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Men Women Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Beach Yoga Swim Sports Exercise Socks

Men Women Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Beach Yoga Swim Sports Exercise Socks and Nabaiji socks

All right today we’re basically going to be talking about beach socks slash boombox so this is from decathlon um socks or it is basically just a latex uh stock kind of like a swimming cap for your feet this is um what i basically got off of ebay they sell it over at amazon 2 but basically has several different brands and everything but it’s basically called

A beach river stock this black one is a xxl and the one i have on here is a xl my normal shoe size is a european 41 that’s to have some kind of frame of reference to how big um these socks are as you can see the reason why i’m getting it is because these basically fall apart um i mean they’re durable and everything but after a year of use they basically

Begin to fall apart as you can see this is the construction um kind of like a soft swimsuit kind of polyester material there’s a little bit thicker material here and you got a very thin liner and that’s the materials that basically of the whole thing as i said oh there’s no label there’s some more label on this thing but this is the x l and this is the xxl and

I normally wear a size 41 euro shoe these uh stuff from decathlon what happens is as you can see it’s a euro 39 42 there’s no exact sizes so you basically have to find one like kind of fits this one um on me it’s fairly tight in certain areas and fairly loose in other areas the reason i say that is because um i would tend to wear a wider size shoe but these

Decathlon ones they go about eight dollars at the decathlon store and these on ebay when i first got it it was only like two dollars now they’ve gone out to be about the same price the only problem is that when you order ebay um you have to wait uh usually a few weeks in regards to getting it amazon i think it costs about twenty dollars for these so um they’re

Great to use especially when you go to the beach uh in other countries and everything and there’s a questionability of how clean the area is the reason why i say is that this is from one trip that i had a few years ago when i didn’t start wearing these um over in jamaica what happens was i went into swimming pool walked around the showers and then came back a

Month later and then found out i grew it worked so ever since that basically whenever i go on vacation try to bring these i mean um these are very kind of comfortable except for when you’re in water and everything but these are fairly comfortable as just a regular walk around um slipper for inside the room and everything that way you don’t have to wear shoes

Around the rooms and you know how sometimes the room they say it’s clean but it’s not very clean at all and they’re very light so i suggest you get one of these pairs and just wear it as a kind of like a sock uh to walk around or a shoe to walk around that way you’re not working wearing their walking barefoot around the hotel

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Men Women Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Beach Yoga Swim Sports Exercise Socks By Chinito Chan