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Mi Robot Vacuum Mop – rea Mapeada para limpeza programada

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And after the robot does a cleaning mapping and leaves a smell that the function of the motorbike you come here that he has already mapped the three rooms and the corridor to access the rooms so this implies saying that in the second or third cleaning right this next cleaning so in the third cleaning i will be able to select the area that i want him to do the cleaning by

Placing the invisible barrier virtual device on the boundary here gives a two where is this andrielson show you here already so i’ll put it the barrier here the bar the virtual barrier where it will only carry out the scheduled cleaning for this room one here that is mapped and so on i can carry out a cleaning for that day another cleaning for another day for here another

Cleaning for here another cleaning for here and this is how the robot works after it performs 3 cleanings in the same place it will record this cleaning on this map and you will be able to carry out programmed cleanings based on each room here already explained ah ok so look at this exact moment he is at the base right in this room mark here look he is here in room one

Which is exactly where i work he has a charge of sixty-two percent and it’s me i will only release it to clean it when i have a load above 80% because it has a reserve that makes it return to the base of twenty percent o and those sixty percent it stays to carry out the cleaning if you don’t want to wait for the 100% load, this will depend a lot on your cleaning area

Because the floor of my rooms is made of marine wood and they have ripples, that is, they are not level, right, the mop, the function of the way you want to pass the cloth with a smell he doesn’t pass the cloth uniformly he passes the cloth in a way that’s how i do it dripped i even think the dripped collated right that is he doesn’t have a cleaning sequence but he passes

The cloth and the where it is more effective, we are on those uniform ceramic floors it manages to lay down its base where is the mop to clean in my case here as it is a particularity here in my house because it is a naval floor made of planks and they not being leveled it has a slight curvature which is anti-impact here more for the mop it doesn’t work properly but okay

I did the mapping here as i can show you these are marked here ok it has a charge of approximately 39 minutes for it to complete the 100 percent so i’ll wait to carry out this load so i can run its cleaning function again, which will be my third. that is, what will be carried out is the saving of this mapping that i performed here, oh ok so keep following me step by step

This is what i believe will help a lot of people to lose the mysticism of buying cutting-edge technology products from asia ma is specifically from china as you know the xiaomi company is from china but it is a high quality product and very well built its programming meets all requirements its problem solver within its programming is very intuitive it is with its leave

Him trapped in a room close the door he goes there he knocks and returns and the second time he maps and identifies with the door open he continues the cleaning process in the next room he does not return but the virtual device he will only be concentrated in that room this is just for you to understand how it works okay, so we’ll see you there in the next video and one

More quick tip, right? of this content aimed at the robot, with me robot vacuum mop, right, because of the fact that few people do revisions and day by day the use of this robot ok thank you all see you next time

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Mi Robot Vacuum Mop – Área Mapeada para limpeza programada By Hanjo Digital