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Minimal Makeup – Drugstore Everyday Look (Skincare & Makeup Products) #drugstoremakeup

Hi Friends!

This is my minimal everyday makeup look with this look i’m using all of my drugstore products so if you like this book then keep watching first thing first i’m going to apply my favorite drugstore moisturizer and it is from elf this is the elf skin pure skin moisturizer with oat milk ceramides and niacinamide the oatmeal in this moisturizer really helps to calm

My skin the cell mice in this moisturizer will keep my skin plumped and hydrated while the niacinamide does everything else in the background it will help to decreases the number of free radicals in my skin it will help with hyperpigmentation and it also stimulate my skin to make more collagen it also helps to control acne and so i love the three ingredients in

This moisturizer the texture of this moisturizer is very silky it is very lightweight and it absorbs into the skin really really well foreign erizer is definitely not oily for oily skin for sunscreen this is my favorite drugstore sunscreen and it is from bliss this is the bliss block star invisible daily sunscreen spf 30 the sunshine has titanium dioxide and zinc

Oxide and the sunscreen is definitely not too oily or not too drying and the tint is very pretty it is not too dark or not too light and the texture is very lightweight it blends well absorbs really fast into the skin foreign also makes a really good baseball foundations because it’s not oily and it grabs onto foundations pretty well it does have a little bit of

A fragrance the furnace is not too matte or not too oily sometimes i will stop here but today i’m going to apply a little bit of my foundation and this is a new foundation to me this is the wet and wild bare focus tinted hydrator this foundation has hyaluronic acid and squalene it is non-greasy and it’s very lightweight on the skin it gives the skin a very blurry

Look so i love this foundation and a little bit goes a long way with this foundation so i just want to add a little bit to really kind of even on my skin tone i’m really amazed that this foundation has two really hydrating ingredients of hyaluronic acid and squalene because hyaluron acid will grasp onto water and keeps your skin really hydrated and moist and

Plumped and screaming around up the edges of your skin cells so your skin looks very glowy but the foundation is not oily and yet it’s very very pretty and matte i’m using the heat from my fingers to really melt the product so i can push it into my skin this foundation does a very good job of keeping my face matte but not drying out my skin okay so for brows i’m

Going to use my favorite brow product and this is the elf brow gel i have been using this brow gel for the past two to three years the formula of this brow gel is very pigmented it is long lasting comb my hair down first comb it back up i just want to add a little bit of volume to my brows and kind of darken it a little bit because that will really help to really

Frame my face okay so for eyes i’m going to add a little bit eyeshadows because i love wearing eyeshadows because eyeshadows really help to open up your eyes and this is the elf bite size eyeshadow in rose water i’m going to add a little bit of this mache foreign first will really help the shimmer shade to kind of stand out okay so i’m going to add a little bit

Of this shimmer shade here foreign next up we want to tightline my eyes really add some depth to my eyes so today i’m going to use my elf no budge position eyeliner and i like how thin this pencil is because it’s very easy to line my eyes foreign i’m going to use my elf blush and this is the elf luminous putty blush and this is in the color maui i love l putting

Blushes because they are very pigmented and a very long lasting and it’s very easy to blend them just gonna warm it up first foreign blushes will add dimension to your face and give your face that kind of flush look for lips i’m going to use my as well chapstick today and this is the everyday human’s big mood spf 30. even though this is a physical sunscreen it

Has zinc oxide in it but the white cast is very minimal and it’s also very hydrating when i want to reapply my sunscreen the sunscreen i’m currently obsessed with this is the kahi aqua bomb sunscreen this sunscreen is a hyper sunscreen it is spf 50pa plus plus plus plus and it blends seamlessly on top of foundations foreign how many time i reapplied the sunscreen

On my skin it would not pills and it would not make my face oily or drying and it does a very good job of keeping the foundation on my skin and this is my complete everyday makeup look i hope you guys like this look otherwise give this video a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel comment down below and like always i will see you on the next time bye

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Minimal Makeup – Drugstore Everyday Look (Skincare & Makeup Products) #drugstoremakeup By Tiana Le