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Mermaid Magic Hair Chalk Tutorial !

Colering hair, doing make up, being silly 😜 sisters crazy time keep washin!!

Hey it’s me unicorn blossom my name is laura and today i’m going to be covering my sister’s hair i’m really excited i’m also going to be coloring my hair so i got this like hair chop from the tooth fairy i’m not sure when i got it but i think i got it when i was like seven or something so i’m gonna color it and this is my sister lily say hi hey look at the

Camera and say hi she’s three years old she might she might mess up on some stuff because she’s still still kind of a baby but a taller so i’m gonna be um using these um hair trap and if you don’t know what it is it’s a mermaid hair chalk and i think it’s pretty cool i tried it once i mean like twice um and it was like really cool so since you know that our

Um hair is dark so i decided to put on some of the dark colors i like our hair so i’m gonna be so i’m gonna be doing it right now i’m gonna be right back because um to do this you have to like wet your hair a little bit so i’ll be right back so guys i’m gonna put the water right now on my sister’s hair you might not be able to hear me or anything because like

The waters i’m trying to get this part of her hair wet and i think that’s good let me get the rest of the hair like right here somewhere yeah i think that’s good enough yeah it has to be good enough okay so let’s color here so guys i’m going to be doing this i’m not i’m not going to be able to use this because i have to use two hands to do this so i’m going to

Place this down right here so i’m gonna try my best to like get my mouth close to it so okay now i’m gonna open this sheet what color do you want you want purple okay let’s get you oh be right back guys um actually i forgot i have to wet this okay so guys i have weathered the um chalk she’s lily’s pretty funny because she has gave me the like this microphone

But i have to place it down to color her hair so now i’m going to color her hair so i’m going to start like in this side right here okay how about we i’m going to try it with this hand okay that looks pretty good it’s a little hard to see i don’t know if i should wet it more oh no it’s showing um you might you guys not be able to see it because um her hair is

Dark so yeah you know what maybe i should wet it a little bit more should i yeah i’m gonna wet it i’m gonna be right back i’m sorry guys so guys okay it’s okay so okay i am back with the hair chop the um more wet and i think it’s gonna show now and i hope it does and i think it’s gonna look really right on her and i hope it looks pee okay it’s right there

It’s cool right okay it’s pretty cool my hand is really dirty and that’s the awkward thing so yeah it’s purple yeah okay done with that little part let me get this little part now purple so guys if you want to buy this here chalk it’s called mermaid i hear chalk don’t care hair chalk it’s a pretty funny name but yeah okay and these are all the colors that it

Has includes this one and if you also see this this one won’t be broken except there’s like some an accident like i don’t know how this is bro bro just okay so now i’m gonna brush her hair with this minnie mouse brush so yeah so they can go blend more and look better and you know she got some stripes purple and that’s exactly sorry let’s push it slowly

So guys i am done and this is how it looks you might not be able to see it but it’s right here and i hope you guys liked it so guys i hope you liked this video if you did smash that like button and we’ll see you guys next video bye

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Mermaid Magic Hair Chalk Tutorial ! By Unicorn Blossom Sunshine