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minimalist jewelry + accessories | capsule wardrobe essentials

excited to share with you an essential part of my minimalist capsule wardrobe – my accessories collection ‚ú®especially my everyday jewelry collection.

Hello welcome to today’s video today’s video i’m really excited about and that is my everyday capsule accessories collection so i’m going to be showing you my entire everyday jewelry collection all of my handbags all of my hats hair accessories etc for every season of the year i’m also going to link everything i possibly can for you in the description box below

So you can get the exact pieces i have if you’re looking for them but i also know that some of you guys have liked some of the pieces i had that have been discontinued or sold out so for that i got you i’ve looked up some alternatives some pieces i love or things that you can look at as inspiration and i’ll link all those down below for you as well if you have

Any questions or if you have any suggestions for things you want to see in the next video please leave me a comment down below i really love chatting with you guys and hearing from you and i’ve really liked all of your feedback it really means a lot to me so if you like this video please don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel with all that

Being said let’s just get straight into the pieces let’s go through my entire capsule accessories collection i built my everyday jewelry collection really slowly over the past two years or so um jewelry can be pretty expensive but having the right pieces can really elevate your outfit and make them feel more personal and special to you i’m glad i took my time here

And really made sure to curate pieces that i really love and love to wear for probably the rest of time or as long as they last let’s start with my earrings these earrings here i wear every single day and these are the charlotte bold hoops from mid-jury and these are in a gold remain i absolutely love the design of these they are super luxurious and chic and still

Classic because it feels very expensive and nice but they’re not heavy on your ears so really easy to wear every single day i like to pair this super cute simple ear cuff it’s good for people who don’t have any other piercings so i love this little piece an extra little something special to my ear moving on to my neck i have two necklaces here that i am obsessed

With this one i wear every single day that is my double curb chain necklace i like to wear this as a choker length um which goes really well with layering a long necklace you know like i have here or just by itself i think is really pretty as well the next piece is a piece that you guys ask about all the time and i totally understand why i love a long dainty kind

Of antique looking necklace like this so when i saw this i was obsessed um this one is actually a locket necklace so you can open this up here and put two little pictures inside of the locket and i also engraved this little tiny tiny lowercase m and the letter m is very special to me it is the first initial of my daughter’s name the first initial of my husband’s

Name this one i’ve actually looked for alternatives for you guys a few different times so i will link those down below then let’s move on to rings um these are the rings that i wear basically every day i really love these together and they mean something very special to me personally this is my take of a wedding ring this little combination i think is so special

And sweet i love how tiny the diamond is i love how simplistic the whole little stacking set is and so i never have to take it off and i really really love it and onto my next ring is called the honey ring but i like to think of it as a queen b ring you can see it’s like thin gold band with a cute little domed oval on top and then my only other ring is this one

Here and this is the charlotte um bold ring this is in the gold for may this is the thickest one and you might notice it’s the same like design as my earrings yeah i just felt like having something a little bit more special a little bit more statement uh in combination with my other rings okay moving into handbags i have four handbags that i use on a daily basis

For most of my day-to-day occasions the first one is a very simple black crossbody this bag is really classic really simple i love the shape of it they call this the luna bag i believe um and it’s just a really solid well constructed bag that looks great with everything i love how minimal the logo is it’s not in your face but it’s definitely a a really high quality

Bag so this for me goes well with my everyday outfit or even going out at night uh it fits surprisingly a lot of stuff so this is a really good versatile bag the next bag up is a classic tote bag i love this denim tote bag from apc i think that the denim is surprisingly neutral so i could have gone for a black tote bag but i really love how easy this the denim

Plays with all of my outfits it adds just a little bit something special to a very casual basic outfit and does its job it packs a ton it’s super light and it’s really easy to take care of okay so the next bag is one that i got recently and that is a fanny pack this i don’t know if is necessarily a must bag but i did get it as a gift from a friend and i have

Been using it quite a lot this bag i feel like is a really nice addition because it adds a different flair to your outfits it’s definitely more sporty definitely more trendy and really really useful too it packs everything i could possibly need and it has lots of great zippers and a super functional i’ve even taken this to go snowboarding or hiking so it’s a

Really versatile bag something that really looks great whether you’re being active or going you know just around the city for the day and i mean you can’t go wrong with the solid black danny pack this one was from lululemon and yeah i mean i don’t have any complaints i really like it okay the last staple bag i have and that is my dagny dover backpack i love this

Combination of bag because the neoprene is super easy to take care of the medium size i think is absolutely perfect it has a laptop sleeve in it which can fit a 13-inch laptop has all these great compartments so you can store all your cables and chargers sweaty workout clothes your wallet anything that you need has a special little compartment for and i love this

Bag for traveling this bag comes with a luggage sleeve on the back which makes it super super convenient for traveling not really anything bad i can say about this bag it’s really functional it’s really sleek and i love it hats and hair accessories these are the two beanies that i have these are just standard acrylic like i don’t know workman’s beanies i feel like

These two colors are really versatile they are super thick super warm and they’re also really trendy these do such a good job they are actually warm and um yeah honestly the price point can’t be be in my mind okay and then i have one baseball cap not much of a hat person but i think a baseball cap is just like an essential i got this about four years ago on a

Trip to japan i got this from like one of those souvenir stores for like 10 us dollars and i have worn it to death ever since so it’s just a really standard simple black baseball cap that says tokyo on it in this really simple white font in the front kind of love how faded it’s gotten it has this worn in really cool feel to it and tokyo is one of my favorite places

In the world so this is always a really special piece to me okay so moving on to hair accessories hair clips right now are super trendy and i love it it’s such an easy relaxed style i think it looks really nice with a white button up top and denim jeans i think it looks really great nearby the pool so yeah hair accessories are a thing and this one is probably

The easiest one and my favorite one and then another hair accessory i love a silky neutral hair scarf i think it’s a really nice option to have if you’re feeling a little bit meh about your outfits i think it looks really great in the summer specifically or even in the spring with just like a really simple white tee or white button up a hair scarf is a good way

To jazz up some outfits that have been getting a little bit boring too and quickly i’m going to go through my summer accessories i know some of you are in different climates in terms of summer accessories i have two summer bags and one floppy summer hat the first bag that i have is this beautiful woven crossbody bag it’s a circular um dome ish shape with uh with

Leather accents that i got while i was on vacation in greece last year and it was like 30 euros it’s on the smaller side which i really like and it’s just enough to fit my phone wallet and keys and that’s basically it and that’s like all i need and then the other summer bag i have is this really cute woven like fish nettie type bag with round wooden handles i got

This from asos a couple years ago but it is super super cute and i think a bag like this in the summer is is useful and then the last summer accessory i have is this giant floppy hat this i got maybe four years ago maybe five years ago i think that actually might be six years ago okay i think i got this hat six years ago i don’t think a floppy hat like this will

Ever go out of style is a wide brim hat it covers you from the sun it’s lightweight it’s neutral so it matches with all of your outfits this is definitely a piece that i would purchase over and over again it’s just a great piece to have in your capsule accessories collection okay so that is it for my capsule accessories wardrobe i hope you enjoyed it i hope you

Got a little bit inspiration from it i like to be really minimal about what i bring into my closet i like to make sure that everything i bring in is going to elevate the rest of the pieces they have and be really meaningful and also like to make sure that the pieces will not just be trendy but go along with my own personal style in the long term so i’m hoping

To do a lot more capsule content for you guys in the future um including my personal shopping philosophy and things like that and if you have any other suggestions and things you want to see always leave them down in the comments i have been loving chatting with you guys and i really appreciate all of your feedback so it gets me really excited some things that i

Would love to add to my capsule wardrobe in the future one or two pairs of sunglasses i’m on the hunt for something really specific maybe a couple of pretty scarf scrunchies or bandana scrunchies for the summer would be nice and i’m also looking for an accent belt i have really specific like parameters um and i’m looking forward to update you guys on my capsule

Wardrobes as the seasons move on if you’re interested in that don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you’ll be updated when that happens and until next time thank you guys again for watching and i’ll catch you in the next one bye you

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minimalist jewelry + accessories | capsule wardrobe essentials By Annie Em