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MONSTER ENERGY ZERO ULTRA TASTE TEST!! #monsterenergy #energydrink #caffeine #tastetest

My friends! I am trying Monster Energy Zero Ultra for the first time to see how good it tastes!! What flavor even is Zero Ultra?? Let’s find out and see how good it is!!

Hello friends it is i rudy bringing you another video and today we’re gonna be trying another energy drink flavor that i haven’t had before and that is we’re gonna be trying monster zero ultra if it focuses zero ultra monster which is basically the white one the white one we’ve been trying monsters over the last couple of weeks and we tried different flavors now

We’re gonna try this one i don’t know exactly what it tastes like because it’s zero ultra what does that mean i don’t know but it is another monster and it should be it should be interesting to say the least is it good i don’t know let’s find out we can do the traditional the traditional open the can to see if there’s any smoke in there find any focus on the can

Let’s find out no smoke on this one interesting interesting because usually the monsters have a lot of smoke in them now we do the traditional first sniff because we got to smell what it smells like what does it smell like it really doesn’t smell like much also i have a lot of boogers i have a runny nose because it’s energy season so maybe i can’t smell as good

As i want to but let me that helped a little bit smells fruity it smells like a fruit i always say this it always smells like fruit monster always has like a fruity taste i mean smell elvis has a fruity smell to it but you guys are not here for that you guys are here for the taste so let me take the first sip it kind of tastes like orange is that the right is

It supposed to taste like orange it kind of tastes like a orange in a way let’s do another taste it’s kind of like yeah it kind of tastes like an orange i think that’s like the best way to describe this thing the way it tastes look at orange it’s not bad it’s actually decent but he’s throwing me out because it’s a white can you would think the white can tastes

Like something else and the orange can would taste like orange but this one is the one that tastes like orange maybe i’m wrong maybe i’m wrong maybe my taste buds are off because of my allergies but tastes like orange let’s do another sip yeah i’m not entirely sure i’m not entirely sure exactly what it is but it kind of has the orange taste maybe it’s another

Type of uh orange type of fruit like tangerine or something like that but that’s kind of the taste i’m getting and coming in that orange citrus type of taste which is not bad it’s not it’s not bad at all i like it but i feel like it’s a little subtle it’s a little subtle it’s not it doesn’t give you a little kick like nobody does with monster with monster usually

Has a lot of flavor in them and usually has a lot of like aftertaste and stuff like that but with this one this one i don’t really get that i don’t really get the after states i don’t get a really strong kick but it’s good flavor-wise is pretty good and that’s it for me guys i give it a i’ll give it a 7 out of ten i feel like it could be a little bit more stronger

The taste could be a little more stronger and maybe give it a little little more of a kick i don’t know i don’t know but it’s it’s decent it’s decent now i’m gonna go to the gym have a nice workout so that’s it for me guys like the video like this subscribe if you’re new and i’ll see you guys next time bye

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MONSTER ENERGY ZERO ULTRA TASTE TEST!! #monsterenergy #energydrink #caffeine #tastetest By Rudytabootty