc it is new they are comfortable they’re gorgeous i wear an 8 in a pant i’m in the 8 petite it is that hi-low hem something more than your beautiful bracelet oh i did thank you very much my st. my hero thank you martha tuck that over there because i have enough on

Obviously but that hi-low hem yeah it’s the first time martha ever did it and it really shows off the shoes accents the ankle it’s gorgeous so obviously black that i have on the olive that perfect gorgeous olive to go yes did you say the the composition of the fact fabric it’s it’s nylon rayon and a less seen and it’s like a magic fabric because you can sleep on

The airplane i died this is what i wear on the airplane because i can’t stand being constricted when you’re trying to smuggling up in that horrible chair in the airplane right and so you don’t want to get off the plane looking like a rumpled mess this come you walk right off looking freshest when you walked on it’s a great looking looking pair of pants and then

Perfect khaki can you imagine that if you got the perfect khaki top i have black because why not yes you need that and then we have it in this gorgeous marine navy in all sizes we start in there even sizes so you can get the perfect size for you and then we have that in the petite and the regular and the tall and i think we’re representing yes everybody so let’s

Go over here martha look how great you guys look you’re welcome i love your shoes that’s great but look how great the that medium tsm medium indigo with a perfect khaki and that lovely olive oh and that top looks great oh it’s so so great see how everything goes together that’s the whole idea this is this is not a system i don’t call it a system of dressing but i

Call it a sensible way of dressing sensible way of filling your closet with clothes that kind of go together and always look nice they do always rise and you always look these pants i mean if you have grandkids children puppies you’re down on the floor they’re so comfortable and yet there is a subtle to your twill which customers love a little bit of like a hand or

Is not really a sheen but a subtlety that feels so expensive and can be so like move it into the dressy department well yeah it’s the magic fabric it really is it’s it’s great fabric oh and the marine navy looks so good really nice on adrienne and there’s something very incredibly chic about that hi-low hem right that little shorter in the front because the petits

Are 27 and a half the are petite i’m sorry 24 and a half inches because it’s an ankle the regular twenty-seven and a half and tall 30 and a half but then they go down by just one inch in the back and that is incredibly like focusing i think on a part of our leg that a lot of us like well you know we like we like to show off our ankles and then martha i’m gonna go

Grab this and the olive to show everybody that you even give us this little mesh on the inside to keep us all tucked in right that little bit across your tummy mm-hmm which really helps actually yes and look at this look at this great outfit i’m going to wear tomorrow but isn’t that great i love it so nice with these shoes oh she’s coming out the top is still

Available but and there’s that panel on the inside because martha none of us really want to wear a shaper this time of year oh and with this pant you don’t have to see you get that little mesh that holds you in and it’s just a gorgeous classic doesn’t feel ever too tight no no no these pants never never never feel too tight julie are you in the 8 petite so much so

We’re the same size me and thalia and i’m in the a petite she’s wearing the a petite they are perfect janeshia oh you’re in the 8 and the regular and adrienne you’re in 14 in the regular right but if you have a longer inseam then we martha you always remember to do it for us and the tall now look at this you wretch so it gives but it also takes right i like that

You can adopt that i will credit i promise i promise look at this stretch there’s a lot of jeans and a lot of pants out there that have this wonderful flat waistband and we love it but then you get it right here and then we’re like and it’s not going and then you do the shimmy shimmy kokomo and they’re gonna need a pair then you need a pair of scissors because yep

You’re doing three four minutes exactly i’ve actually one time i took a pair of pants and like really stretch it not yours they’re not yours and they weren’t from here and i heard like rip rip rip rip rip and i thought oh i just popped all the seams trying to get that on that will never happen here i have the eight petite on it feels fabulous it really does it’s

So comfortable it’s so smooth if you got curves it’s going to hug your curves but you sell a room no shaper necessary you martha stewart and this twill i just think it’s the most versatile like data evening work to weekend fabric you could buy it’s so cute so a thousand already ordered and i think market designing pants it might seem so like simple but getting

Them right it’s really hard what qvc has been an amazing partner in the development of the pant business because you have you have algorithms you know you know your customers really really well and and the cut has to conform to those algorithms and and that’s why i think the satisfaction occurs right because so because qvc knows that if it’s an eight so it’s sort

Of this this size inseam this this size eight it’s gonna fit right and and so we work very closely with with those those measurements to make these jeans fit well and that’s so nice that you point that out because you if you shop at qvc all the time you’re gonna be the same size and martha stewart fashions that you are and really unless you go on a big binge and

Then we get free exchanges i don’t think we talked about that enough so you’re new to qvc i know you just tweeted you were gonna be live on the air if you’ve never shopped at qvc before a lot of people that have never shopped with us see martha and they’re like wait okay well this is cool i want to buy it so if you got let’s say the ten home in these and you say

I wish i got the twelve or i wish i got a different color you can do it it’s free you send it back to us for free you don’t have to pay any shipping and we send you the new one that you want back for free that’s free exchanges and i think that’s really wonderful yeah it’s amazing that’s that’s how it should be right so let’s do colors again because i also martha

Year-round right this is a year-round fat oh yeah all the time yeah all the time this is this is a simple simple fabric that but it’s the special fabric that will go anywhere anytime so olive has been you so popular i just want to grab but you know where do you find all of pants i know even if olivine denim terrific right yeah and you’re tall ladies are thrilled

Because all tall inseams in every single color are limited oh yeah when you eat yes is that nice yes it’s very good and then we have the perfect khaki which i’d love to see with the top that amanda was wearing that was your favorite color absolutely beautiful this is what i have on with the white and the today’s special value and you pop a fun color you know we i

Could have done the roads or the olive in my shoe if i wanted to and then this gorgeous marine navy but you see the elegance of this material so it’s our big pick of the show it’s the only order of the year so regular olive about to sell out and zero and four that’s not coming back in this year and it’s just a perfect pairing to our today’s special value so we’re

Going to take a real quick break i think i have to change colors

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Martha Stewart Stretch Twill Pull-On Ankle Pants with Step Hem on QVC By QVCtv