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Men BMX Flatland Final Highlights | 2022 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships

Watch the Men BMX Flatland Highlights from the 2022 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to abu dhabi here in the uae for the 2022 uci urban cycling world championships keo hayek gonna be our next competitor from japan so here we go into the time machine and check out the footwork as well on the pegs this guy does big tricks also got a lot of originality as well see the switch is there straight into this backyard pumping some smooth low it’s

Also got a front brake something a little bit new i’ve not seen him riding with a front brake before so we might see some front wheel tricks let’s see what he’s got for us there it is upside down onto the pedals spinning round nice with body variation out there it’s got to make this account he’s got to a beat 84 seven to go into look at this upside down they’re

Straight to a time machine blender straight back down to the pedal so difficult so many things can go wrong with that so it’s been there keeping it going into the time machine over the top what’s he going for straight into that burial the 180 out there now he’ll say quality variation just straight through nailing that one down three one seven he’s got 86.67

Next athlete on the flatland arena here check out that whiplash combination of now getting the whiplashes in so much smooth control on the bike there switching sides into this steamroller switch straight to the back peg as well check out a little decade straight to the pedals you can see him slamming it down so smooth as well another smooth rider let’s see what

He’s got for us on this one i always finish off with a big trick but let’s see what he’s got for us on this one switching sides are there onto that back wheel fast been there check out the back was the forwards the bike changed into the different directions as well most of the time you see it backwards forward then you see him doing that uh time machine spin

There you can see him on the pedals he just jumps to that decade off the pedals landing it clean as well flawless ride really strong but check out that so strong what an absolute amazing run there here we go oh it’s the biggest score so far oh mickey but if anyone’s gonna take yeah top position this guy could do it you’ve scored 89.67 in qualifying 90.5 is

The top score at the moment looking good so much speed as well it’s happened so quick but check out this one one of his original tricks as well onto the bars landing now and clean pivot as well cross footed into a backpacker there spinning around check out that backwards hitchhiker slamming it back down so technical let’s see what he’s got for us also this guy

Again he’s got so much experience well japanese championships he’s basically taking the win 17 times it’s looking good at the moment can he do enough with 20 seconds of competition left at the flatland here there’s a 22. yeah that spin so fast into that clear fanger spin as well again slamming it back down so clean clean run so far always got that smile on his

Face as well he’s happy with that one he says that’s it i’ve done enough will it be eater will it be suzaki it is suzuki look at the score oh nice thank you

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Men BMX Flatland Final Highlights | 2022 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships By UCI