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MASSIVE Undercoat Removal On Lion Dog

This handsome golden retriever/ akita mix loses an entire dogs worth of hair when he blows his coat!

Today i am grooming a lion just kidding i’m grooming an akita golden retriever mix that just so happens to slightly resemble a lion his name is bentley but i like to refer to him as the hairy beast during our normal grooming sessions i usually only get a few brush fulls of fur off of him because his family does such a great job brushing in between grooms but bentley

Is blowing coat right now which means i’ll probably get an entire dog’s worth of hair off him today i brush out what i can before his bath and then move him into the tub i will be using the coat handler undercoat control shampoo and conditioner on him i’m using my super sudser bathing system today i don’t use my bathing system on all dogs i prefer to hand wash

Some but since bentley has so much hair i want to be sure that i’m getting all the way down to the skin i love seeing double coated dogs wet because they are never as big as they appear most of the time they are all floof and shrink right before my eyes as amazing as the coat handler shampoo is it is not tear free so i switch over to my tearless shampoo to wash his

Face and head after i bathe them condition him and rinse him i towel dry him with microfiber towels to soak up as much water as i can he’s a considerate guy and attempts to help by giving a few good shakes thank you as i take him out of the tub he decided i was a little too dry again next i spray him down with the stuff for dogs to condition his coat and help

Speed up the drying process i put my glasses and mask on while i dry them with the high velocity dryer my comment section is always flooded with comments asking why do you wear a mask if you’re alone with dogs i wear the mask because i’m in a small confined space with dirt dander and as you can see a lot of hair flying around wearing the mask helps reduce the amount

That i breathe in if groomers don’t take necessary precautions to protect our lungs over time we can develop something called groomer’s lung it doesn’t take long for my floor vents air conditioner and myself to be completely covered in undercoat the cleanup process after a groom like this is probably the hardest part to me it’s really hard to get all of the hair

Out of my van it literally sticks to the walls not only does it stick to the walls it also sticks to my face and eyelashes so i use my dryer to blow it off note to self wearing mascara on a day when i’m doing a d shed was a mistake because mascara is literally an undercoat magnet after it’s dried i’ve cleaned up a little and gotten what hair i can out of my eyes

I brush him using my chris christensen slicker brush i use my undercoat rake to get out the remainder of his floof if you own a double coated dog the three tools i recommend you get is a good slicker brush undercoat rake and a metal tooth comb the metal tooth comb tells you how good of a job you did brushing and it never lies now that his d shed is complete i’m

Going to do some tidying up starting with his famous butt fluffies for hygienic purposes i do some manscaping around his dangly bits i trim out his paw pad so he doesn’t track dirt in the house i use my shears to tidy up the feathering on his legs and to tidy up the long scraggly hairs that i see hanging down underneath him i clip his long sharp nails and then i

Trim his very fuzzy paws what a big difference a little trimming can make i finish off his groom by giving him a few spritzes of my blueberry pie cologne he’s done and now hairy beast no longer suits him i need to come up with a new nickname any suggestions foreign i hope this video was as much fun to watch as it was to make if you enjoyed it please subscribe and boop that like button

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