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Mi Box 4K vs Fire TV Stick 4K: Xiaomi Did It Again!

Mi Box 4K Media Streaming Device (Black) –

Okay so what do people do under lockdown well they sit on the couch and watch tv all day and what does company do well xiaomi recently launched the first android tv box in india that runs android 9.0 out-of-the-box and supports apps like netflix prime videos and such but every xiaomi enthusiasts know this is basically the rebranded version of xiaomi smee boxes

Which was released in the us market a few years ago so show me being xiaomi does what it does best it undercuts surprise two three and a half thousand which makes it a lot cheaper than fire stick and equal to chromecast so the question has to be asked how does this me box 4k compare with the older generation of me box and most importantly should you buy it over

Firestick 4k well this is me now from tech wiser calm and let’s find out okay so let’s start with the unboxing ritual so we have the me box itself and a sleek looking bluetooth controller a power adapter and a standard hdmi cable on the outside you get a rectangular box made out of plastic with rounded edges and comes with a standard hdmi to point b port which is

Slightly better than the hdmi 2.0 port we had any boxes and then we have the power adapter a usb 2.0 port i would have appreciated usb 3.0 and then a headphone jack which most of you will use it as the audio object for your sound system sadly there is no ethernet port like you get christian tv as well as apple tv but you can always use usb to ethernet adapter like

You do with your fire stake now as you know this li box 4k is an indian version of me box s so if i put this me box s and the mailbox 4k side-by-side you won’t be able to tell any difference because there isn’t much i mean take a look at the model number on both me box s and the me box 4k exactly the same now for those who don’t know xiaomi released the first

Version of me box in china and us around 2016 followed by me box s in u.s. in 2018 and off me box 4k in india in 2020 and key thing is the specs were pretty much the same all over the years with a very minor difference now i was expecting a little bit of upgrade here now inside you have the two gigs of cortex a53 cpu two gigs of ram and 8 gigs of storage now

8 gigs of internal storage is quite less but hey you can use the usb a port to connect your external hard drives and if 8 gigs of ram isn’t enough for you you can also connect your usb flash drive and migrate all the apps as well as install new application directly in the pendrive or you can also use it as a removable pendrive depending on your requirements now

There are also rumors that xiaomi is gonna release neatly mistake with the exact same spec so i will try to get my hands on those as well if we move towards the software it runs the certified android tv version the time to 9.0 out of the box so you get the official google play store to download android apps optimized for your tv screen as well as you can pay some

Decent games with your remote as well as the bluetooth controller and since me box 4k also comes with bluetooth 4.2 you can connect any of the compatible bluetooth headphones or truly vilest from the settings and enjoy private listening a very underrated feature in my opinion also i wasn’t able to find a single blow to wear pre-loaded on me box 4k which is good i

Liked the fact that they didn’t add any fluffy apps like z5 vote old balaji etc good job there now talking about the remote it’s basically the same remote that you get with the older version of me box as well as me tv the power button on the top uses the hdmi cec to turn on the tv the me box s is connected to and the voice search button launches google assistant

This time they have also added a dedicated netflix as well as a prime video button which in my opinion is a very smart form of advertising see this logos never pays off and constantly reminds you to continue paying for your subscription another thing that’s going for me box 4k is the built in 4k drop so you can either buy a chromecast three for three and a half

Thousand or you can buy this me box at the same price which not only has chromecast ultra feature building but also comes with a remote has an interface and can run android apps i guess at this point chromecast is not a worthy option now speaking of performance me box 4k can play 4k videos in hd are however due to log down we didn’t have access to the full k

Panel in our office so we can’t comment on the full cape of almonds yet however the previous me boxes that we tested was t said either way we will update the performance once we fully tested now let’s compare it with the competition like i said comparing it to the chromecast is pointless so the next best alternative we have is firestick 4k which offers similar

Performance portability and works with echo dot now in terms of portability firestick has a clear advantage however i am still gonna choose the me box due to the additional usb port and an audio pole which connects to external sound bar now you can use usb otg to get similar functionality on firestick but i prefer a standard out-of-the-box solution now let’s talk

About the interface fire tv stick runs fire os and me box runs android tv os which is subjective in myopia however in terms of performance both firestick 4k and me box 4k have 4k display resolution and support similar applications like netflix prime videos youtubes and such the only difference i could find was that youtube on fire stick can go only up to 1080p

While on me box it goes up to 4k also amazon firestick is the only one that supports tall provision and dolby atmos officially again in terms of app support the me box for k means easily as you have more number of apps that you can directly install from the play store this also includes high-end games and finally if we factor in the price midi box for k takes that

K care so the me box for k is priced only at three and a half thousand but firestick is available for six thousand so if i have to recommend firestick or have me box it’s definitely gonna be me box it has more number of apps more hardware more feature and it’s lot cheaper so finally which one should you buy well let’s sum it up the box for k has an underwhelming

Hardware and a decent software but it’s priced better and that’s why we recommend it however i have to say i did expect xiaomi to innovate a little it’s fundamentally the same product that was launched four years ago that being said it’s me now signing off i would like to know your thoughts in the comments and like all this thanks for watching

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Mi Box 4K vs Fire TV Stick 4K: Xiaomi Did It Again! By TechWiser