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Mat For Filming / Anti Glare & Desk Protector in One / See What I Got

In this video I show you my tip on how I eliminated a terrible glare from my new desk cover when I filmed . I did it by purchasing a new opaque cutting mat . It’s not totally clear or pure white ….but light does penetrate through it . I also wanted it as a work surface to do my nails on . Something that would be durable and hold up to acetone and all the other nail products I work with . See what I have to say about this mat . Maybe you will want one too . I put the link below . Thank you all for your support . Love , Denise

Hi everyone i am here today to show you what i bought for the top of my desk here to protect it and now i’ve been trying to find the best things to protect this desk right and so right now i have on this bendable piece of thick plastic that i bought on and i bought it and then my husband cut it to fit my desk which is very nice and i like it and and it

Seems to be pretty much acetone resistant and you know i’ve been really careful with it though and if you do get anything like that on it you want to wipe that up right away but still if you can see that it has a like a shine to it and it was supposed to be like a matte you know and not have a shine to it so when i’m filming i usually film with a white background

Like my desk right well the shiny background kind of gets in the way of things so what i was looking for on was like a like kind of like an opaque cutting mat for food you know it’s very durable and i’ve had some smaller ones that even were acetone resistant so in this box here i bought on a cutting mat and i paid i believe i paid like 22

Dollars for it and then i had to pay shipping so it came to like $28 so let me open it up and i’ll show you what it looks like so here’s the mat it is 20 inches by 30 inches and it’s made in the us heavy duty and i think it’s going to be really good i think it’s going to be acetone resistant and that’s a nice good size so i’m going to take off the plastic wrapper

Alright here is the mat on my desk right here and this is going to work out really good i mean i’m going to be able to work on it and not have to worry about acetone and the main thing though is it’s not going to have that glare and look at that glare do you see that glare that is just with my plastic background and that blair was just driving me wacko and and

Look at the difference see see what that does and here’s my lights up top here these lights here they shine down on it and that you can see them right there but they’re barely barely making any reflection see that but look that really works good i am really impressed by that all right i’m going to do an acetone test on this mat so i have some pure acetone and i’m

Going to put it right on here just like that okay usually if acetone is going to melt plastic it’ll do it right away so now i’m going to take this white and i’m just going to wipe it off look at that it isn’t even doing anything to this to this matt look at that never even had any effect on it that is awesome i’m really really impressed with that well that’s it

There’s my matt it’s on my work desk and where i film and i am really pleased with this matt i mean i think i’ve made a great decision and purchasing it and i wanted to share this idea with you you know maybe if you want to get yourself one you’ll look in the description box below because i’m going to leave the link for the matt in there for you and yeah let’s

Turn the little my lights on again and see look at that do you see that there’s no glare i am really impressed that’s that’s one thing that was really important to me look at that you don’t want that that glare when you’re filming so yeah look at that that’s gonna be really good to film on and that’s it thank you all so much for watching yeah we’ll see in the next one bye

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Mat For Filming / Anti Glare & Desk Protector in One / See What I Got By . Denisejohn65 – Nail Ed