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But today we will infiltrate an infinite block dash tournament yes yes as you are listening today we will play block dash for 24 hours you already know if you like my videos if you want to appear in one of them you simply have to subscribe here now yes yes i’ll leave you with the infinite block dash tournament guys, the idea is clear, we have to infiltrate this youtuber

Who is doing infinite block dash private games, it would be quite simple and we would have to win in a single round and the best of all these participants who are here wins. watching here on the screen, when we play and enter the round, there will only be one of the 32 people who allow this type of round of the tournament, okay, who is last, will be the official winner

Of the broadcast tournament, he has said that he is a damn tournament of only one round of block dash and here i think it is going to be a lot of trouble, eye that starts, eye that starts, okay if i’m not mistaken, it’s a blogdux in p first round directly i mean we are crazy guys we are completely crazy with so many people guys let’s see who can last the longest expected

Good good tremendous but i think sir sir ok i’m starting to get nervous there is one eliminated there are too many people where those are going ok classifieds we have passed the first round of block dash amazing this is very crazy again i know what is happening people i do not know what is happening if you want to play and appear in this type of videos just subscribe now

Man i am going to start concentrating because eight are already eliminated here eh 8 are eliminated again here i don’t know if they know that i am the little skeleton because i have infiltrated the tournament my name is and i believe you i think they can smell that i am creative that just happened on blogger why does not appear nothing what’s up guys why am i on a blog

Nothing appears this i’ve been kicked out guys guys we’re in guys guys i’ve infiltrated i’m in intro again we are in again ok guys again infinity i hope this time it doesn’t get buggy ok this time you don’t have to bug it i have to try to survive as much as you can see it’s all full of subscribers because there are channels that are literally dedicated to do infinite

Block dash tournaments look at this guys i mean first round laces that moment no one has been eliminated here people dominate a lot on this map kids that is it gets very complicated because we are a lot of people and there are a lot of bodyblogs look how many people we are jokes the good thing it’s that i’m going to practice a lot i think i ‘m going to distribute a fist

To someone who is very on the edge hits a fist guys for example this is starting to get complicated eh this is starting to get complicated guys we are too many i’ve been through i’ve been through guys 16 kids have been eliminated 16 have been eliminated but he always creates i’ll see what they say on the air hey guys why haven’t you touched blog dash pe but if it was a

Tournament of blog das infinito well i’ll see if it happened come on okay guys the creator of the tournament it seems that he has said that he is bugged and that he is not going to touch any more blogs that bugged guys okay guys well let the tournament begin infinity of block dash there it is of course how could we not miss laces well, guys, it’s a blog from 32 people to

A single round that the best kid wins, i’m going to try to make the odd prototype but the truth is that it can be complicated for me, i can see use for yes i can use the fist yes yes yes i can use the chick i say maybe they have banned it or something you know nothing i come here so calmly we are many to be lace it seems crazy to me hala hala hala hala that they fall that

They fall that falls down oops you have fallen that we are going to go through here guys now we jump directly here it is not worth one more is eliminated and it goes to the next round hey but it was not a round i just do not understand anything damn good luck because i fell well again guys i don’t know what’s going on i’m going to get nervous with so many laces guys the

Good thing about this is that i’m going to practice a lot of pro tips ok let’s miss messi no hala but where does messi go gatón why doesn’t anything come out of blog i don’t understand anything it has moved again guys well well one round and 31 are eliminated i can’t believe it ok guys i have to try to hold on as i can i have to try to hold on a block dash well well well

Well here people go crazy ok ok ok we are going to try to do our best although i know that mother of beautiful love here people know all the pro tips i don’t know if it’s okay to use a kick or not i just hope that this time they do n’t throw me good good good good good it ‘s the first time chat in my life that i play a dash blog that 31 people are eliminated in the first

Round we are totally crazy today no oh my no i can’t use emotes emotes are prohibited i can’t use them if h i have eliminated 7 at the moment i am holding on as best i can and i already say that people are not bad at all huh i’m going to do that because they are so good people how do they do it right i just infiltrated this guy who is doing infinite block dash tournaments

I hope to win it guys, we’ll continue mates again, a round of block dash 31 people alive, it’s crazy bro, we’re going to have to try to do the best pro tips and practice a lot, that’s why we’re doing an infinite block dash tournament, so watch everything the people there are but it’s just that it’s crazy to look at all the people there people were flying around here i go

With my little skeleton i think it’s the shark eh the one who organized the tournament okay if the protic turned out well for me guys from bouncing off the spikes or going through the little squares, which i think is like that, guys, it’s going to be very difficult for me. s no it can’t die ok no no no no no no no no no guys i also say i don’t think i’ll reach that level

Of pro tips that were coming before i think it’s going to cost me a lot but i could get it here i’ll analyze a little where i’m going to go ok ok no ok i’m going to try to explode we continue with block dash infinity ojito eliminate 22 ok if it’s a round i’m going to try to win it guys whatever a round ok the protic people this to cross sometimes i get man eh well it’s

Better no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no let’s see if it comes out yes the protector has come out through children i want to win a tournament uncle of these i can’t believe i’m alive eh i can believe because always i die of mine i always die i can’t believe i ‘m alive huh and these crazy guys enduring until the end bro bro how do you get through today i’m

Sure i’m stupid guys come on please ok oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh i can make a fist again oh good protista there is free improving po co little by little kitty to kitty you have to throw it out i ranked the room again guys final of the block dash finals 10 players a single round one winner now how many games of block dash have we already done in this video guys editor play

Me epic music omg el that little shark over there i think it’s good, man. don’t go, we’re going on, what happens is that the people here are too good, friends, the kitten is out there again, more or less, there are some tips that i have to pay attention to how these people who do it do it. it does quite well many times the doll bounces to the sides and i eliminate you

Know that many people but ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay i have to practice the bounce again but i am going to pay attention to what the kitten does guys in what what does the kitten do? i’m just going to look, okay, let’s see what protein the kitten uses, not there, it jumps around in the middle and the guy has spectacular control and reaches the other lol and that’s where the

Other comes, he’s also very good this kitten there is complicated it is complicated it is complicated you have died kitten goes to the skewer the skewer does not come out and now this one is risking it himself that has not turned out either guys i promise it is the last game i go to infiltrate this men because there is a person who is making me have nightmares and if it

Is that cat that is out there running around ok please we have to win this guys wait i think i’m going to try my own because i think the game has been advocated and it bugs again block dash guys i don’t know what’s happening nothing is coming guys i assure you that this is the last final we are going to try in this infinite block dash tournament so please fellow epic music

Editor this is my moment ok i can’t failing in these guys, that is, it requires a lot of concentration and i’m going to work hard so you know i’m going to work hard like never before i’m not going to risk i’m not going to risk i’m going to try to make it perfect i’m not saying i don’t know no one has eliminated yet okay jump here from here here and here i can get to the

Other but from here i can pass this well well well i say i’m going to export myself to death that is, this is the typical thing that you study a lot for a math exam and then i you suspend well, that’s going to be okay i’m going there eh okay i’m calm no one has been eliminated that’s not cool at all man i mean i’m not cool at all chat that hasn’t been eliminated anyone

Else okay jump here i’m going to take it easy this okay, we’re not going to take it easy, no one has died yet,

Their sound the moon has died, i wouldn’t have been interested in that

Eh, i’m not dead, i’m out, i’m out. i can believe it creative is forcing itself level god creativity striving at level god is the good guys i can’t i can’t troll i think it’s the dash blog that i’ve come the furthest in my life look what i’m telling you okay here i’m going to jump r here i am going to put myself here they did not make me a bodyblock to the back ok we jump easily

I give up guys i give up who has won

That is, it is that they bounce with the spikes and it comes out perfect it is that the people are super good they have won this no i mean look at your own come come come but i retire i mean i retire and the other takes it i think it has been shown that block dash is not my thing if the video reaches 20,000 likes we give a live playing infinite block dash

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