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Mellani Microfiber Sheet Set

Mellani Microfiber Sheet Set

Today i wanted to show you the milani microfiber sheets obviously i got the white they’re very very pretty number one they’re bright white which i love and that’s what i was looking for in this room and i really love them before i ever put them on the bed i washed them and even after i washed them the softness is even better than it was before they are so super soft

They feel so great to sleep in i cannot wait to have these for the summer because they’re going to keep us nice and cool as you can see they’re definitely not wrinkle free so which is the case for most microfiber so if you’re looking for anything wrinkle free this is not going to this isn’t going to be what you want now you could definitely iron these but i’m not

Wanting to iron sheets so and i actually did fold these right after they came out of the dryer so some of the wrinkles are out so you can see if they’re they’re still wrinkly which is no big deal to me the one thing that i wish i could change about these sheets is that you take a look right here we’re number one the that this doesn’t need to be changed though let

Me just show you the pillowcases are huge they’re very big and inside of this pillow i actually have a really fat queen size bamboo pillow so you can see how much is left so they’re really really big i don’t have king-size pillows in here but back to the thing the one thing i would change you see the nice piping that’s going around the edges of the pillowcase i

Wish they had carried that through on to the top of the sheets the top of the sheets or the top sheet just has a regular stitch witch fine but i think that if they had carried over that nice piping it would it would have been a really nice touch to these sheets but i have nothing bad to say about these things they are absolutely super soft they feel like luxury

Sheets that you would get in a very nice hotel in fact they feel even better than that they’re nice and cool you don’t sweat in them and i think they’d be the perfect sheets to have during the summer they’re not really really sick as you can see but i don’t like really thick sheets so if that’s a concern of yours then you probably need to look at something a little

Bit different but if you like the thin cooler sheets for the summertime milani has definitely got them for you i’ve already tried out a couple of other milani products and they’ve all been fantastic and these microfiber sheets are no different you can check them out on amazon milani

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Mellani Microfiber Sheet Set By Kim Robinson